(Closed) Would you purposely time pregnancy for a specific month?

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Blushing bee

i don’t think you can really time a pregnancy by the month. At least not many women I know can get pregnant in demand. But I’d say if I could I would try to not be in my last trimester during summer. i would die from heat exhaustion when the temp goes up to 98. I can barely stand it not pregnant. I was lucky to have a late spring/early summer baby. 

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Bumble bee
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tribbles:  I feel like when you’re trying for a baby, you’re trying for a baby. It is often difficult enough to conceive so  I wouldn’t hold off on trying until the right month came along.

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Busy bee
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i told Fiance that i want a baby in april august or november, will it happen most likely not. lol 

my 2 oldest sisters are 1 yr and 1 month apart. 

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Helper bee
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I think we might do this if we decide to have a 2nd.

With our first, we just started TTC as soon as I went off the pill at the end of January because I was worried being on bc for over a decade might have messed with my cycles. We didn’t pick a month or anything. We basically started TTC with the hope that maybe I’d get pregnant sooner rather than later and hopefully by the end of 2015. We were lucky and endd up getting a BFP right away and she was born in October.

Being super pregnant in summer sucked – hand and foot swelling was insane. I had major cankles. It was just gross. So maybe we’ll TTC for a May baby next time? I haven’t thought too much about it.

BUT not sharing birthdays with family members is a really strange reason. I just feel like that would create a very entitled child and I am very much against the special little snowflake mentality!

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Bumble bee

Timing for specific month, no. Timing so that I know I’ll qualify for the enhanced maternity package at work, definitely. Adding at least 3weeks onto the minimum expected week of birth to make sure I get the better package – even if it means postponing a few months. 

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Helper bee
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I had Dear Daughter at the end of November, in Canada, during a really cold winter. I was pretty much stuck in the house for months, unless I felt like going to the mall.

Of course there are no guarantees, but next time we TTC, I would love to aim for a march, april, may due date… just so that I could actually spend time outside. Then by the time that winter came around again, baby would be a little older and more resilient in the chilly weather. 

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Sugar bee
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My girls were born the first week of January, and they were early so I wouldn’t trade those 5 days for anything, but hot damn, if they’d been born Dec 31st our taxes would’ve looked a lot nicer last year.  Just sayin.  Nothing wrong with December 😉

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Busy bee

I originally had grand plans that we’d have a late summer/early fall baby so that I’d have a nice little maternity leave before returning to work in January for tax season (I’m an accountant).  Now that we are coming up on our eighth cycle of trying, I really don’t care when it happens.  We discussed putting our TTC efforts on hold so that I specifically wouldn’t end up having a baby during tax season but decided that we’d keep pushing forward with it.  Whatever is going to happen will happen.  

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Helper bee

We are sort of trying to pick the month, though it is because we are teachers and my job has no maternity leave, so if I deliver during the semester I’ll have to quit completely. For the last 2 years we tried in the fall so we would have a summer baby, but it didn’t work. This year we kept trying even when the summer baby window passed. Fingers crossed for this month to be a positive because a December or January baby would let me keep my job. But we ultimately prioritized having a family over trying to control the timing.

That said, I also know several of my friends tried to avoid a winter baby because we live in a cold, rather isolated place, and one friend with a December due date ended up giving birth at home because she went into labor during a storm and the ambulance was stuck in the snow! That seems like a more sound reason than wanting to avoid too many family birthdays in a month, though.

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Busy bee
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It scares me that people who think this way reproduce.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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I wouldn’t, but I know people who have. If they can do it, why not, but I’m sure if they didn’t get pregnant when they wanted, they’d be happy with getting pregnant whenever. I have a cousin who is a teacher and she timed her first to deliver in March so she was on maternity leave for the rest of the school year and then had all summer. She waited a year and then tried to hit the same March birth month and they didn’t get pregnant, so she put it off for another year. She decided that she’d try to hit March again, but if they didn’t get pregnant, they’d just keep trying until they did. But she hit March again! So the boys are 3 years apart. That being said, it worked out for her but there are always things you can’t control, even beyong conception, like prematurity! 

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Buzzing bee
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tribbles:  Yes. However not due to too many birthdays. I have a huge family so that would be every month. I will be trying to avoid the months of those family members who are nuts. ;0) So, certain family members are all nuts and happen to have birthdays a few days apart in a certain month. So yes, I am planning on avoiding a baby born in that birth sign.
Hey, anything I can try to not have a crazy child! lol

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Bumble bee

I had a friend who thought it would be really cool to have an October baby (specifically around Halloween, her favorite holiday) and she told me that they tried to conceive around 9-10 months before hand, but they ended up with a November baby. She wasn’t upset about it though, she was just really happy to be having a baby, since her husband made her put it off for years.

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Bee Keeper
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We’re not anywhere near TTC, but if I could time it, I wouldn’t want to be huge pregnant in the Florida summer. 

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Sugar bee
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My husband and I are huge astrology nuts, so we decided to only try during months that would lead to a sign that we would like. I expected this to take a long time, like a year+, but I was extremely lucky and got pregnant my first cycle trying.

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