(Closed) Would you let your son (or daughter) play football?

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Buzzing bee

Nope! Too many deaths. I know there are a million ways to get hurt in the world, but most don’t involve throwing yourself at other people. Nopenopenope.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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For pre-teens and younger I think there are less concussions than soccer.  I probably wouldn’t be thrilled about it if they were still into it in high school, but I wouldn’t stop them.

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Busy bee
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Fiance and I were just talking about this.  We both said yes, but that we would be strict about their health.  Too many parents don’t get their children adequately checked out after getting hit or they don’t make them sit out long enough after getting a concussion.  We both agreed we wouldn’t want to discourage them from pursuing something that made them happy though.  But after taking a class where CTE was covered a few semesters ago, I would definitely want to make sure to monitor their health closely and carefully.

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Honey Beekeeper
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My son played up until his senior year, this year. Never a problem on the field. He yanked his back once, but that was his fault in the weight room. He set a barbell down wrong. Hey, concussions happen in most sports and even on playgrounds but the schools now, for at least athletes, have a good testing system that kids have to pass before they’re allowed to play after a concussion or suspected concussionand, even then they are carefully tracked, monitored, and recorded. You can’t name a school sport were there isn’t a possibility of getting hurt even concussed.

I umpire baseball, I’ve had two slight concussions this year and I’m not even playing.

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Buzzing bee
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No way. Not ever.

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Honey bee
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Nope. Definitely not. I have worked with traumatic brain injured patients and know too much about it. Not safe at all and not worth the risk for children (or anyone really).

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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Concussions are not exclusive to football. The difference between “Every other sport” concussion and “football” concussions is that in football, they’ve got durable helmets to try to lessen the chance of concussions.<br /><br />I had a friend who got a serious concussion playing baseball. I got a minor one as a kid playing soccer. You can get concussions in pretty much any sport.

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Busy bee
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Carolsays:  my 13 yo dd plays softball and wears a face guard. She’s still managed to get kicked/taken elbows in the head. She plays 1st base, so the hitters are running at her full force. Shes suffered a slight concussion from that.She’s also the goalie on her soccer team. She’s gotten kicked in the cheek, temple and all over her body. I’ve taken her to the doc 2 times this season for suspected concussion, but other than being sore she’s shown no signs. As a precaution though, both sports require missing both practices and game for the week following a suspected concussion. 

In all honesty, my dd LOVES her sports. At 13, she is almost 6 ft tall, and 160lbs. She’s a powerhouse and she thrives on the physical activity. I wouldn’t take it from her unless it jepordized her health, and I’d do that without hesitation.

But, no, I wouldn’t let my son play football. I worked for a highschool head coach as his secretary for a bit. These boys, even at the HS level get their asses kicked by each other,and the coaches. It is competitive and they are pushed, IMO, too far into being aggressive. I’ve seen boys purposely hurt each other in order to win, sometimes even ganging up to inflict more damage. The sad part is, they are encouraged. Not just by their coaches, but their parents too. 

Non contact (essentially) sports are what I will stick with for my kids. Although dd is currently trying to get me to put her in kick boxing/mma. She’s a tough cookie, but I’m gonna pass on that.

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Buzzing bee
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I would rather them play football than be a couch potato, but it would be up to them.

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Sugar bee
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Football is one of the less dangerous sports. I played soccer and we had broken bones every single game. We will put our children in a variety of sports at a very young age. I’m not letting them sit on the couch playing videogames all day! I don’t see a reason not to let them play football?  My dad was a college football play and my brother and husband were both quarterbacks of my high school team. Sports are great for learning discipline and toughening up, we will push our children to do as many sports as possible.

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Sugar bee
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I live with an ABI (from a freak softball accident).  I’d let them play football if its what they wanted, providing they were healthy enough to play.  Though its not as popular here for kids as it is in parts of the US.  


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Bee Keeper
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Carolsays:  I can only speak as a non-parent (so far, because I don’t have kids)….but I don’t subscribe to keeping kids in a bubble. We’re raising a generation of spoiled, entitled, kids who are couch potatos. Injury happens in all aspects of life. In fact, football is probably the safer sport because even though it’s full contact they are the most protected with their gear. I did ballet & soccer growing up and had more injuries from soccer because we play with essentially no gear (other than shin pads) yet we’re running at each other and head-butting the ball.

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Buzzing bee
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I would. I was active in sports (tennis, basketball, volleyball, and swimming) and wouldn’t restrict any future kids from playing something they were interested in because I was overly worried about concussions. Kids get hurt. It’s a fact of life. I broke a finger playing volleyball in 5th grade!

I would be more concerned if they were playing football at a professional level, tbh.

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Bumble bee
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My first thought was to Aussie Rules as I’m Australian which is very different to American football and possibly more dangerous (don’t quote me on that, I haven’t look up stats)

I would absolutely let my child play any sport they wished.  They will also have their first motorbike at 3 though so sport will probably be the least of my worries lol.  I think as long as they are being supervised then they should be able to do what they like – kids do get hurt but they can get hurt from anything! At least they’d be having a good time and injuries in children can usually be bounced back from.

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