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Sugar bee
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My girlfriend went thru a similar experience when she went to have lasik surgery done. It wasn’t that I didn’t notice it was just that I didn’t want to embarass her by mentioning it. I knew how sensitive she was about her glasses as a child. Could your family/friends be doing the same thing?

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Buzzing Beekeeper

Honestly? I wouldn’t comment on someone’s glasses any more than I would ask them if they dyed their hair or got their teeth whitened. It’s not that I’m too self involved to notice a change in someone’s appearance, but you never know how that exchange is going to go. If it could possibly make the person feel self conscious I just play it safe and wait for them to bring it up.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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I would think it would just fall into the category of…. who cares? lol. I mean to you wearing glasses seems somewhat traumatic, but lots of people wear them all the time. I myself wear my glasses like 90% of the time. So yea I would notice if someone was wearing glasses but I wouldn’t think it was odd enough to question. 

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Buzzing bee
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Yea, I’ve had times where my eyes were bothering me and I wear glasses to work.

Most people do not notice. Honestly, other people just don’t care!

So unless it’s a close friend, someone you interact with day to day I highly doubt they are going to notice. People are clueless.

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Bee Keeper
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I wore contacts for years and only wore my glasses at night.  They always felt awkward and bulky on my face.  But when I had LASIK I had to wear my glasses for a few weeks.  I think people noticed but just didn’t want to call attention to it in case I was sensitive about it.  Plus now that I see pictures of me in my glasses during that time period I realize that they weren’t actually as bulky and noticeable as they felt.

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Bee Keeper
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My Darling Husband spent more than half of his life wearing contacts and shortly after we got together his eyes were bothering him so badly that nothing worked except for switching to glasses. He was absolutely mortified but I assured him if we just chose a pair of frames that were right for him, no one would notice and they would look good. I was right because we were actually shocked at how few people noticed the change.

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Bumble bee
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I don’t think people fail to notice.  But, someone putting on glasses is like someone putting on a belt.  We may notice, but we don’t feel the need to comment because it’s just part of an everyday outfit.  People may also be aware that glasses make some self-concious. 

On another note, you will LOVE LASIK.  It changed my life, seriously.  I had a lot of problems with allergies and my contacts drying out and I don’t think I could have made it through law school in contacts.

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Sugar bee
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I just went through this (my screening appointment was Friday). No one in my life had seen me in glasses, 3 of my closest friends said nothing (honestly didn’t notice until I said why I was heading home for the appointment). At work a few people said something, but it was only because they knew about the surgery and how bad my eyes are (-8.75 prescription) and wanted to make sure my glasses didn’t get in the way. The ones who didn’t know about the surgery honestly didn’t notice.


So I don’t think it is weird that people didn’t notice. Most people wear part time reading glasses and people generally don’t notice. You just probably feel really insecure in glasses, even though I’m sure you look fine.j

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Honey Beekeeper
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Maybe the people that I work with are odd but I normally never where my glasses.  Occasionally, when my eyes are bothering me, I will wear them for a day or two and the people in my department almost always comment on how they haven’t seen me in my glasses in a long time or something like that.

So yes – I would find it odd that NO ONE said anything when glasses aren’t something you normally ever wear.

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Busy bee
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For me, I would only comment on someone’s new look if I liked it. Or if I just wanted to be nice.  I’m in the same boat, contact lense wearer, getting Lasik soon, had to wear glasses for a whole week before my exam and what-not.  I did get a lot of comments, mostly from the women at work who thought I looked cute with glasses (I’m the baby in the office so they like picking/petting).

I do think it’s odd that nobody would say anything at all, but I wouldn’t take it personally.  If it really bothers you, you could try to play it off like, “Hey <insert name of person who hasn’t commented on your glasses yet>, I’m so glad I only have to wear these for <x amount> more days, I’m not used to wearing glasses all the time!” or something else.  Lasik is a pretty good conversation starter, anyways.

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Sugar bee
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I’ve come to assume that the majority of people around me need glasses or contacts. so if I saw somebody wearing glasses who normally does not, I’d probably notice but just think, “oh, they didn’t wear their contacts today.” I wouldn’t say anything about it.

If I really liked their glasses, then I would compliment them, but that’s about the only reason I’d say anything at all.

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Honey Beekeeper
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Many people are wearing glasses as a fashion item these days, so I don’t think they warrant a comment.

Maybe your frinds and family are just being polite?

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Blushing bee
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I think it’s odd that people don’t comment, just because I rarely wear my glasses to work. But every time that I do, someone new says “I didn’t know you wore glasses!”

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