(Closed) Would you give money to a homeless man/woman?

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    @azzie17:  agreed. I give money, and sometimes offer food if I have time. If they spend it on drugs/alcohol, then shame on them.

    My mother is very generous. Last week, a woman approached us asking for spare change because she was new to the province, and came with her two daughters from the maritimes. She said she was waiting for social assistance, but needed money to feed her kids in the meantime. She had kind but sad eyes, and my mom gave her a $100 bill. That’s lunch money to my parents, but that woman cried her eyes out when my mom gave her the cash. It was right outside of my condo building, and honestly, I’ve been keeping an eye out for her to see if she is still asking people (scammer), but I haven’t seen her since.

    Yesterday I was driving and a tired looking man was standing on the side of the road with a sign. Once I noticed his dog sleeping on the side with a makeshift bowl of water, I grabbed my wallet and gave him a $10. I said “Take good care of your dog!” And he said “I always will, he’s my best friend!” 

    In situations like the above, I’m really glad that growing up in a large city hasn’t jaded me. I don’t, however, give money to young people with “Need $ for weed” signs or aggressive/mean panhandlers.

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    @dicapriosimaginarywife:  I sometimes give money but I much prefer to give food. Father-In-Law used to be homeless and he had/has a really bad addiction problem.

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    Never money. And the sad thing is, I’ve offered food before, and it’s been rejected. 🙁 Furthering my resolve to not give money…

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    I elieve we all have OUR homesless person. The one or two people you give a little too. I live in NYC and can easily see 10 homeless people on my way to and from work. There is one man and one woman who I “take care of” and talk to. A little bit every day. I take care of them because I feel like they could have been my parents (in the figurative sence) because we always lived paycheck to paycheck growing up, I always felt like that lady or that man could be my parents if one or two paychecks got away from them. I give them an umbrella if it is rainig or a sandwhich or some soup, bread and a banana. They are always very greatful and smile when they see me so I do what I can. On hot day I will get them some water. But if I only have a dollar and not a lot of time I will just give them that and tell them to take care of themselves.

    People I don’t give money to:

    • Young people who could be working. I work my ass off so I can support myself…and I pay taxes
    • The “Mothers” who subjugate their children to the oppessive heat of the subway while they beg. I know those women are on welfare and are getting a check for those kids. I call ACS on them.

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    I used to live in an area where there were many homeless people, I got to know some and would buy them meals or get them something from the grocery store. There was this sweet older woman who I would take to subway, the staff knew her and would double her meat and give her a cookie for no extra charge. She was such a sweet woman.




    There are lots of scammers though, so I don’t like to give money. I offered a woman a box of granola bars once when she was crying about being hungry, and she yelled at me and asked for money instead..


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    @dicapriosimaginarywife:  oh you have no idea. NO. IDEA.I live in an urban core and daily come into contact with the homeless and no. I do not give money.

    Funny this should come up because just last night “Bobbie” who has been panhandling in my neighborhood for–get this–24 years–came by my house. He opened the front gate and walked in. Darling Husband happened to see him and told him to leave.

    Now not once have I EVER given Bobbie money in 24 years. Not one freaking time. The guy is so stupid that he continues to bug us. Well, I think part of his brain is zombied out from drugs and he likes coming to our house because he once camped out in the basement when it was a unlivable shell and before we bought it.

    Anyway, we called 911 about Bobbie and then watched him meander around our block, going into back yards, looking into cars. We followed him then in the car for a while, kept calling 911, but they never came. We stopped to get our friend who has had dealings with Bobbie  in court so that she could observe him and ALSO call 911. Finally he walked out of our neighborhood.

    Long story short, giving these knuckleheads money encourages them to hang around your place, bring their friends, grow the group and soon there is big trouble.

    Our city does not want citizens giveing money to the homeless. FOr those who wish to help, give your money to the places that provide services for them.

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    I don’t.  I live in an area with a lot of homeless people, but the city provides many services for them, including a lot of soup kitchens, housing, and rehabilitation programs.  I think money’s better spent giving to these programs instead of directly to the person.  Especially if the person’s an addict, you’re doing them more harm than good by giving them money.




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    We give food quite often. In fact, the other day I saw a girl who couldn’t have been more than 20 near a plaza where I grocery shop trying to find shade from the FL heat.  I bought some extra groceries and gave them to her.  I gave an elderly woman a ride back into town where her shelter was when she had missed the bus trying to leave the crisis center. I’d like to think if I were ever that down on my luck some one would be willing to go a little out if their way to lend a hand. 

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    I’ve done it in the past, just a couple of times. 

    But I won’t anymore. I’ve got myself to support now. It’s not like I live at home with mommy where I have extra cash to hand out. 

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    I give money occasionally if I have it in my pocket, but there’s a lot of homeless people in my area and I can’t give to everyone. I don’t give food because I know some people don’t eat it, and I don’t really care what they do with the money.

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    Theres several homeless people that hang out near my store. One of them I would give money to, though he’s never asked. He comes in several times a day and is always polite and makes conversation. He’ll go to the bathroom to clean up so he doesnt stink. He’ll do odd jobs for people for money and he always spends it on food.

    But then theres other people that hang out outside my store that ask for money and then go and spend it on beer. We always ask them to leave.

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