(Closed) Would You Go To A Monday Wedding?

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  • poll: Would you go to a Monday wedding?

    Yes, if I was in state

    Yes, if I was out of state

    No, if I was in state

    No, if I was out of state

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    $500 is a little amount compared to the difference a friday or saterday wedding makes. Is that little amount you save really worth it? I expect a lot of friends and family aren’t able to attend your wedding. 

    Have you considered getting married on a sunday? Most venues charge a lower amount for a sunday wedding compared to fridays or saterdays and you have a higher chance people will attend your wedding.

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    I would only go to a Monday wedding for an immediate family member or very close friend.

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    I wouldn’t go, it’s just too much of a hassle and even if I took a day off work on Monday I’d have to go in Tuesday so I wouldn’t stay for a reception.

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    @JaneyDcat:  So untrue. My own sister could not make my wedding due to circumstances out of her control and my knocked up Bridesmaid or Best Man could not fly to my wedding either. Not attending a wedding has no relevance at all how important someone is to you. Sometimes life gets in the way and anyone that cannot understand that or have compassion for those that it effects is probably the person that should be considered unimportant in ones life.


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    depends on how well i know the person

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    i think if a person really wants to attend they will come not matter the day of the week

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    I would go for a family member or my very best friend, but in general, even if it were in my home town, I probably wouldn’t go to any weekday wedding. 

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    At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter what any of us think.


    The OP should ask the important people she wants to attend her wedding if they can make the date.  


    Whether or not I can attend her Monday wedding is rather irrelevant.  But since she asked, yes…I would make the greatest effort possible to attend the wedding if I were close to the bride.  If she were a mere acquaintance, then I probably woudln’t go out of my way…(but that’s the case for any wedding, no matter the day its on!!)

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    @Equine_Breeder:  If you look at your poll, I think you’ll get your answer. 69 said yes to some degree, but 94 said no. If your guests were the same then you’d be having a very intimate wedding, wether you wanted it or not. There’s a reason Monday weddings are cheaper: they’re inconvenient and a lot of guests can’t/don’t want to come. 


    I think that saying that the important people in your life will find a way to come and other such things is easy to say, but it’s not always true. People have jobs and responsibilities that can’t be dropped just for your wedding. Besides, I think it’s a little rude to ask people to use their holidays/miss a day of school when you could just pay an extra £500 and be done with it. 


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    Honestly I’d be a no go…I’m so dead tired during the work week.  I pretty much am a no show to all events during the week (including Fridays!)  I think I’d prefer sunday.

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    In the grand scheme of things, $500 isn’t worth inconveniencing all of your guests. I don’t mean that to sound harsh, but a Monday wedding would be especially hard on out-of-town guests. Since most of your guests are out of state, asking them to take likely a Monday and a Tuesday off of work really isn’t fair to them so you can save $500. It comes out to less than $10 a week — I would just suck up that money and have the wedding on a weekend (or a Friday night which is less inconvenient).

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    We chose to have a Monday wedding and though we havent sent invites out people seem open to it. We had an 8k difference between a Saturday and a Monday though and that was before taxes and gratuity which would have made it more like 11k difference in the end. Everyone has to travel to our wedding, but its also at a big travel hot spot Disney so I think this makes people a lot more open to Monday since they’ll have the weekend to run around the parks first.


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    I’m self employeed and work from home, so for me a Monday wedding would not be an issue. However, for everyone else I know, they would most likely not attend. The only exception would be if it was local, as in same town, but even then if they had to take off of work it would probably be a no-go. It would be a definite no if it was an Out of Town wedding.


    Personally, if I was someone who didn’t have a flexible job I wouldn’t attend a Monday wedding unless it was immediate family (parent, siblings) or my BFF who is like my sister. 


    I really resent the saying “those who love you and are important to you will find a way to be there”. I’m sorry, but that is just so unfair to say. I have a lot of friends that I know love me dearly and would walk over hot coals for me, but not everyone is in the financial place to take time off of work for a wedding. My brother’s fiance is one of those people – she literally cannot afford to take a day off of work. Even that small amount of income would be a huge strain on her ability to pay her bills. She has several events coming up for her good friend’s wedding (that she’s a Bridesmaid or Best Man in) that she cannot attend because a) she can’t afford it in general, and b) she especially can’t afford to miss work. She feels like total shit for having to miss these important moments in her friend’s life. She shouldn’t have to feel even worse because of a statement like “if you really loved your friend, you’d find a way to be there”.


    Anyway, OP, as a wedding vendor I urge you to look at the big picture and really evaluate your guest list. A lot of people think that by having their wedding on an odd day they’re saving money because they get a discount on things, but it doesn’t always end up being worth it. Saving $300 on a DJ sounds great, but if people don’t attend and no one is dancing, the whole cost of the DJ becomes a waste. Same for food – you might get a discount but if no one shows to eat the food it was a waste. Not saying this will be the case for you, but it’s easy to look at just the figures and think “ohhh savings”, but when you really think about the big picture it isn’t always a great deal.

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    Depends on how close I am to the person. I get 3 weeks a year of vacation – if that – and taking a day off to attend a wedding does not usually trump a mental health day where I can sleep. I know it sounds selfish, but I’d be much less inclined to stay the whole time if I had to go to a Monday wedding. If the difference is only $500, I would schedule it for a Friday night/Satuday anytime/Sunday anytime.

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    @Equine_Breeder:  I would only go if it were my absolute best friend or a VERY close family member AND I was in town. If I were out of state I would only go if it were one of those people AND the wedding was in the morning, with an early afternoon reception AND I could get a flight out the same day. I wouldn’t take off Monday AND Tuesday to travel, no matter who it was probably.

    To be totally honest… I’d probably think the bride and groom were being selfish. I mean… it’s $500 for you but how much does it add up to for your guests? If they end up having to take an unpaid day (either for your wedding or later in the year when their vacation has run out) it could easily be $150 per guest. I would maybe ask a couple close family members to contribute to an “unofficial honeymoon fund” or sell a couple gifts to make up the difference and have it on a Saturday or Sunday. 

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