Would you get a lab diamond?

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    Blushing bee
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    Absolutely! I love the ethical component of lab-created diamonds. I actually got a lab-created ruby myself in a vintage diamond setting, and I love that my ring is 100% ethical 🙂

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    Helper bee

    dracarys :  Agreed. I look into lab diamonds extensively and I didnt find that they were much cheaper than mined diamonds. It was also very hard to find them in the cut I wanted (pear).

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    Bumble bee

    FutureDrAtkins :  

    I have one!

    Honestly, we bought one not to long ago because I wanted a stacked look for my rings. And with my job I was always banging my real ring around like no tommorrow. And I can’t NOT wear them, because I feel naked.

    I have gotten so many complements about the ring and I don’t feel AS BAD if I bang it up.

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    Helper bee
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    I recently watched a documentary about lab diamonds. The reason for the price is that there is a lot of really high tech, expensive equipment needed to produce them. The attempt to make them started in the 1950’s with GE. They invested hugely into a massive  lab, but only came up with tiny diamonds. Then in Russia, some scientists came up with a better solution, but they didn’t have the funding to perfect the technology. It’s only recently that the process has become streamlined in America. Still, it takes considerable skill and attention to produce them. Kinda cool! Just FYI.

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    Helper bee

    bluegemz :  Interesting. Before I started looking in to rings and stone types, I always read posts on forums (not here) by people boasting about how they didn’t waste money on a mined diamond and got a lab one instead. But when I actually looked in to it I found they were not really cheaper. I think it may be a common misconception. 

    I love lab grown stones though, I have lab ruby earrings and a lab sapphire pendant. 

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    Buzzing bee
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    No, I would not want a lab created diamond. It is significant to me that a stone comes from the earth. I am not interested in man made stones at all. I love natural diamonds of all kinds. I was looking at some pretty cluster colored diamonds the other day. I am not insanely picky about diamonds and I adore the older cuts of diamonds, too. So, if I had to purchase a stone it would only be for a natural diamond (or an alternative natural gemstone). I now understand why I see “lab created” diamonds and other stones that they are more expensive than CZ; I never paid attention to the difference before. But, I would rather pay more for what is naturally created.

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    Helper bee
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    As someone that loves collecting gemstones and vintage jewelry, I wouldn’t want a lab diamond. I might be interested in one for something fun to add to my collection but I would much rather buy an antique diamond ring for an engagement ring or an antique gemstone ring. I love things with a history. But that’s just me. I think of engagement rings as something that will probably be passed down someday, so I would want something that retains some of it’s value.  I am not sure if lab diamonds and lab gemstones do.

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    pancakes11 :   I think they may be getting less expensive as they iron out the kinks in production though. Still, they are by no means inexpensive. I imagine that they are about 2/3 of the price of the same in natural.  The thing that one gets is a perfect stone and a truly conflict free stone. De beers has tried to block the manufacturing and sale of lab diamonds of course. 

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    Blushing bee
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    I think it’s funny that so many people are like “diamonds have been around for millions of years” “diamonds are forever” (etc ad nauseam) What do diamonds know of forever? Zircon (NOT CZ) has been carbon dated to 4.4 BILLION years. So if any stone knows of “forever” it is Zircon… combine that with one of the most diverse availabilities of color! I just don’t understand why the diamond became the ruler of all gems. I know they became the “engagement/wedding stone” under the monopoly of the DeBeers family who even though they had a first rate marketing campaign didn’t have a problem with child labor/slavery or working with cartels to protect their interests. 

    Because of the sordid history of diamonds and the blood money associated with them I will not own a natural diamond. I have been to Africa and seen some of the children who are forced to work in the mines there. I couldn’t sleep at night if I thought any one of those kids could have lost their lives to try and dig out a diamond I owned.

    Lab created CZ’s or moissys are the way to go if you like the look of a diamond! 

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    Helper bee

    I don’t know.  I mean, I would absolutely buy a lab diamond but I see that a lot of others would not.  For me, I don’t mind at all if it was grown in a lab or mined.  The fact that is is identical in structure, composition and performance is enough for me.  I am not someone that thinks it has to be millions of years old to be considered a real diamond.  A diamond is a diamond when it comes to chemical composition.   And if it makes it even *slightly* more affordable than its mined counterpart with identical specs, then that’s even better. 

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    Sugar bee
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    FutureDrAtkins :  I think you can probably say that the general consensus of the people that would prefer a mined diamond to a lab created one is that they want something natural.  I can count my Fiance in that group.

    I was completely open to getting something other than a mined diamond.  We looked at moissanite (he didn’t care for them as they were too “flat” to him) and online at lab created diamonds.  I am not sure where the PP saw they were 40% less than mined diamonds because that was not our experience at all.  In fact, on most sites they weren’t even 20% less, but this was also last summer so maybe prices have come down since then.  Since my Fiance was the one that came up with the budget, he felt for the small price difference he wanted to go with a mined diamond, and sure, you can say he fell into the marketing of “a diamond is forever” but he wanted to get me something that could be passed on. (to him there was apparently a difference in his mind because of course you can pass on a lab diamond).

    I have a lab created sapphire and when I wear it, I always get a ton of compliments so I see no issues with anyone wanting any kind of lab created gemstone.

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    Busy bee
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    I wouldn’t choose any lab grown stone. Just not my cup of tea.

    I’d much rather have it mined from the earth, even with all of the flaws that they can have. Seems much more special to me than something man made. Feels massed produce to me.

    Makes it unique, in my opinion.

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    Sugar bee

    I’d totally wear one. Thing is, I find the selection to be too small most of the time. They take a long time to grow and whenever I look at them, there usually aren’t enough available to make the 5-stone rings I prefer. There is a Bee who has the most PHENOMENAL 5-stone ring (lab) that is BLUE!! Awesomeness!

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