Would you get a lab diamond?

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    FutureDrAtkins :  I would! I have one, it’s small and in a pendant but I love it as much as any other diamond. I don’t care about how stones were formed, I really just want a pretty, durable stone.

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    It blows my mind that diamonds are millions of years old, made in the earth, so I’d pick natural if both were in front of me. I don’t think there’s any lab diamond stigma though. It’s not something anyone can see anyway, if someone asked you about your rock it’s not like you say “natural diamond ” “lab diamond”. Just diamond. 

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    I probably wouldn’t. I love the fact that they are millions of years old, and there happened to be the right chemicals next to each other that happened to create this crystal. (side note, I also feel this way about inclusions, fluor, etc. So cool that there was some boron nearby that gives the chemical structure a glow in UV!).

    I personally don’t see the point in having a lab ‘diamond’. If i were going man made, I’d probably go for a simulant that is cheaper. To each their own of course! But not for me.

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    From my limited understanding, isn’t a lab diamond another name for a CZ?

    I probably wouldn’t ever pay for a CZ.

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    slomotion :  Technically no, a lab diamond is the same makeup as a diamond (hardness, crystal structure, etc). It’s much much more expensive than a cz or a moissanite.

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    Diamonds don’t really appeal to me (which is why I have a sapphire engagement ring) but if for some reason I was getting a diamond, I think I would prefer to get a lab diamond over a natural one. My husband is a scientist and I’m sure he’d think it was cool to have a lab diamond. Plus, they ususally cost less.

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    slomotion :  Nope. Lab diamonds are exactly the same as natural diamonds. There’s no way to tell the difference between the two.

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    I’d totally get a lab diamond… but right now they aren’t actually inexpensive, even when compared to ‘natural’ diamonds. Sometimes I scour the d. nea website just for fun. I LOVE the colored diamonds, especially the yellow ones.

    I like the fact that lab diamonds are environmentally friendly, and ethical, as well. those would be my two main reasons for considering one.

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    I wouldn’t be opposed to it. 

    Let’s say there were three 1 ct stones; a diamond, a moissante, and a lab diamond. 

    If they all cost the same, I’d choose the diamond. 

    If the moissanite was substantially cheaper than the lab diamond and diamond, I’d choose the moissy. 

    They all look very similar to me so I wouldn’t bother over-paying for a diamond. It’s cool that diamonds are really old and grew in the ground but not cool enough to justify their price. 

    If the lab diamond and moissy were the same lower price, I’d choose the lab diamond, I guess. It would be more valuable than the moissanite so it just makes sense to choose the more valuable stone. By now, we all know the marketing behind diamonds and that their price is mostly unjustified (aside from rare, colored diamonds and exceptionally large and/or perfect stones), but they still hold more value than a moissanite.

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    I just went on Brilliant Earth, and if you compare diamonds vs. lab created diamonds with the exact same 4 C’s, you’ll see the lab grown can be around 40% less expensive (and 100% guaranteed conflict-free)!

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    If I didn’t love the sparkle of moissanite or if I were a die-hard diamond sort of girl I would have gone for a lab diamond for sure. 100% ethical and also earth-friendly! I think scientists in a lab making something that used to take millions of years in the earth is pretty impressive!

    As I’ve said in numerous other threads, the cost was the big factor for me, and even if I had the money for a diamond I can honestly say I would have chosen moissanite anyway because, not only do I like it more (I’veseen both next to eachother and I prefer moissanite), but also because, to me, it is absolutely the best value for the money. I’m the kind of person that wouldn’t spend any differently if I won the lottery either 😉

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    slomotion :  A synthetic diamond is a diamond.  Exact same chemical structure, pure carbon. A simulant is a CZ; chemically not the same as a diamond.


    I hope that lab diamonds come waaaay down in price.  What is appealing to me is that I’ve found my diamonds to be brittle, so that’s peace of mind if I chip one.  Two, it’s far better to support industries which do not rely on mining.


    Synthetic all the way.

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