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Sugar bee
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I would say something, but I’ve become much more brash as I’ve gotten older.  Maybe he wasn’t aware that he was driving so erratic, and bringing it to his attention is for the greater good.  What if he really hit someone? (sounds like it was luck that he didn’t)  But my husband was also in a serious car accident 18 months ago by a distracted driver and still has after effects so my opinion is a bit biased.

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Busy Beekeeper
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sboom :  if I really knew the person I would speak up, but you don’t even know his name. If I was an unsafe driver and a random person called me out on it, there’s no way I’d care even a little bit, because I obviously already don’t care. And you can’t speak to his boss if you don’t know who he is. I guess I just see it as rather pointless. 

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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sboom :  I would say something, like, ” Hey, I saw you on the commute this morning” “You know…  when you nearly sideswiped me” 

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Bee Keeper

 I’d say instead of calling him on out it directly, when he talk about the weather say yeah it was crazy and they had this guy weaving in out and of traffic.  Maybe he’ll get the hint

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Buzzing bee
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I would talk to him about it. Not where anyone else could hear us, and I would not talk to anyone else about it. 

It is as much for his safety as well as everyone else he is on the road with. You don’t have to go ballistic or call him an asshile, just discuss it in a calm sympathetic way. If he reacts with resentment or anger, just say ok and back off. You know now he is out there so beware.

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Bumble bee

‘Crazy weather this morning, someone drove like a maniac on the (whatever road/highway) and nearly sideswiped me!’ – Its my passive aggressive version at work of ‘someone printed all these papers wrong and its going to take me hours to sort’ aka I know it was you Helen but i’m giving you the opportunity to correct it for next time before I call you out on it. 

That or ‘hey I saw you driving this morning, we must take the same route’ which will hopefully make him paranoid that he could be seen again. 

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Bumble bee
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I would quietly pull him aside and say something. You could be saving someone’s life by saying something with that kind of dangerous, erratic driving. I am pretty blunt, so I would probably just say “hey, you almost hit my car this morning when you were weaving in and out of traffic without signaling.”

I would not say something to anyone else at work, including a safety coordinator or supervisor. This didn’t happen while he was at work and has nothing to do with how he behaves at work.

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I’d be cautious…because you don’t know him personally, and because he might go to HR and shit all over you. My husband experienced something similar but he never called the co-worker out, the guy’s reckless driving is a recurring joke at work, although it’s not something I think is particularly funny.

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Helper bee
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I’d mention it to the guy and the safety coordinator. He almost sideswiped you! He needs to be told to be more careful. The thing is that I wouldn’t do it in an aggressive or accusatory way. Just be cheerful and think of it as if you’re doing him a favor. And if it gets awkward, well it’s his fault. He’s the one who almost hit you! 

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Bee Keeper
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I wouldn’t involve your company safety coordinator unless he’s in charge of road safety/you work at a police station. Otherwise it would be ridiculous to complain to him about a coworkers driving on personal time. If it bothers you that much, obtain his License plate and report his driving to the police. They’re the proper authority to look into these things and will contact him.

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Busy Beekeeper
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Telling other people at work comes across as you being disempowered and tattling. If that’s the only route you feel comfortable going, just don’t bother because your point will be missed.

If you feel strongly about saying something, I think you should say it directly to him and in a neutral way and include the fact that he almost side swiped your car. At the very least, he would know he was seen and that the possibility exists that he could be seen again while driving crazily.

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Honey bee
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I think it’s ridiculous to bring this up to the safety officer. Wtf are they going to do? It’s not their job to police someone’s driving. I think it would look extremely petty and unprofessional. 

Either talk to him directly, or call the cops. Bringing in other people at work is unnecessary.

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