(Closed) Would you rent a house where there had been a murder?

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    I am pretty sure when I bought my house, there was some kind of disclosure in the paperwork saying no one died there of other than natural causes.  Shudder.  Seriously, I wouldn’t do it.  I don’t  believe in ghosts, but it just creeps me out, and I can’t explain why.

    And the a/c just kicked on, and the lights dimmed for a second.  Thanks, guys. 

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    @starrynight:  depends on the state. In CA they only have to disclose any deaths within the last 3 years, natural or not.

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    @Bebealways:  I said I wouldn’t live there right away by would after a few years had passed. I don’t believe in ghosts, but here are my reasons:

    – While I don’t believe in ghosts, I am easily spooked in the dark. Totally a pansy! i get creepy feelings like something is following me on stairs in the dark, EVEN THOUGH I DON’T BELIEVE! I know that is crazy. 

    – I would think about the story a lot if it was recent and it would make me sad and/or think about what rooms it happened in.

    – I wouldn’t want the stigma in a neighborhood of being the first people to move in after an event that rocks a community like that. Obviously lots of people find it distasteful and I would just not want to be the one to break that barrier in the first year.

    Basically, I am the type of person where, with enough time, I can let go of/forget/put behind me just about anything. But when something is fresh I am more sensitive to it.

    My grandpa died (of natural causes) in the bed/room I slept in for 3 months earlier this year. No  problem, it has been 8 years since he passed. But when I went in the basement and lights were on that shouldn’t have been on, I was creeped out. Dark + unfamiliar/new settings = irrational lower brain freak out.

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    Nope, I don’t think I could get past it!  Eeek! 

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    No could do.

    Funny whenever I am out buying a house, I always try to find out a bit of the background about the place, for just this type of reason (altho particularly afraid of finding out my house was formerly a Grow-Op or lived in by a Drug Dealer… “settling of accounts” makes me edgy… it isn’t like the RIVAL BAD GUYS are going to double check that someone else has rented / bought the house)

    As others have said…

    Someone passes away in their sleep (maybe)… brutal end (not at all). 

    I do believe in the afterlife… and I also believe in “limbo” or what the Catholics call Purgatory.  People who die in a state of grace, but have some “unfinished” business before they enter into heaven.

    I have been to places (historic sites) where there have been killings – murders – torture – war etc.  And oftentimes there very much is a “sense” that hangs over the place… it tends to effects me in that it makes me feel uneasy… and sometimes brings on headaches.

    I have on at least one occasion had what I believe was an “encounter” with someone from the other side (someone distinctly reached out and touched my back… when there was no one behind me).  This is a place, where a small child was murdered… and others have reported hearing or seeing her at times.  I don’t know WHAT happened to me, other than it made me extremely uncomfortable.

    In college, I lived in a Sority House where a student had hung themself in the basement of this old mansion (tied a rope up to the iron pipes that ran across the ceiling, got up on a chair and jumped off).  I was perfectly fine anywhere above ground level in that house… but the basement had a big rec room… and I NEVER felt comfortable in there.  I wasn’t alone.  There were about 20 of us living in that house… and almost NO ONE hung out in the rec room.

    On the otherhand… I would have no qualms about buying a house / estate that had a proper cemetery on site. 

    I have actually visited several gorgeous homes that were once churches… and with the cemetery still is out back (or side yard).  It creeps others out… but I’ve been told that these homes are blessed / lucky.  Because (a) they used to be churches, and (b) the “yard guests” are actually pleasant and well-rested neighbours.  For the most part, they will have all had Christian Burials and no doubt had productive lives etc.  No qualms about sharing my property with those folks, I don’t see them as scarey, spooky or in-limbo in a church (maybe WHERE they died… not where they are peacefully burried)

    Hope this helps,




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    Eh I’ve lived in several old houses.  Lots of people have probably died in them and I’ve been fine.  I even lived in a building that was used as a hopsital during the battle of Antietam, so a dude’s gangrene leg could have been sawed off in the very spot I ate dinner.  As long as there are no blood stains, it doesn’t bother me.

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    HEEEELLLLLL NOOOO!!!! I totally believe in ghosts and all sorts of things. But after watching American Horror Story, I wouldnt even step foot into that house agaiN!!! its one thing if it was a natural death.. BUT A WHOLE FAMILY MURDERED!!!!! Sealed

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    @Bebealways:  I’m really interested in more details from people who say they don’t believe in ghosts or spirits but are still creeped out by the idea.

    I don’t believe in ghosts but let me use an extreme example. When I went to Munich and visited the Dachau concentration camp, it was incredibly chilling, disturbing and sad to be there. There are no prisoners there anymore obviously. It’s all history. But how can you be in a place where such barbarism and senseless destruction of life took place and feel nothing? I think most people would agree that they would not feel comfortable living in a building that was once part of a concentration camp. Okay so that’s an extreme example, and on the other end of the spectrum is a scenario like grandma dying peacefully in her bed, and the vast majority of people probably wouldn’t mind living in a house where that happened. Grandma dying peacefully in her bed doesn’t represent terror, anguish and graphic violence; a whole family brutally murdered does. Regardless of whether there was any supernatural residue in the house (and like I said I’m not inclined to believe in that kind of thing), I would simply feel that it was not a place of peace, which a home should be. I would not be able to keep myself from associating my home – my bedroom, my (hypothetical) child’s bedroom, my kitchen – with an act of brutality and gruesome violence. I just couldn’t do it.


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    I’d be ok with it.

    Actually, I did not find out until I’d already been there a while, but my last apartment building had been the scene of a rape/murder.  It wasn’t my specific apartment but one on my floor. As long as the space is secure now I would be ok with it.

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    The house didn’t murder anyone a person did..Regardless if there are spirits in the house its the good spirit of the family members the bad was the teen, he didn’t die there..

    I lived in an old funeral parlor back in the day, it was converted into apartments. Some strange things would happen but it didnt bother me, I know there were spirits there. There was just no logical reasons for some of the strange things that happened.

     I do believe in ghosts/spirits. They do exist for you non believers, Im not crazy Ive just experienced it.

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    @MrsKnox:  +1.  I’d be way too scared to live there

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    Not a chance in hell… you can put your foot down on this one. Thats totally valid. He may think your nuts but he has to respect your decisions.

    My fiance has asked me this question before just hypothetically and so now he uses it to tease me with. He just really enjoys watching my reaction. I won’t even watch American Horror Story.

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