(Closed) Would you recline your seat during a long flight?

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  • poll: Would you recline your seat during a flight?
    I would never recline my seat during a flight -- short, long, overnight, etc. - it doesn't matter : (28 votes)
    14 %
    I would only recline my seat on an overnight flight : (36 votes)
    18 %
    I would only recline my seat on a very long (7 hours+) flight (even during the day) : (53 votes)
    26 %
    other (please explain) : (85 votes)
    42 %
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    We recline our seats a few inches to help with the comfort.  I never recline all of the way because I just don’t need to.  When the person ahead of me reclines all the way, I totally get it.  It doesn’t bother me unless the person refuses to lift the seat back for meal time.  I find most flight attendants will point out that the seat should be raised though, so it’s never been a huge issue for me.

    One problem we did have though was an extremely rude passenger sitting BEHIND my husband on a 10 hour flight.  He reclined his chair to get some rest and the passenger behind him grabbed his chair and started shaking it violently.  He is not one to back down when someone is being rude and full on turned around and told the person to “use their words like a big girl” next time they had a message to convey.   We still laugh about it to this day.

    If you don’t like people reclining their seats, just ask politely.  And understand that they have the right to recline if they want to.  You may not always get your way.

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    Miss Mochaccino:  Long or over night flights, that give the low lights and “sleep time” for those flying, yes, I’m all for reclining and having others recline. Those long flights can tired you out. Not to mention it’s late, so your body is naturally ready to sleep. Domestic flights that are a few hours and run during the morning/day? No. Don’t recline. Really no need to. Unless of course it’s a flight that is not crowded (but how many of those do you see anymore? They jam-pack flights for cost issues).

    Since you had a long/overnight flight, I would have told that lady to piss off & get lost. You paid for that ticket which included a seat. The seat reclines. You weren’t being rude, the majority of the people at low light time were resting. Not like you were doing that on a 3 hour flight from BWI to Thanks In Advance. 

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    Another vote for “would recline at any time, ever.” Plane/train/bus. I had no idea that this is an issue for discussion. I expect a certain amount of discomfort during travel.

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    Miss Mochaccino:  Where is the option on the poll I ‘recline my seat whenever food is not served’ ???

    I fly often both long and short distance and I have had 5 flights in a row with only one of 4  being a long flight  (11 hours) and you can bet I recline my seat on the shorter ones too because I am freaking dead tired and my back is killing me.


    If someone in front of me reclines their seat – it is their right – so I recline mine too to get more space.


    I would have really told that lady what lake to jump in and dont even get me started on the people who cant keep their kids quiet….


    ….only someone spending 48 hours travelling can relate to what sort of hell lack of sleep, stress, pain of parting with loved ones and tiredness can be….


    ETA I miscalculated it was not 4 but 5 flights, 2 connections in europe and a set of 3 transcontinent connections,  with longest one being number 4…ouch. Luckily this year I should only face 3 leg flight.

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    Pfff, I dont care if the flight is 10 mins or 10 hours, I will recline my seat. Thats rubbish. They dont even recline that bad. If it affects you that badly then buy 1st class or get the emergency exit seats or deal with it. Everyone on a plane has the right to recline their seat, we all know this and should expect it. Im 5’10 as it is, if Im not flying 1st class, Im taking an isle seat and my one leg always ends up in the isle because of my height. It is what it is. I would NEVER have the audacity to think the person in front of me doesnt have the right to recline their seat for MY comfort, let alone ask them not to recline it. 


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    Ryansgirl:  I agree with all your other annoyances. Seat reclining has nothing on those!

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    aka_nessa :  amen!

    I don’t understand that people would have the audacity to get annoyed at someone for this. It’s the equivalent of saying someone isn’t allowed to sit next to you on a bus. It’s a seat, to be used. 

    I don’t care if it’s a long flight, or a 1 hr flight, I’m not comfortable in an upright position and paid for my seat as much as the person behind or in front of me. 

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