Would you get the flu shot when you find out your pregnant?

posted 2 years ago in Pregnancy
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    No is my answer. I do not trust what is in the shot, no matter what they tell you. When I am older and more likely to die from the flu, I might get the shot.

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    MamaWilson :  I’m not pregnant but I won’t ever get it again.  I had pneumonia, bronchitis, then the flu when I was 16/17 so my Dr made me get it each year til I was 18 and it made me deathly sick.  So I said never again.  I have a friend who is 3 months pregnant right now who just got it a week ago and she’s horribly sick now.  She got sent home from work early and has had to call off 3 days already. She really looks miserable and feels awful and can’t take anything.  To add she got an ear infection on top of already having the flu with a fever.  She was PERFECTLY fine before the flu shot.  She actually told me she didn’t want to get it but the Dr insisted.  I guess its to each their own.  I feel so bad for her though. 

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    Likewise.  They never have the shot for the strain we actually get each flu season anyway.  Additionally I’ve had too many coworkers get sick from the shot itself.  I also work with children but took the chance – I think I’ve gotten a bad fever (not flu) once in all my working career.  Still a risk is a risk, flue during pregnancy is dangerous and you need to decide for yourself what the right choice is.  I did get a mild fever early in pregnancy but it only lasted a night and wasn’t high.

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    The only time I have ever got the flu shot was when I was pregnant. I felt like I had the flu for the entire day.

    I think it’s something you need to consider for yourself and weigh the risks of getting it or not getting it.

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    Absolutely I got the flu shot. I get it when not pregnant too.

    I’m sorry but you do NOT get the flu from the shot. It’s a dead virus ffs. If someone got sick afterwards, they were already exposed.

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    It is scientifically/medically impossible to get the flu from the vaccine. By and far the vast majority of medical providers agree the risks of the flu shot do no outweigh the benefits. While this year’s vaccine wasn’t as accurate on which strains would be the worst, any immunity from the vaccine is going to reduce the severity of the flu if you catch a different strain.  The ones that have been bad this year have also been hitting young, healthy people really hard so don’t assume because you’re young you’re safe. Especially if you’re pregnant. Get the shot. It’s one or two days of tired and sore arms versus a week or more of flat on your back, possibly hospitalised from the flu. 

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    Absolutely without question I am getting it. It’s not a live vaccine so it is safe for pregnancy and strongly recommended due to the potential severe complications getting the flu could cause. Pregnant women with influenza are more likely to need hospital/ICU admission and have a higher risk of premature birth/stillbirth/low birth weight. 

    Yes, it may only offer partial immunity against the currently circulating strains, but I’d rather some immunity than none.

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    I work in healthcare & here the shot is mandatory for all staff (company policy). So, I always get it.

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    It’s very important to get the flu shot when you’re pregnant. You can either listen to hearsay from people who ‘think they know best’ or actual medical advice backed up by research.

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    I’d get it, and take extra extra extra precautions [ like limiting my time outside of the house during flu season, obviously not being around people even remotely feeling ill, making sure I was pumping the vitamin C]

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    MamaWilson :  100% absolutely. The first time I ever got the shot was actually when I was pregnant. They have a preservative free one that is safe for pregnancy (and I got the same one this year because I’m still nursing). Flu can be deadly to a fetus and a pregnant woman. There is no way I would ever risk getting it. This year I was a crazy momma when my office had the flu go around (more the 50% of people were out one week) because I didn’t want to bring it home to my baby and she was 2 weeks away from being old enough to get it herself. The flu is serious…it’s not just a cold. 

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    Pregnant now and decided not to get the flu shot – only had the flu shot once and was sick afterwards – felt like it was the worst winter for me. 

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    Also pregnant now and got the flu shot. Normally I avoid it because im severely needle phobic and  I swear the one other time I got it 5 years ago I ended up sick for a month afterwards. I get sick with the flu usually only for a week or so when i dont get a shot. But baby’s health is way too important for me to mess with.

    This go around seemed much better and I had issues only for a day or two after. So I may try again next year and see how it goes since I might be nursing.  

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