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  • poll: Would you pick a really popular name for your baby?

    Yes- all that matters is I love it

    No- she will be lost in a sea of Amelia's, Isla's etc

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    I got stuck with a very popular name, and I hate it. Especially because I grew up in a small town, and in my year alone there were FOUR other people with my name….considering there were only 30 people in my class (yes my town was that small) it was super annoying. Plus my name also happens to be a popular stripper name (thanks Mom!), so I have been teased my whole life!

    My DH on the other hand has a name that is VERY uncommon. In my whole life I have only ever met ONE person with his name, and he has met two (and he grew up in a very large city). He hates his name because people are always mishearing him, and as a kid he was always bummed out because he never got to have those novelty items (think pens, mugs) that had his name on them.

    Sooooo….maybe find a happy medium?

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    Hello! I’m also in England (home of thousands of baby Ellies, Avas, Lily Graces, Isabelles, Sophias etc).

    Personally, due to my own life experience, I wouldn’t go near one of these names. My real name is totally different to my weddingbee name. It’s a proper traditional name from another European country, it’s easy to pronounce, feminine and I have always loved it. One of the reasons I love it is that I have only met two face-to-face two people who shared my name (both times on a different continent as well). If I ever hear it in public (rarely), I freak out and do a double take, because I assume the person must be talking to me. I can’t imagine being called Helen or Sarah and just blocking out all the many times a day your name is called around you in supermarkets, airports, restaurants etc. It makes me feel very privileged!

    Sometimes people miss-spell my name. I really don’t care. It’s not a wacky spelling, it’s just a vowel sound people sometimes hear wrongly. No big deal.

    Talia is not a chavvy name, by the way. I find it quite elegant and classy. It depends on who uses it! It’s easy to put some class to the name. Just don’t pair it with a typical trendy middle name like Rose, Grace, Sophia  or May or it could sound that a little common.

    Also, people who want to avoid popular names tend to just look at the top 10 or top whatever. My advice is to also look very carefully as the top RISING names (how many places the name has risen since the previous year or years), as that predicts much better what will be popular in the next few years. A name that is currenly #20 but last year was #84 and the year before that was #140 is going to be a mega popular trendy one, whereas a name that’s been consistently hovering between #40 and #20 for ten years, won’t date in the same way.

    Another reason I love my name is that it doesn’t date me to any particular year. Noone would ever be able to guess. My friends called Nicola, Claire and Sarah-Jane are very obviously babies of the 70s and 80s, just as my mum’s friends Janice, Sue and Pam are obviously born in the 40s and 50s. Just as now you’ll meet an Ella with an Alfie and just know how old they are- right now that will be a toddler group, eventually it will be the typical retirement home names. In a way that’s nice and it helps us to identify people better and draw conclusions about them easily, but I would rather myself to be outside a stereotype!


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    I’d be disappointed to miss out on a name I really liked, but I probably wouldn’t use it if it was super popular.  Lucky for me and husband, we’re pretty traditional and it’s unlikely that any name I like will be popular anymore anyway.  As a girl with a unisex, mildly popular in the 80s name (spelled completely uniquely), I didn’t mind, per se, but it was still sort of annoying to try to figure out who the teacher meant when they were talking.  One year I sat by a guy with a similar name, not the same and we still couldn’t figure out which of us was being called on.  It was amusing but I’d rather not have to mess around with that, personally.

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    You make the name, a name doesn’t make you.

    I have a hard name, 80% of my relatives still cannot spell it right. It’s not always sunshine and rainbows for unique names. I have always loved a name on the Top 10 baby names right now. When the time comes for kids, if we have a daughter she will still be named that.

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    happytobemrsg:  One of my favorite girls names is Emilia… Maybe an option that you might like!

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    I wouldn’t name my kid the ‘most popular’ name of the year. My sister was a Melissa growing up in the 90’s. She had at least 5 others in her grade and she hated it. I hate trendy names (Jackson, Nevaeh, Noah, Avery) but I also hate the super unique names. I would never want to go through life having to constantly correct people on the spelling or pronunciation of my name. That’s exhausting.

    I’d stick with a classic, but not super popular name. I think Amelia falls into that category but I’d definitely find something else if my BFF was using the same name.

    I always wanted to name a daughter either Sadie (after my grandmother) or Madison (DH’s name is Matt and his nickname is Matty. I thought it’d be cute for our daughter to have the nickname Maddie after her dad). Both became so popular the past few years that I don’t know if I’d still use them.

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    I might be a little turned off if it was the #1 name but just being in the top 20 wouldn’t be an issue for me. Popular names don’t bother me.  There are classics like “william”, “daniel” , and “elizabeth” that will always be popular but are nice, classic names.  What I would avoid more than just popular names are the brand new, trendy names that you know you will cringe at later (you know, any misspelled name to be “unique” and some other brand new names people come up with that become trendy)

    Anyway, I’m pretty sure I read some articles that even the most popular names now weren’t really that “popular” compared to the past.  That means, even the most popular name this year has less kids with that name then the kid with the most popular name in 1980-1990.  So even if you name your kid the #1 most popular name, there will be less kids with that name than when we grew up.  So there might not be 3 or 4 kids in the class with the same name even though it’s #1 for their birth year.


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    My name is Amelia and I hate how trendy it has become. Growing up with all the Jennifers, Sarahs and Melissas made me self conscious and I wished I had a more common name. I was named after my great-great grandmother, and older adults often would tell me how pretty my name is, and I would think “if it was so pretty why aren’t more people named Amelia?”

    Amelia is not a new trendy name like Mackenzie or Saylor, so I’m not sure why 30 years ago it was rarely considered and now it’s everyone’s favorite. I’m due with my daughter any day now and I am committed to staying out of the top 100. Our goal is to pick a name that’s not over used or absurdly “yoo-nique.”

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    Yeah, I would avoid a popular name, even if I liked it. I have a name that wasn’t even considered popular when I was born, and it was SO ANNOYING to have 3 or 4 of the same names in my classes at school. And everyone spelled it differently so no one ever spells my name right (it was trendy to spell it a different way, and mine is the traditional spelling).

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    So I voted before reading your entire poll descrition and funny enough I voted no and my daughter’s name is Isla. LOL in my defense we chose Isla literally 4 years ago for our first daughter. It just started gaining popularity right after she was born in April 2014. So that is annoying! But I would not choose a name that is SUPER popular even if I loved it. I grew up as Lauren F. that wasn’t that fun. 

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    This baby would have been Amelia if he were a girl. He’s not, so he’s Seth. We chose Amelia together because we liked it. Who cares if other people like it, too? I grew up with a popular name and had two or three more in the classroom, but I got over it.

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    If it was a name I wanted to have before becoming popular then I might consider it but I wouldn’t choose a popular name. 

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    My oldest is 12 and named Olivia. Its a beautiful classic Shakespearean name. It’s also been #3 for like the last 10 years or something. I don’t regret it- it suits her and she likes her name.

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    I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t want my kid to be Olivia B. or Jacob M. or, what I would personally find the most annoying, Emma Smith because there are multiple Emma S.’s in the class. All really nice names, but that part would put me off.

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    One thing to keep in mind is that because of the “trend” to unique names, the most common ones are, in reality, less prevalent proportionally speaking than they used to be. I would name a baby whatever I liked.

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