(Closed) Would you ever get a boob job? Why or why not?

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I used to be a large perky B/ small C. After having three children and them growing to DD’s during pregnancy and breastfeeding I’m now around an A and have zero upper pole fullness. I’m relatively low body fat, so that doesn’t help either. I will absolutely be getting them done hopefully in the next year, planning on moderate profile silicone to get me to a C to balance out my body and make me a bit more proportional.

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herbanlove:  that’s my exact plan except I haven’t had any babies yet.  I’m waiting until after because I don’t want to deal with any surprises with the implants shifting or encapsulating. I don’t know what my boobs are going to do.

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Bumble bee

whew, a lot of judgment on this thread as well as A LOT of false information and very odd moral double standards.

my surgery was actually for reoconstruction, but i can’t for the life of me understand why that’s ok, but a woman who simply wants to change her appearance is “vain”, but then getting a little lift after kids is ok…really odd standards since technically, there is never a medical reason to get implants of any kind. i didn’t “have” to get them, it was still technically “cosmetic” since they serve no health purpose, but getting them actually allowed me to NOT focus on vanity, because i frankly just wanted to look normal. now i don’t have to worry about it! 

the recovery for me was nothing, i pretty much never get sick, and i don’t have any sensitivity issues. got them 10 years ago and don’t regret it at all. 

here i am with my grotesque, vanity driven, obviously fake boobs: 

as for the whole “foreign object” thing…it doesn’t bother me at all. i never even notice anymore because it’s not a “FOREIGN OBJECT”, it’s a part of my body. Now all the plates, screws, bolts, and rods in my body? Those are a damn pain in the ass.

If you want a boob job go for it, just do your homework when it comes to choosing a surgeon and go conservative on the size if you want to look natural. I promise that all the hate about how you can “always” tell and how bad it looks is just because people don’t notice ladies like me and they don’t realize we’ve had it done. 


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I totally would, but I would get a reduction (which is sometimes combined with a lift). I hate that my clothing choices have to revolve around something that complements and supports my chest. 

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Even after having two kids, my boobs are real and they are SPECTACULAR BUT…

Hey, I am now 38 years old. If sayyyy…in 5 years they decide to lose all fullness and leave me only with nipple, I might consider it.  However, and this is a lil off topic, I will NEVER touch my face with surgery..like, ever.  That’s the only thing off limits.

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I’m a large D, and I fully plan on having a reduction and lift once I finish having kids. 

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I’m a DDD and would love a breast reduction. I never quite understood women that want boobs bigger than a C cup. Do you know how many cute swim suits & bra’s are out there that my tatas cannot fit into. Oh, lets not forget the back pain that comes along with big boobs or how you can’t wear strapless bras/shirts/dresses. I’m 5’2 125 pounds. This rack does not belong on me lol

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Lol some of these responses are just funny. 

I have them, love them. Got them because I like the look of larger, full breasts that look exactly the same outside of a bra as they do in. I’m now a perfect hourglass and I can wear amazing dresses and tops perfectly without even needing a bra – I would never go back. I had nice, round perky B cups before this and liked them fine, just like this a lot better.

Complication rates take into account ALL doctors – good ones, bad ones, new ones, board certified and not board certified. My doctor, a super experienced board certified top surgeon has never even had a single patient have major complications. Hell I didn’t even have a single bruise. Went back to work days later, just needed a little tylenol. It’s often a situation of you get what you pay for. If you pay for quality you will be fine here…the procedure has been around since the 60s….much more tried and true than plenty of other medical procedures out there.

I get sick rarely, same as before. People don’t even know I have them unless I tell them, unless they see me in a bikini then most can tell because I am a size 00 everywhere else, so it’s unlikely I would naturally be a full 32Dear Daughter. I don’t really care though… my motto is “why look natural when you can look perfect.” In fact, if someone isn’t secure enough in themselves and their choices to handle others knowing you “had something done,” then you probably shouldn’t be having plastic surgery anyway.

