(Closed) Would you move somewhere that wouldn't allow your pet(s)?

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Biggest No in the history of NO’s. 


My cats are my family. I wouldn’t live somewhere that wouldn’t let me have my family. 


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I would never ever and I mean ever move any where with out my pet’s I lovers them so much and they are a part of me. Here is my dog baker and he is amazing!

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@SweetartMD:  Your babies are ADORABLE!

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@Twyla_Smith:  Thank you for posting this! And I am so glad to see so many NO answers.

I have 2 cats that I want to keep for the rest of my life or the rest of theirs – one rescued stray and one from the Humane Society. My DH and I have decided to get a dog and I’ve been looking into rescuing one. So many people want to get rid of their animals for many, often lame, reasons. I’ve seen, “don’t have the time”, “just got pregnant”, “can’t take with”, “cost too much”….it is actually very upsetting! I understand life can sometimes bring unforseen devastation and pets need to be re-homed but, these reasons sound like the decision in adopting a pet was not thought through.


Thank you to the responsible pet owners who truly understand what “Forever Home” really means!!! 🙂 Here are my girls:


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@trueblue14:  Awe, thank you! I love them so much! So does DH! We would literally live in a tent before we gave them up!

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Oh Hellz no! That would be like moving somewhere without my actual kid. Sorry furr kid is my kid too, only he reduces my stress because he’s like a permanent needy lovey 2 year old that doesnt speak english.

How could you deny this cute ball of love:

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I didn’t read all the responses, but my answer? Hell no. Luckily for me, we are no longer renters and don’t have to worry about it. When we WERE renting though, I wouldn’t even entertain the idea of places that wouldn’t let me keep THESE faces with me; I wouldn’t even call if it said no pets. (Picture taken at our last pet-friendly apartment before we bought our house.)

I’m not saying I wouldn’t in a very desparate situation. When my parents divorced and my mom was working three jobs to take care of us all, she couldn’t afford to live in a place where we could keep our cat. None of our other family or her friends would take him either (assholes) so she had to give him away to strangers. She STILL 15 years later hates that. We are all animal people and it kills her, but she literally had no other choice. 🙁

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Dogs bond with the family, she needs to stay with us for her peace of mind. We made a commitment.

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Nope. Never ever ever. She’s part of our family and I would absolutely never give her up.



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No. We had FI’s brother and his family take care of our Scottish terrier while we went to Asia for a month. She was wagging her tail and was all excited to see us when we picked her up! I can’t imagine parting with THIS girl:

Even if we had to move to a different country, I’d do whatever I could to get her out of the quarantine shelter as soon as possible.

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I apologize for the “essay” that I wrote. But I will share with you a personal story of how my boyfriend and I gave up our dog.

I would generally say no to giving away a pet. However, my boyfriend and I did come to such a position a year ago where we did eventually say yes. This does have a happy ending though…

His parents recently divorced, one went to one country, the other to a condo that did not allow pets over a certain size. However, during the divorce my boyfriend and I took the dog (a beautiful boxer) in. We loved her to pieces, and she was my bf’s dog since she was a wee little pup (she was nearing old age at this time, but still VERY active). He loves that dog so much. At that point we didn’t even consider giving her away. She was his baby. She wasn’t going anywhere but home with us. It didn’t even need to be discussed, and we never thought the divorce would be a big deal since the dog was still in the family.

However, we lived in a basement at that time, and honestly… it is no place for a dog, especially a big dog. We were university students, and while we were out for classes and what not, she would lay on her bed all day. She could pace the entire basement in seconds. She whimpered at the front door constantly wanting out. She desperately wanted to look out a window, and she would sit at the door until you got home. We would take her to the park, we would play with her. We would dedicate as much time as we could to make sure she had exercise and time to roam about outside. But being in class all day, you truly don’t have as much time to dedicate to a dog or ANYONE really, as you truly want to.

I would come home from class heartbroken to see her waiting in excitement to see that little ray of sunshine when the door opened, only to be taken on her long daily walk to the only safe park to play, as the sun was fading in to the night. I felt like we were holding her in a dungeon in a selfish need to keep her with us. You could see the childish innocence slowly fading in her. She was an older dog, but the puppy inside her never died. Everyone thought she was a puppy when they met her. They wouldn’t believe her age. In that short period of time, I saw that puppiness slowly start to fade.

Her once bright home full of people was gone, and she had to be stuck with us, “family”, because we loved her so so much and could never consider giving her away. But we did not have the finances as university students, to find a place that would also be a good enough to make our fur-baby not feel like she was in a cage all day.

When we decided that we should consider finding her a home, possibly with someone we knew, my parents offered to take her. My parents have a LARGE backyard for her to roam and play in. The house is big enough, full of windows and two balconies for the dog to look out of. My parents LOVED the dog too, and I am thankful they wanted to take her in. We said yes immediately, because she was still “in the family” and could take her with us once we had the means to.  

