Would you get the flu shot when you find out your pregnant?

posted 2 years ago in Pregnancy
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    hikingbride :  I didnt see people saying they were explicitly “anti-vax.” Others like myself simply opposed the flu vaccine which is what this thread asked about. I am vaccinated for other things and am not opposed to all vaccines. And a few PPs mentioned how its a dead virus which I know, but how can science explain why so many people do get sick after vaccinations. Not temporary aches from the injection site but full on sick. It’s just  a coincidence every single time that someone just so happened to incubate a virus right before or after the vaccine? Medicine and science is practice.  There’s  a lot of medical cases that shock the world for a reason. But not here to argue just pointing out that just because people are selective it does not mean they are completely anti-vax and going to doom the world by spreading diseases. 

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    I am not pregnant but I just wanted to add that my cousin got the flu while pregnant and she ended up having to be hospitalized for it. The flu can be very very dangerous to pregnant women. Of course the flu shot is no guarantee that you won’t contract it that year, but even if the strain isn’t 100% effective, it can still help minimize symptoms.

    I never use to get the flu shot because I’ve never actually had the flu. But now that I live in a city, I get it every year, not just for myself, but for those around me. Even if I don’t contract the flu in full due to my healthy immune system, I could still be a carrier to those immuno-compromised around me. So I started doing it for them.

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    Carolsays :  If people who think the way you do would simply research for themselves, I’d have far fewer babies die because their parents couldn’t be bothered to get educated on the matter. The shot contains a dead virus, and cannot make you catch the flu. 

    I’m an ER physician, and every flu season I have women coming in with pregnancy complications from the flu. I see preemies born too early, bad pneumonia cases and yes, your baby can die if you get the flu. 

    If it is flu season, it is irresponsible to not have the shot. I have seen too many babies put at risk, and it breaks my heart.

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    I’m almost 7 weeks and haven’t seen my ob/gyn yet. If asked, I don’t plan to get it. I just feel like the first trimester isn’t the time to be injected with anything that isn’t absolutely necessary. 

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    Yes. I have gotten the flu shot both times I’ve been pregnant and my husband and I still get one  (as do our two little guys). We also get the shot to protect others who can’t (or won’t, so you’re welcome, anti-vaxxers!) be vaccinated. In the future, OP, I’d recommend getting your medical advice from medical providers or scientific literature, not from random people online.

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    No I did not with either of my pregnancies for many of reasons already mentioned. 

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    I never get the flu shot, when they can get it more than 10 percent effective I will think about it, but until then I’m not injecting any random dead viruses into my body. I get all of the other vaccines because they work. For what it’s worth I would still contemplate getting it if I were pregnant. 

    Do what you and your medical professional think is right, not what randoms will tell you on the internet.

    Just to add I haven’t had the flu for probably 10+ years. 

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    I always get the flu shot and would do so while pregnant.  Both my primary care physician and OB highly recommend it to their patients, pregnant or not.  I happened to get mine the month before we got pregnant but I would have proceeded with the shot while pregnant.  It’s not harmful to the fetus, while having the flu is, so cost benefit analysis tells me to do it.  Ask your doctor if you’re conflicted!

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    I am really hit and miss with whether I get the vaccine, due to being disorganized. But I got the flu shot twice while pregnant, because I travelled and different hemispheres had different variants. I had zero side effects.

    A young mother (mid 20s) with no other conditions in my suburb died from the flu this year. I felt terrible for not getting the vaccination. And then I actually had the flu for the first time and it sucked. I’ll get the vaccination again this pregnancy and be better about getting my annual in the future!

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    I get mine every year. I plan to always get mine with one exception.  I have a latex allergy and apparently some brands contain latex rubber in the syringe or vial stopper. Im in a high risk group so I’ll likely be shopping around for the pharmacy with the latex free one. Sigh. If a latex free version isn’t available I can’t get it. Fingers crossed those around me do. 


    Eta when im pregnant ill do what I can to get the flu shot but the idea of an allergic reaction  freaks me out too as I’m not sure what the deal is with taking epinephrine when pregnant. Ill be asking my allergist and OB. 

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    macpartyoftwo :  

    they do. The shot is “mandatory” where I work in a healthcare setting (you can decline but you have to wear a mask when the flu is deemed prevalent when you are in patient areas)

    I have a latex sensitivity and when I asked the woman giving the shots about the form I was filling out (asking about latex or egg allergies) she said that they have vials with non latex tips.

    As for other posters… you are getting a vaccine so your body gets exposed to the disease and can fight it on a much smaller scale. That means your immune system is fighting something so, yeah. You will probably feel lousy, I know I feel feverish for a few hours.

    Some people really do get sick but that could just be a nasty reaction. I see so many people claim to have had the flu when they were never diagnosed. They have tests specific for the flu (I showed up at urgent care with a 103 fever and they told me to go to my primary for a flu test because they didn’t have it there) My Brother-In-Law said he had the flu because he had a 99 degree fever for like, two days 😂😂😂

    So how many of these people say they got the flu when really they had a bad reaction, which happens, but it wasn’t the flu?

    Im sure there are some cases where they tested positive for the flu, but I seriously question whether people who say they got the flu after the shot were actually diagnosed with a strain of the flu.

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    MamaWilson :  I absolutely got the flu shot. Talk to your midwife at your first appt.

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    I will be getting it in my second trimester. I think skipping it is irresponsible. I am SO terrified of needles, but will get every vaccine available to me.

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