(Closed) Would you give money to a homeless man/woman?

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    I’ve given food and money, but it really depends on the person. If someone is being rude or insulting me I wouldn’t give them anything.

    I used to go to a lot of concerts in SF during high school and would bring snacks with me while I waited to get in, many times I shared. I did buy a blind homeless man a sandwich one day, so that’s kind of money in the form of food. He was very sweet too, we talked for a while.

    I’m the type of person who likes to converse with people before I judge them. Just because a person is homeless does not make  them a bad person, many people I’ve met came upon bad times after suffering physical or mental issues. Others were kicked out of their homes by parents or relatives. My SO was sort of homeless for a few weeks (he still had a car that he slept in).

    It’s not my job to judge people solely on appearances, there’s always a backstory.

    I am more cautious about giving money and only do so if I get a genuine feeling from a person, or I give a small amount, a dollar or two. I’m also more generous with people who have pets.

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    If I’m willing to give someone my money, it’s not my damn business what they do with it in the end. So I don’t care if someone’s using it for food or cigarettes or medicine or whatever.

    I often give food though, simply because I almost never have cash.

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    Bee Keeper

    Sometimes I do, usually elderly people (especially elderly women) or people who are clearly mentally or physically disabled.

    It is a band-aid and not the correct way to fix the homeless problem (we need better social safety nets and ways to get those who need help, help, and those who can work, job and skill training opportuniities), however, sometimes a band-aid is useful too.

    If I were an elderly woman, and unfortunate enough to be panhandling, I know I’d appreciate that spare change, even though it would only last as long as my next meal. Better that than having to skip my next meal.

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    Nothing, because they are not always what they seem, I give to our local homeless shelter instead. 

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    I never give money to people, I would donate to a shelter though.

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    I worked downtown in a large city for over a year, taking public transit and everything, so I eventually got a bad taste in my mouth for panhandlers. I never gave anyone anything, and I’m still conflicted about how I feel about that. On one hand, it’s beyond rude to ask strangers for money, and it made me very uncomfortable as a sitting duck waiting for a train, but on the other, I don’t know what I expect them to do otherwise. I wish there were better programs in place to prevent that situation from ever arising, but who am I kidding? This is the land of “f*ck you, got mine” for poors. I would love to donate money to charities helping the homeless but there are so many stories about nonprofits pocketing funds that I am not comfortable with that either. I do donate supplies on occasion, (linens, cleaning supplies) so I hope that keeps my karma in check until I figure out a more concrete stance for myself…

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    Busy bee

    Usually I don’t and I feel really bad about it.

    But there is a guy in Brighton who draws with chalk on the pavement – he draws flowers and other things, and he also writes “we don’t just want money, we would apprecitate even a cup of tea or half a sandwich” and he makes me well up a bit when I walk past. He gets lots of cups of tea.

    I might go out and buy him one at lunchtime if he’s around.

    I did give half a cup of chips (fries) to a guy I walked past. He looked at them, said thanks and then asked if I had any money. I was a bit annoyed about that.

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    I was part of a homeless ministry for a couple of years when I lived in California. From my experiences, I wouod say that it is always better to buy them food than give them money. So many of them would choose to spend their money on drugs or alcohol before feeding themselves.

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    I live in NYC so if I gave $$ to every panhandler I saw it would break me. When I do give, I give food because it feels more tangible than money. I have struggled in the job market since college, so I’m very aware that if my parents weren’t willing and able to help, I could’ve ended up homeless too. I wish I could do more but I live on a shoestring budget myself.

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    Sometimes I do. I have been known to keep bags of dog food in my car to give to homeless people who have dogs and packs of bottled water to give to their owners. It really depends. Sometimes you can see the people who truly are down on their luck and are really helpless.

    A guy approached me the other day asking for money for food. I don’t carry cash, so I couldnt give him any, but I walked to a pizza place that was in the same shopping center and bought him a couple of slices and some water. He seemed genuinely surprised that I offered to help him at all and he literally had tears in his eyes.

    My mother is a hairstylist and outside of her salon there’s a trashcan that a particular homeless man regularly visits. My mom has gotten into the habit of stopping at McDonalds on her way to work and buying a meal for him. He won’t accept it from her because his pride gets in the way, so she just wraps the bag up really tight and sets it on top of everything in the trashcan.

    Sure – it doesn’t solve the problem of homelessness, but its something.

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    I didn’t vote because I have a hard time answering this question.

    Yes, I would give money to homeless people by donating to a legitimate charity such as the Salvation Army, or to a local food bank. No problem.


    I never, ever give money to those people standing on corners holding tin cans, and signs that say “Starving Veteran, God Bless.” I feel like there is at least a 50/50 chance that they are scam artists. One guy hangs out occasionally at a busy intersection near where I work. I’ve seen numerous times how when the light turns red and everyone is stopped, he drags his leg and limps as if he is crippled and has this pathetic expression on his face, and at least one or two suckers roll down their car windows and put money in the can. Then when the light turns green and the cars take off, the limp is gone and he walks back to his spot as healthy as a horse — smiling because he pulled a fast one. It’s that smug, arrogant smile that gets me. It’s disgusting. 


    There’s another guy who occasionally pops up at my local grocery store plaza, and he holds up a sign that says “Homeless and hungry, please help.” He is wearing fresh, ironed clothes and weighs like 400 lbs. Hungry, yea right. 




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    Nope.  My sister is a social worker and has tried to help people n the streets.  She has met more than one person that panhandles during the day and went home to a $200,000 home every night.  They made more money than both of us. 

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    Sometimes I’ll give some change. Most of the time I don’t carry cash/change so I just tell them that. I’m sure they think I’m lying but I’m really not. However, yesterday I was pumping gas and a guy came up to the pump and asked for any money…I had 2 bucks but he was literally carrying a brown bag, which in my state means that it has alcohol in it. I’m sorry but don’t ask me for money because “you’re hungry”, yet you just spent money on booze.

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