However, the whole dynamic of my parent’s household changed, and they truly were not compatible like we initially believed. They did not have the firm leadership needed to keep the dogs happy. While the dogs were never aggressive with each other or anyone, we could see the dogs were easily stressed and definitely not as happy as they once were. Especially our big fur-baby. She was used to being the only dog, and my dogs have never been around big dogs. She was happy for the first while; there were new people to cuddle with and new doggies to play with. However, she didn’t feel at home, and she needed a family who could play with her the way she needed to be played with. My parents are older, and do not play “roughhouse”. They prefer more gentle play with her, and the little dogs were too fragile to play with a boxer. She tried to once, and she stepped on one accidently trying to play her little boxer games, and she was TERRIFIED to play with them since. She was a caring and loving dog for sure

It’s a hard decision when you begin to consider a forever home… It’s so stressful, you mostly feel for yourself and how you will miss the dog terribly, and you blame yourself and tell yourself you are horrible for having to give your baby away. But we had to really think about her. SHE was not happy and we didn’t know when we would be able to take her back with us permanently. We didn’t like seeing her be a shell of what she used to be.

We made an advert that specified that the person/family MUST allow us to visit, given reasonable time. We did not want to lose contact with our pup. We knew that this may have seemed strange to some people. In many cases, people were very hesitant in letting us come back to see her, ever. We did not consider these people.

We did find one family who said we could “discuss” visiting options. They had young children and so we decided to visit their home. We were hoping this family would be a good choice. However, when we got there, the wife took a quick glance at our dog, didn’t even try to pet her and left the house. Apparently she was late for work. We didn’t think too much about it at the time. The husband seemed nice enough, and his kids played a bit with our pup while we chatted with the man. We noticed he had many cages and bunnies in the house. He said he breeds them. Fair enough. They didn’t look dirty but well maintained and clean. When we asked about visiting our dog, he seemed to be a bit dodgy about it, saying we had to give him plenty of notice before we just came by. We already understood we couldn’t just randomly appear at the door. When we parted ways, my boyfriend and I were iffy about them, but we figured they had a small young family, that they could possibly be a contender.

When we got home, my boyfriend noticed that he received a reply to our advert. It wasn’t a request to accept the dog or see her. It was a warning. That a man in town X has been buying animals off kijiji and selling them to cosmetic companies. My boyfriend and I both looked at each other. We had just come back from town X. The husbands wife didn’t even want to look at our pup, the kids were not in LOVE with our dog the way kids usually get when they think they are getting a dog. The man bred rabbits, a well known test-subject for cosmetic companies. Maybe it was all a coincidence, but we crossed this man off the list.

We were slowly losing hope that we would NEVER find someone for our baby, and were shaken up by the “close-contact” to such a horrible man selling beloved family pets as test subjects. However, a man responded to the advert I posted at my parents vet. He had been going to that vet for years and the vet there vouched for him that he was a great man, who always took care of his dogs to the fullest. He has only ever owned boxers and currently had two of his own. He loved them with a passion and would be happy to take ours in. We were very much considering him since he was reputable and loved boxers. However, we wouldn’t be able to visit our pup. He did offer to send us pictures though. BUT, we received a message from a man not too far from my mom’s house a day after. He had 3 young children and he had owned larger dogs before. He was very open to us coming to visit our pup anytime. We decided to visit them. His kids LATCHED to our pup. One was a bit scared, but we could just tell that she was very excited to see our dog. Their home was very nice, the wife played with her, and they just really loved her. We saw our pup light up with excitement; something she was lacking lately. We just had a feeling they may be the family we were looking for. A day after we let her stay the night, so the family could get used to her. They sent pictures to us with the kids and just cuddled up to her with such love.

But what about the reputable man with boxers? We did consider him, and if all else failed, he would have been an awesome option, but honestly, our pup seems to want to be the only dog in the house and he had two already. She has always been around children and I have never seen a dog love children the way our pup does. She adores playing with them and protecting them. We just knew in our hearts that the young family was more suited to our pup, and we could see her anytime we wanted.

Recently the family went on vacation, and we were the first people they called to ask if we wanted to take her in. Since it was for a week, we said yes even though we were in a small room. We could be selfish for that little bit of time. We wish she could live with us forever, but we are in such a turbulent time in our lives, that we knew she would never have a fulfilling of a life with us, as she now does with those young children who love her to death. They sleep with her, wrestle with her, cuddle with her. In many ways, I feel so at peace with this decision, even though I did cry. We gave her a second chance at life. She was so down before, almost showing her true age, but she is back to playing like a puppy. She even gets her own home-made breakfast every morning by her new dad. 

In the future, when we do decide to welcome in to our home another fur-baby, we will have the means to do so. It is not a quick decision to buy a pet. 

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Hell no. When we adopted our dog, it was with the understanding that he would be family and we would do our very best to offer the highest level of care we could. That so far has involved numerous chase-downs/track-downs after escapes (ugh, beagles, always following their noses and using their digging/chewing/jumping/climbing skills!) and a big emergency vet bill a couple months back. If someone wouldn’t let us move in with him, we’d roll our eyes and find another place. Luckily we have a house now, and our number one priority so far is to “Roger-proof” the backyard fence.

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I would never even look at apartments that were not pet-friendly. It sickens me when people treat pets as disposable objects, convenient for now but easy to give up when the time comes.  Owning a pet is a big responsibility and animals should only be adopted by parents who are prepared to stay with them throughout their lives.  Unless circumstances are incredibly dire (as in, a family member is dying and you need to care for them), I do not approve of conveniently “giving away” pets just because the housing situation won’t allow it.  Look for somewhere that does!

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