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GooteyBootey:  if the management doesn’t care then that is their issue but I would tell the manager that the shifts need to be rotated in that case since it isn’t fair for you to waste a day filling water cups

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If the management doesn’t care and if your boss isn’t going to lay down the law, there’s not much you can do except take less good care of them.

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GooteyBootey:   Having been in the restaurant business as a waitress years ago, this would tick me off!  you are getting paid like $3.30 an hour and you depend on tips.  and tips depend on how much food people order (unless they are tipping you handsomely even though they aren’t ordering food, then I wouldn’t complain).   If they don’t want food and they just want a place to chat, they should be going to a Dunkin Donuts or a Starbucks.  They are taking seating away from paying customers.

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It’s to whole business’s advantage that the organization spends more on food and drink when they’re using the restaurant space. I’m surprised the management doesn’t care. I like the idea of trading that responsibility with another wait staff sometimes. 

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GooteyBootey:  It’s rude and exactly why my non profit no longer meets at restaurants. It gets expensive for the members to have to order a restaurant meal every week, but it is really unfair to the waiitstaff to have their tables filled by people who aren’t going to tip. 

I’ve never worked in the service industry, but I have enought friends who do to know that this can really add up. As a result, if my dinner party lingers for hours after we’ve finished eating I always make sure to up my tip to make up for what the staff could have made from another party taking my place. 

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Unfortunately they aren’t technically doing anything wrong. It’s super cheap of them but legal. Not much you can do. Maybe make an arrangement with the manager/hosts that this group does not count as “being sat” since you aren’t making any money?

Really, serving is a game of chance and you never know what you are going to get.

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do you charge for water?

a place over here did that recently (started changing quite a bit for water like $5) and when people complained they showed them the spreadsheet with the cost to run the business (waitress wages, glass washing cost, rent, electrisity, heat) and pointing out that they are taking the place of paying customers while costing the resteraunt money – it suprisingly got a lot of support from the majority of people

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GooteyBootey:  Do they pay a booking fee?  If so, they proabaly feel entitled to the space and don’t realize the impact it’s havin on you, the server.

If they don’t, your restaurant should institute a minimum spend or a fee for the room.  Seems silly to offer the space without some promise of appropriate compensation.

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As a previous restaurant manager who was stuck in the middle of these situations, it totally sucks. We had one group in particular DEMAND a quarter of the tables in our lounge be saved for them one day week for 2.5hrs so they could come in 30 minutes before happy hour ended and each order one app and one drink each. Effectively, the minimum amount possible. To add to it, they were not nice about it. Expecting their drinks and food to be ready immediately and getting special orders on a lot of stuff. It was not fair to the server to be run ragged and not make much money. 

Unfortunately, that restaurant was on a small island so word of mouth is everything. We had to accomodate them and couldn’t do anything about it. We ended up trying to help that server as much as we could to get them in and out quickly. 

I would talk to your manager about rotating who takes care of this group or only counting the actual meals being served, not the number of people, if they track that way. We did for our dining room servers and when those things happened, i would count the dinners or try to give them an extra table or whatever I could. There wasn’t always an option. 

Good luck.

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btob17:  where do you live? In desert states, it’s illegal to charge for a glass of water  (but of course you can charge for a bottle).

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GooteyBootey:  Yeah, this would piss me off they have cottoned on to the fact that they can use the space and not spend so much. I would speak to my manager and let them know then it would be managements decision to either say the room needs to be booked with food, or that it is no longer available.

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I’ve been on both sides of this, as the server when I was in college, and after college as a member of a group where many members did this.  Because I’d been a server I always ordered food, but other group members just didn’t get it.  And as a result we had one restaurant refuse to continue to host us.  We moved to a cafeteria which tolerated it a little better, but not really — they ended up asking that every member get SOMETHING, even it if was only coffee.  

Not to defend the slacker members, but I do understand that eating out regularly can get expensive, and many people don’t want to spend their extra “eat out money” on a business group where they don’t actually *enjoy* the meal.  But that’s their problem, not yours.  

I would ask your manager to require them to order something every time they come in, or else pay a fee, a portion of which becomes your tip.

ETA:  if your manager refuses to stand up for you, I would probably become unavailable to work on the days that the group meets.

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gingerkitten:  in england…tap water is free at big crowded events like festival or gigs or any place that serves alcohol has to have free unfiltered tap water available (in ireland there no free water laws so they can always charge)


the loop hole that was found by the business though is even if water is legally required free the glass and service can still be charged for (and you cant really sit in a resteraunt drink water from your hands)

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btob17:  And some pubs in England will give you water for free only if you also order something else, in my experience.  Like you have to provide free water to customers who are drinking, but not to people who aren’t customers.  I used to work at a place that had a pub (although not at the pub itself) and the manager was really adamant about it!  

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