(Closed) Would you name your kid for the sake of a nickname?

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@HonoraryNerd:  I generally don’t like nicknames & gave my son a name that can’tbe shortened. I do love the nickname Cece tho & if I’d had a girl I would have named her Cecelia simply to call her that. That’s pretty much the only one tho. My half brother is “Billy” not “William” and he hates it. 

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I would only go with a name if I liked it as is, not just the nickname.

I also find it strange when people are just named with a dimunitive name that we consider a nickname. For example, I had a friend named Kimi. It seemed a bit shortsighted of her parents. Kimi is cute for a little girl but she probably wouldn’t be respected as a presidential canidate. 

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My mother named me with the intent to call be by my nickname. Though no one calls me by full name (except DH occasionally and I dont know why) I do like having the longer name (I guess just because I think its pretty?) As for spelling differnrly so a specific nickname is used, this always confused me as it always seemed to me that parents dictated the nickname, so if I wanted my jennifer to go by jenna then thats just what I would call her and introduce her as. Serious question as i see this come up with baby name threads all the time (i love the name X but dont like the nickname Y) do people tend to choose thir own nicknames or do people just call you whatever nickname they want? I ask cause my brother has a unique name that could easily be shortened to avery common nickname and it was just established by the family that said nickname is not his name and thus no one calls him that.


sorry that was super long winded.


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Yes. Or I’d just name them the nickname.

As the parents, you’re sort of in charge of what the kid gets called early on any way. If you name them Horace but only ever call them by John, they will be called John. So I wouldn’t worry about Jennifer being called Jenny. Just call her Jenna.

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I am pregnant and due in a week!  Here were my rules for name selection with regards to nicknames: (1) We didn’t choose any names where I hated the nickname.  Our son-to-be would probably have been named Jeremiah if we didn’t hate the nickname Jerry.  (2) We are only selecting “proper” names, i.e. no official names on the birth certificate that are actually nicknames.  We didn’t consider this name, but if I liked the nickname Jack then I would named him John and just called him Jack.


I don’t personally mind nicknames but if I did then I would have only considered names that are not commonly nicknamed (e.g., Noah).  If you name your kid Michael then inevitably someone will call him Mike.



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Every time I fill in a form or hear the nickname I used to go by, I thank my lucky stars my parents gave me my full name instead of that uber popular cutesy name they refered to me by (and by which I was known until I was 18 and could ‘rebrand’). My full name is lovely, classic, and has about 7 distinct nicknames that can be chosen from it. Sooooo glad they didn’t box me in and let me make that desicion.

People generally don’t commit the faux-pas of using a nick-name unless you explicitly tell them you use it, or that was my experience growing up in the States. A Jenafer is in for a lifetime of resentment for having to correct the spelling of her name for people every darn day, much more so than the occassional ‘I don’t go by Jenny’. People don’t get to just call your child what they feel like. You and your child can speak up for your preference.

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My friend’s brother Jeremiah always went by Jeremy. Unless your son was born an instant baby-boomer nearing retirement age, I doubt it would occur to anyone to call him Jerry.

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@HonoraryNerd:  I personally think that if you plan on calling your kid “max” then you should just name him max. Not maximum or maxamillion or anything else. That said, we do call our daughter “bunny” but that came along later and it’s not like you’re gonna name your kid bunny..

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@HonoraryNerd:  i would pick a name on what the nickname would be. We dont have kidsbyet but DH and I have discussed names and we dont want them to be able to have nicknames. But we really like the name Julia for a girl and the nickname would be Julz. If we have a son, we would name him David Charles after my father who died. My DHs firdt name is also David so I am worried people would end up calling him Junior which I hate. 

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Haha YUP, I plan to… I want to take my kids name and shorten it and call them by both and then they can decide.  FI’s name is Drew, not Andrew cuz his parents didn’t want th nickname thing and he hates it! He always has to correct ppl.

also both of us grew up playing sports and as a GK I always shortened ppls names and all of us had nicknames and I loved it.  I want a christina and she will be my little Tina lol

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@HonoraryNerd:  my mom always hated that there were no nicknames for her name, so my sister and I got names that had multiple options. Not either of our name, but like Elizabeth: Beth, Liz, Lizzy, Bess, Betty…So we had options and if you don’t like the nickname used as a child then you could always pick something else…although if you’re a Thomas and your family cally you Tommie, even if everybody else calls you Tom, your family will always call you Tommie! 🙂 

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I heard about a girl who plans to name her daugther Gabriella but call her Ella. See that drives me crazy. I’m not sure why but I feel like nicknames should be natural. Even though I’m not a fan of Gaby, I feel like that’s what the nickname would be. If you want to call her Ella, name her Ella.

But on the other hand, I agree with the PP and the girl named Kimi. I feel like she should have been named Kimberly and they could have called her Kimi. 

I know it doesn’t make sense. I guess I feel like it’s OK if the nickname would be the natural one. 

Kinda related, my Fiance has a nickname that I hate (really all he goes by) and a real name that I loooveee. 

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@HonoraryNerd:  I LOVE long names! But I also love the nicknames that can result from longer names. I feel it gives a child an option for when they are older and they can decide what they like. So I would personally name them the long name and not the shorter nickname.

My Fiance name is P.J. and his mom wanted to just name him P.J. (kinda like a nickname I guess). But the nurse told her that a name officially couldn’t be initials so she had to pick names (Paul Jeffery) and then shorten it to the nickname P.J. This is obviously not going to happen if you pick Jenny or Trixie but I thought it was kinda funny. You can name your kid apple but initials are out of the question? I guess times change though.  

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@HonoraryNerd:  If I wanted my son to be Bill, I would name him William.  If I wanted my daughter to be Lexi, I would name her Alexandria (or another long form…) and so on.  I would never name my child a nickname/short form of a long name.

I know a few people who have been named with a nickname and have had a hard time being taken seriously at job interviews, grad school interviews etc…one of them, a Mandy, actually legally changed her name to Amanda – she still goes by Mandy, but finds that Amanda on her resume etc. gets her taken more seriously. 


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I have a long name but I was ALWAYS called by a nickname and it’s what I go by professionally as well. Honestly, I find it annoying to have this stupid long name that I never go by. It feels sort of infantilizing when someone reads my name from documents/paperwork/whatever and says, “Oh, Alexis?” and I have to be like, “I go by Alex, actually.” I don’t know why, it’s just annoying.

However, I know most people like having a longer, formal version of their name to use in a professional setting. I think if anyone had EVER called me by my full name, I would consider using it in professional circumstances, but no one ever EVER did when I was growing up, so it just doesn’t feel like me. Plus I don’t like how foofy it is. My parents named me after Dynasty, lol.

With that said, we are planning to give our kids longer names and only call them by nicknames occasionally (e.g. our girl name is Eliot, and we will likely call her Elle/Ella/Ellie as a nickname from time to time, but primarily Eliot).

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