There are probably many more women you interact with on a daily basis that have them and you never know it, because they are done well. Same with facial injectibles – they get a bad rep because the obvious, poorly done ones are the only ones you are able to identify and therefore that’s the association you come away with. The good ones go unnoticed and people just think they look good “naturally.”

I didn’t get them because I was insecure or had trouble attracting men (an ex actually paid for them as a gift!) nor did I expect them to change anything about my life. I didn’t even think I “needed” them. I just liked them and I believe in getting what I want. After I researched EXTENSIVELY, consulted with 5 top surgeons, found out they are safe and that silicone (as opposed to saline) feels soft and conforms to the pocket for a more natural look and feel, I got them. Implants are very common here – I probably have 7 or 8 close friends with them. No one I know has had complications or regrets them at all. 

Amazing how much women can read into something when physical appearance and money are involved.

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I wouldn’t because my breasts are obnoxiously large (38H), I had a reduction consult when I was younger but couldn’t go through with it. I’m actually so envious of pear shaped women with small breasts and big hips, I always thought they looked so feminine compared to me with a heavy chest that made me feel bulky. I think the grass is always greener on the other side though. Sometimes I daydream about getting a tummy tuck and a breast lift one day, weight loss has left me saggy, but the cost and risks are scary and my Fiance is pretty against the idea. Whatever you need to do to feel great about yourself, I totally support, I think understanding the risks is important though, and making sure that emotionally it’s the best thing you. 

ETA: Sorry I just saw you didn’t really want to hear from large chested ladies, I just wanted to offer my viewpoint and support. 🙂

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PinkPearls:  One day I’d maybe get a lift.  I’ve go DD’s and they are not so perky.  They are ok now, but I can imagine that after kids and more time they’ll be really hanging low.  

Obviously as a Dear Daughter my concerns is not size, but shape.  If, when the time is right, the procedure seemed safe enough and to have good enough results, I’d consider it.  

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I have Ds and I fully plan on having them lifted and possibly augmented after kids, depending on what they end up looking like. I’m fairly happy with them now so the thought of them being destroyed makes me sad. My my mom had a boob job when I was a kid, and went from a small A to a full C, and she’s never regretted it.

Someone also mentioned how they wouldn’t consider cosmetic surgery because they want to teach their daughter to love herself. The only thing my mom’s boob job taught me was not to stereotype and stigmatize people who chose to have these types of procedures done.

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I would not personally get them, and have never considered it. I have a 34D chest and at 5’5″ and 130 pounds, they are probably a little on the large side for my frame.

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mrshomemaker:  I agree with everything you’ve said!! There does seem to be a lot of judgment, double standards, and incorrect information going on in this thread. No one ever can tell i’ve got implants unless I tell them–so I think everyone saying they hate them because they’re so obviously fake and terrible looking is because like you said, the women who had great surgeons and wonderful surgery–they can’t even tell!

Mine don’t feel like foreign objects AT all. Not even a tiny bit. I don’t get sicker than most people, if anything, I get less sick than most people I know (obviously not as a result of surgery haha).

Then all the girls saying they don’t understand why women would want larger breasts because of all the cute clothes, bathing suits, etc they could wear….that really goes both ways. I can see how that stuff would be hard for a woman with very large boobs— but before I had my implants, I can’t even explain how frustrating buying and wearing clothes was, and how many things I couldn’t wear, didn’t look good, didn’t fit right, etc. So that could be said for both extremes–too small or too large. But with mine now, they look awesome in clothes, awesome in bathing suits, and I feel good without a bra when I can’t wear one, and so on.


I certainly don’t think getting them is for everyone, but the way some of these women are talking is a bit ridiculous.

Also, the whole having to replace them every ten years, is not a thing. You have to replace them only if something happens to them (or have them taken out and not replaced is of course an option). But i’ve got a girlfriend who did something to one of hers after 8 years and had them replaced, then i’ve got my stepmom who’s had hers for 15+ years and never had a single issue. It’s really different for everyone.

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Bumble bee

polyblonde:  “Amazing how much women can read into something when physical appearance and money are involved.” – this! It’s even funnier on a forum where ladies talk about spending thousands of dollars on dresses and jewlery and photography and makeup artists just to look their best. 

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