(Closed) Would you get a tattoo for an engagement/wedding ring?

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  • poll: Would you get a tattoo as your engagement/wedding ring?

    I did actually (and I'll explain why it was the right choice for me in the comments!)

    I would, if I didn't have my metal/diamond/gemstone e-ring instead.

    I probably wouldn't, but just because I don't like tattoos/my job doesn't allow visible tats.

    I wouldn't. As much as I want my wedding to be 'forever', a tattoo is just too permanent.

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    um yea, don’t get me started on tatts, i love them, i want to be covered in them, lol. Well just half sleeves and my entire back. Anywho, i think tattooing rings is really stupid. every person i’ve known who has done that has gotten divorced. one of my best friends has her ex’s initals on her back, and yea, that didn’t work either. i am all for getting matching tattoos though. i think that tattoos are great, and even if you get divorced (which im totally against) it’s not as big of a deal if they are matching tattoos as opposed to rings. I am getting a ring (not a wedding ring) tattooed on my finger because of a ring my grandma gave me, and it no longer fits, and can’t be resized. it’s like a super cheap $8 ring, but i can’t find one like it.

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    I think it is really cool but I hate needles!!  *shivers*


    And I would worry if something were to happen later down the road.

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    I think tattoos are beautiful, and I might consider getting one as a ring if I wasn’t in a professional industry where tattoos are generally frowned upon. Doesn’t look professional…

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    I would never consider a tattoo in place of an e-ring, but I would consider it in addition to a wedding band. In fact, D and I are planning to get matching ones on some future anniversary.

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    bumping an old thread… i’m amazed at how many people are ‘meh’ on tattoos!

    my boy and i are planning to get matching tattoos on our ring fingers – something very tiny and will be partially hidden under our wedding bands. i’m an offbeat bride-to-be with lots of piercings, but my boy is the super clean-cut type, so when he agreed to do matching ring tats, i was surprised! 

    we’re looking to get tiny x’s (a motif taken from our favorite comic series). we’re just looking for a tat artist who can do something tiny enough. we’re taking a slab of skin-on pork belly (from the chinese market!) to the tattoo parlor to have them ‘test’ tattoo for us. like you all say, it’s something that’s super permanent, so we want to get it right!



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    I don’t know if I would because I still don’t have any tattoos but my husband’s cousin’s boyfriend has her name tattooed on his hand and I think it’s so cute!

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    i have a tattoo, the reason that i put it where i did though (on my hip) was because it hardly gets any sunlight and it’s in a very private place. i have seen tattoos that have seen better days and that is the reason i would never think of getting a tattoo for a ring. after a certain age it’s inevitable that it’s going to look disgusting and not at all like what it originally looked like, especially somewhere that is exposed to sunlight and other environmental and chemical exposures as much as your hands are. 

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    My ex and I had planned to do this, getting each others’ names tattoo’d around the ring finger to wear beneath our rings. Our tattoo artist friend told us it was a bad idea though, since the skin on the finger ‘wears’ (or replaces itself) more quickly than lot of other areas of skin on the body, so it would get illegible/blurry very soon, according to him.

    The thought of it getting messed up is enough to turn me off to the idea now.

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    I love tattoos, although I have now. My partner hates them, but I may get one. However, it won’t be a ring tattoo. I consider my self pretty progressive and non-traditionalist, but wedding bands are an area I am very old-fashioned about. I think if you are married/committed, then a ring should be worn. If no ring, then a tattoo. That’s just my two cents. 

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    Fiance and I actually seriously considered this, but not in place of actual rings. We talked about getting our wedding date tattooed on our finger underneath our rings. We decided against it mainly just because neither of us are really tattoo people, but we were very seriously considering it for a while!

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    I’m still undecided between tattooing my ring finger or getting a matching tattoo somewhere else. I already have a large-ish one on my back and BF has one on his arm that I drew for him, so we are pretty open to getting more.

    But, in spite of that, I wouldn’t skip the ring, because the tattoo will have meaning for the both of us only and I’m not about to go on telling everyone who asks. Its just easier to flash some bling! Wink

    Its a fun idea though… I don’t consider tattoo’s trashy if they are beautifully done, my own is based off an actual Japanese painting and its been done irezumi style across one part of my back, so I consider it Art for my skin.

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    I found this thread/site because my fiance just told me he doesn’t want me to get a tattoo on my finger of our upcoming wedding date.  I am a cake decorator and cannot wear any jewelry at work and I want to show off that I am married.  He says because his mother has been married five times he worries about us.  Our wedding is 3 months away and he drops this on me now?

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    I’m having a tattoo to mark the wedding to my FI! My job doesn’t allow visible tattoo’s but I would do it otherwhys!!

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    I can’t get a tattoo on my finger for our wedding because I already have one there! It’s a cross on my ring finger to symbolize my relationship with God. It was inspired by a friend of mine who tragically passed away suddenly three years ago. She wanted to be married but she believed that as a Christian, she was already the bride of Christ, and that was what was most imortant to her. At her funeral, we even had a wedding cake and a “reception.” 🙂 (I know this might sound a bit strange if you’re not Christian, but it was really special!) I wear my cross tat with pride inspired by her, and I won’t care if my e-ring (when it comes) won’t cover it. 

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    We didn’t get ring tattoos, but we did get a matching tattoo. It’s just because I don’t particularly like how a ring tattoo would look on me. But I guess this sort of counts…


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