(Closed) Would you purposely time pregnancy for a specific month?

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tribbles:  Yes, we tried for a specific season, thinking mid-summer would be ideal. I wanted a summer due date because of my seasonal job that goes November to April. I also didn’t want a winter due date because it’s so dark here is Alaska and I suffer from Seasonal Affect Disorder. I knew being sleep-deprived with a newborn would be a bit easier if it wasn’t in the dead of winter, plus I’d be off work anyway (and my job does not offer maternity leave). We started trying in July and got pregnant in October, making me due in July which was pretty perfect. We’re ready to start trying for a second baby now but I still don’t want a winter due date so we’re waiting until this summer. If it takes longer than with our first or if I have a miscarriage we’ll just keep trying, though, since ultimately we want a second child and I would just deal with a less-than-ideal birth month. 

I don’t think it’s something to get offended by. You can always try to time things well, and if it doesn’t work out (and obviously it may not) than so be it. Some reasons are better than others, maybe, but to each their own.

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tribbles:  Yup!  I’m a teacher so I would time it so that my baby would be born right before summer started so I can spend the summer with my baby and I’d take my allotted maternity leave for the weeks after summer too! 

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I don’t necessarily know about ttc because we are cfbc but i do know that my cousin (4 years younger) & i have the same birth date (February 11th) & it was a NIGHTMARE with my aunt trying to plan our bday parties as kids. On top of that, my uncle and my mom also have February birthdays along with their cousin and another cousin of mine  (complicated situation.) That being said, if we ever change our minds (when we get married I will be 26 and he will be 30) it won’t matter to us.

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We’re not TTC yet but if I had some way of timing it so I wasn’t heavily pregnant in July/August id prefer that – I live in london and can’t stand it here in those two summer months when the air is so hot and smog like. At the best of times I can’t cool down and feel like I can’t breathe, let alone if I was 8 months pregnant! However, I’m not naive enough to think the body works how we want it to all the time!! I know they well enough by the fact i get my period for ever single holiday/vacation we take – no matter how much I plan it in advance not to happen! 

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We tried to time it so our baby would be born in the spring/early summer… and he was born early November 😉 So I’ve spent the whole winter with him tiny, and was heavily pregnant in august/september.. 😀 It’s not possible to time it… anyway there are advantages and disadvantages to every season.. the main thing is a happy healthy baby.

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I’m a teacher but I’ll be trying to avoid having a summer baby as they traditionally struggle more at school due to being that much younger than their classmates. I’d love a spring or Autumn baby but whatever happens happens. 

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We didn’t try for a certain time, but I just had our son, and if we have a second I will 100% prefer a spring baby. I only had to buy winter maternity clothes, the days are longer, so more sun, and the nice weather means we aren’t trapped inside with him.

Plus,  I was pregnant enough to wear maternity pants to all the major food-related holidays: thanksgiving, xmas and Easter :p

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We started TTC at the end of January aiming for a baby at the end of the year so i would be on holiday from university. I fell pregnant the first cycle which we weren’t counting on and ended up having our daughter just before the end of the semester.

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When we get round to it we plan to start trying in a January to increase the chances of baby being in the older half of its school year as it gives an academic advantage and because it feels like a more definite start time than just picking out a random month but we won’t stop trying if I don’t get pregnant during the ‘right’ time period

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If it was as easy as picking a month a getting pregnant, then sure! I’d love to choose a month.

I’m not really fussed with when my baby is born, but I would love to time it for a more comfortable pregnancy!!

Ideally, next time around I would want to avoid third trimester coinciding with summer and weeks of 40+ degree days. That. Was. Miserable.

Although, my discomfort probably beats baby having to survive in that heat, so maybe having baby at the end of summer was well timed after all…

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tribbles:  I think there’s more preferred months in general to have a baby. I have a close friend who did not want to have a baby in December because the holidays are way too chaotic or during the hot summer months of July & August. However, after more than a year of trying, she doesn’t give a s&%t anymore. 

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tribbles:  Darling Husband and I are both teachers. When we first started TTC over a year ago, my obgyn in conversation asked us, so are you thinking of having a baby in the summer? Now with all the obstacles we’ve faced, I would be happy with whenever honestly….

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I have heard that kids born towards the end of the school year tend to struggle more and tend to be worse at sports as they can be relatively quite a bit younger than their classmates. Just from a self-confidence perspective I would probably try to avoid these months, but life may well not work out like that! If it doesn’t I wouldn’t be bothered in the slightest.  

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tribbles:  Kinda…  We put off TTCing for month or two because I didn’t want to give birth in June or July – only because we were supposed to be moving then and I didn’t know how the moving/having a baby in the same month thing really worked (and didn’t really want to find out.)  

I’m due in October and we’re moving in December, so I guess I’ll see how moving with an 8 week old works! And we live in the deep south right now, so I’ll be pregnant through July, August, AND September when you just about melt from the the heat and humidity. Lots of air conditioning for me!

I personally wouldn’t put it off because of family birthdays or something minor like that but for other things/schedules, yeah, I could definitely see why people would want to wait until a better time. 

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tribbles:  I don’t think you can time a pregnancy… SO many factors. This is what Darling Husband had thought for the longest time until I had to pound it in his brain that this is never possible, since you never know when you will get pregnant. He thought having a baby born in the summer months would be awful for the kid cos they wouldn’t be able to have parties with his friends until later, etc. Then, no baby in November cos he is gone most of the month hunting (his ONE hobby in life).

We’re on month #5 of TTC and here we sit, still waiting to get PG and started in November. I can test this weekend and if I get that wonderful BFP and AF doesn’t show up… it will be a Decemebr baby. Does that suck? Yes and no. Would I be happy to be PG and expecting a child? Hell yes!!

We didn’t skip February for trying to prevent a November baby, just in case… but we didn’t try as hard in planning BD and when I O’d. However, even if the due date is in December, that doesn’t mean that I may not go early and have the baby in November. So… there was that. That month didn’t work, so here we are…

For those that can plan, for however that works… good for them and I am jealous. If I had to pick, I’d go with summer or Fall, honestly… to mix it up some and spread out the birthdays of the newphews we already have. But, again… I’ll take whatever!

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