(Closed) Would you get a dog before getting pregnant?

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    I would get a dog before having a baby, and make sure I had enough time to do proper training and obedience classes before human baby arrived.

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    If you got a fully grown, already trained dog I would say go for it.  But I wouldn’t do a puppy before getting pregnant.  It’s way too much work and stress.  After this dog, I swore I would never get a puppy again and only adopt much older dogs.

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    @Swizzle:  You’re comment just totally depressed me lol. I got a puppy a month ago and she gets in to EVERYTHING!!!!!! I keep telling myself that she’ll grow out of it in a couple months! 

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    @hisgirl10:  totally depends on the dog. YES he has grown up alot, but he is a male labrador retriever and they just dont fully mature until 3 years.  He knows how to push my buttons too. He walks all over me and doesnt behave like that with Darling Husband.  So i guess i just dont discipline him enough!

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    @sunsetchristy:  In your situation I agree with the therapist, dog first then child.

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    I am 8 months pregnant and got 2 more dogs a month before we found out we were expecting, though we were ttc at the time. We now have three dogs total. I think if you don’t get overwhelmed easily a dog is a good idea. I’m not worried about my dogs being around our baby at all. The baby is so small and won’t be able to pester the dogs for at least a year, I figure this gives the dogs a year to get used to the situation and for us to enforce whatever rules we would like the dogs to follow. Plus I would only adopt a dog that I know we can control and train, though this has come very easily to Darling Husband and I since we have always been around dogs. I think as long as you do your research and are ready to make the commitment a dog would be easier to train before a baby comes. Though it does s*ck to have to potty train a dog in the winter if you’re in an area that snows, but it still wouldn’t hinder my decision. I know for us, if we had known a baby was on the way my Darling Husband would have wanted to wait on adopting more dogs but I do the majority of the training and I think it’s working out just fine 🙂

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    Um we’re adopting our second dog (a puppy) and we’re also planning on TTC in January.

    By the time the babies born he will be over a year old and hopefully well trained by then. If your unsure about a puppy  – get a dog thats a year old.

    You don’t want to get a pup AFTER the baby – but a year before the kids born is perfectly fine.

    And as far as getting one for the reasons your therapist stated, I’d have to say thats 120% correct. My rescue dog rescued me. Theres nothing quite like the love of a dog.

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    We have two shih tzu puppies, one is 18 months and the other is 7 months, and are currently TTC. from experience I wouldn’t want to deal with a baby and a super young puppIe. It’s a ton of trips outside and cleaning poop while they’re getting trained. by the time we do have a little one, the shih tzus will be older and not have as much of the hyperactive puppy energy. 

    I woudk recommend doing breed research and find one that really suits your needs. I’m going to pitch shih tzus to you just because I love them.


    they don’t shed. I can hold them with a black shirt on any maybe get one hair on me.

    They don’t need tons of exercise. They love walks but are fine to just run around inside or in a backyard. 

    They are easy to take in the car. 

    They love kids and are very gentle and not very big. 

    they are super cuddly and love being with you. My dogs follow me arojnd the house while I clean 

    my dogs will go on 4 mile hikes no problem. So if you’re a bit more active, they’ll stil be up for it 

    The are NOT yappy by any means. 


    they do need to be groomed every 6 weeks and benefit from regular brushing. Darling Husband and I just take them in the shower once a week to keep them smelling nice. 

    since they were bred to be companion dogs, they will want to sleep with you and are hard to kennel train. I personally love that they sleep with us so this is a pro for me. 



    Ps they are freaking adorable. 


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    My Maid/Matron of Honor got a puppy and then got pregnant (by surprise) a month later. They haven’t had any problems and the dog gets along wonderfully with her two year old. I suggest perhaps getting an older dog (not a puppy) if you’re planning on having a baby in the near future. Adult dogs are usually trained and are a lot calmer than puppies. 

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    @sunsetchristy:  Generally I would say “GIRl, YOU ARE CRAZY”

    But if your THERAPIST is reccommending it, I think that adopting an adult dog (4+ for a mid-size dog), that is already housebroken would be a great idea.

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    We are currently TTC and got a dog about 3 weeks ago. I don’t regret it, my priority right now (aside from getting knocked up) is to make sure he is well-socialized so that he takes well to my future children.

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    @sunsetchristy:   I have 2 dogs I adore. both from shelters and good dogs BUT they botaha be some issues that I didn’t know about before hand which makes it a hastle. Will your dogs be inside dogs or outside? Do you have a yard? We live in two bdrm with two medium-large dogs and we both work. I can’t imagine throwing a kid into the mix. If they live inside it just one more thing to feed and cleanup after. All my girlfriends got dogs first. Their dog was like their first kid. When they had kids the dog moved outside and the dogs get barley any attention. One of my friends actually got rid of her dog because it was too much trouble. I say have the baby and then if you feel like throwing a dog in the mix get one but I would hold off. Dogs need to be played with and walked things you may not want to deal with as a new parent. I don’t hve kids but i am a nanny that has two dogs. 

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    @sunsetchristy:  I dont trust dogs around the baby. There have been horror stories. Dogs are still animals.

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    for the love of pups, PLEASE don’t get a dog if you’re planning on TTC soon after.  Do you know how many dogs are abandoned because people “practice” with a dog before having a child, then have the child and no longer have patience for the dog? IT’S SO selfish and unfair.


    I will have had my dog for 6 years (at LEAST) before we TTC.  He is our family and he wasn’t just a warm up for babies.  He IS my first baby.  After this long I am way too attached to consider giving him up for any reason, but maybe if I had a baby 4 years ago and the pup was still a naughty fella I would have considered it.

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    It sounds like in your case there’s a good reason for it.  I am not a dog person– however, I’ve had several friends get puppies shortly before having babies.  It has seemed really overwhelming.  An older dog would be better, though.

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