(Closed) Would you let a student nurse observe your delivery?

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  • poll: Would you allow a student RN to observe your delivery?

    Yes, of course!

    Yes, but only if I was having a vaginal delivery.

    Yes, but only if I was having a C-section.

    Nope! No students for me!

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    I have had students looking at me every time I have seen a doctor or midwife during this pregnancy.

    It is the way they learn. Actually if they just stood and watched I’d be more awkward than if they asked me questions or got involved

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    PaisleyMedic:  Observe? Sure thing. Practice actually doing anything, sorry, no.

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    Personally, I wouldn’t even want the doctor(s) and the nurses in the room.  So adding a nursing student probably wouldn’t improve my opinion of the situation at all.  It’s nothing against the student.  I just REALLY don’t have a high opinion of the way L&D is handled by our medical industry.  And yeah, I’ve worked in the medical industry, and spent plenty of time in L&D.  And I’ve attended both hospital births and home births, and definitely preferred the home births.

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    PaisleyMedic:  I would not let someone watch a vaginal delivery for me but I would if it were a c-section. I am also a nurse and I went through my maternal-child clinicals at a birth center. It was such a great experience and I got to participate in the laboring process and see a mother have a vaginal delivery at a facility other than a hospital. It was amazing.

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    When we did our hospital tour, they mentioned they had med students working with the doctors, but it was our choice whether or not we wanted students helping out. I talked to my husband about it afterwards…My initial feelings were I don’t want a freakin audience in there seeing me at my most vulnerable. But my husband said…But how are they going to learn?  That is a very good question, and for that reason I am going to allow students….within reason, into the delivery room with us! 

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    I had my baby 4 mos ago.. my opinion is this: I would definitely let a student in if it was a csection. I would not if it was vaginal simply bc that is more intimate to me. Yhis happens to be how I birthed my LO and having gone through it I just wanted as few people as possible there and if they weren’t “helping’ the situation then they need not be there… Now if the student was going to be holding my leg and basically doing what the regular nurse did then ok, but if the student just stands in there watching.. No thanks.

    And i DID allow student nurses after my delivery. They were there for all my assessments and even did one or two themselves.

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    I’ll never have children, but when I had my tubal ligation, there were about 6 med students that requested to observe the procedure. Their statement to me was very powerful, and worth remembering. They said “as students, we rarely get to see healthy organs, and being able to positively identify healthy organs is just as important as seeing disease processes. This is a rare opportunity for us, and we hope you’ll let us observe so that we can become better doctors in the future”. 

    Not only did I allow them to observe, I told the doctor who did the procedure to take a couple extra minutes and let them take a look around with the endoscope. They were thrilled, and every one of them stopped by after the procedure to make sure I was dwelling ok, and to tell me how much they learned. 

    It’s in all our interest to help young nurses and doctors learn. Think of it this way -the nurse or doctor that you allow to observe may be the one helping deliver your grandchild someday.

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    I had 5 med students in the delivery room to observe. I was not given a choice in the matter. So first off, props to that hospital for giving patients the choice!

    That said, no, I absolutely would not authorize such observation if I was given the choice. In fact, having gone through the experience of being put on display, I will most likely not even choose to deliver in a hospital the next time around.I learned my lesson the hard way, and I will deliver in a birth center instead. It will be me, Mr. LK, the midwife, and the doula. That’s it. No more “birth show” for me.

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    If they were just observing, I would take no issue with a student being in the room. Honestly, with my DD’s labour, I don’t even remember how many people were in the room watching… lol

    It would be a different story if there were interaction involved. I just wanted my nurse and doctor (and hubby) to be the ones doing that job..

    My family physician is a “teaching doctor” so he frequently has students with him in his office. I almost always allow them to diagnose me (of course my own doctor confirms what they thinks and does further follow up), etc. they have to learn some how!

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    Nope.  I had a bad experience as a child with a bunch of students observing a procedure that was very invasive and they made me incredibly uncomfortable.  I understand the teaching hospital philosophy and support it, as long as the patient’s choice is respected (which it almost always is!).  I just choose not to be observed by anyone other that the doctor or nurse assigned to me.

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    A nursing student observing is just an extra person in the room watching.  You can tell the doctor you do not want them touching you or treating you in any way if that makes you uncomfortable.

    I personally don’t mind.  My OB/GYN always has medical students and regularly asks if they can observe my exams since I get paps 2+ times per year along with colposcopies 2+ times per year. The last time I had a pap he asked if the intern could do the procedure under his guidance and I let her.  That’s how doctors learn.  But I udnerstand why others don’t want to be “test subjects.”

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    I work at a teaching hospital so I would absolutely allow it.  We ask the same of our clients and patients all the time and I understand the respect and professionalism that is expected of the students.  There’s no better way to learn than real world, hands-on experience.

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    I’m pretty sure my hospital doesn’t give you the choice just from my sister’s experiences… I guess we’ll see in July though. If I get really uncomfortable, I’ll ask them to leave. If I’m only allowed 3 people in my delivery room at a time (which is the hospital policy), there really shouldn’t be an audience of people I don’t know unless I’m comfortable with it.

    I know they have to learn, but there are also thousands of women in my city that give birth at this hospital (it’s the only hospital in the city that “takes” laboring mothers) so I feel like they really should give women the option of saying “yes or no”. It is extremely personal. Just because you’ve had sex, pelvic exams, doctors hands inside of you, etc. doesn’t mean that you would be any more or less compelled to have an audience watching/ participating. 

    I feel the same way about watching regular pap smears, post partum checkups, etc. It should be up to the patient. It doesn’t matter to me whether or not they are doctor or nursing students either. It’s all about being comfortable with your surroundings and not feeling like just another learning experience or number. Just because you’ve gone through the experience of having a baby doesn’t mean you should have to put yourself on a continous display if you don’t want to. 

    I know this is very controversial as well, but this might be where some of the term “birth rape” comes from. Because if you don’t give the mother an option on who is observing/touching her in the most intimate parts of her body, there are bound to be some women who feel disturbed and taken advantage of. 

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    I was once a student nurse and I always consent to students being present in my care.  They have to learn!!!  I would even consent to a male student.  Students tend to be very respectful and go above and beyond the call of duty in giving care!

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    PaisleyMedic:  I would only allow it if i was having a C- section. I’d want the minimum amount of people possible with a vaginal delivery.

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