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Sugar Beekeeper
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I don’t think it would hurt to ask them about it and in a nice way let them know if something is broken or damaged to just let you have a heads up. 

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Bumble bee

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@bouviebee: You don’t ‘definitely know’ because you weren’t there to witness it, hence why I would politely ask and not accuse. It’s fine for you to assume, but you can’t state any definites to them unless you saw it happen, which you didn’t.

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Busy bee

No, I definitely wouldn’t. If they actually broke something, or disposed of something obviously worth more than a couple of dollars, yes I would. But as PP have pointed out, a bar of soap is usually around $2. 

If you bring it up, you either sound petty (pointing out a lost $2 bar of soap), or you have to explain, to people who clean houses for a living and likely make minimum wage, that you spend $34 on soap and are upset with them. 

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Busy bee
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I woudn’t because what would be the point? They aren’t going to replace it. The only possible outcome is that some poor minimum wage cleaning lady will get reprimanded or fired. Is that really worth it?

They probably assumed, as most any one would, that it was a 2 dollar bar of dove soap or something that you had a lot more of….If a cleaning lady accidentally dropped a roll of toilet paper into the toilet and threw it out, I wouldn’t expect that to be mentioned either tbh. 

I think the better solution is to mention to the ladies who come directly, that you have very expensive soap out and to be careful around it. No need to get their bosses involved.


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Bumble bee

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@bouviebee:  I didn’t say that you were planning to accuse. Just many replies here are to call up and say  essentially ‘can you please let me know if you break or accidentally dispose of something, please?’ – that’s an indirect accusation. If you were on the other end of that phone call, you would feel accused. I’m mainly responding against taking that approach 🙂 

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@elodie2019:  I agree. I read this and was thinking.. “It’s a bar of soap.. and you’re fortunate to have the luxury of someone cleaning your home for you.” I see how it’s upsetting, but it does sound a bit ridiculous to call about it. Next time, I would put it & any other items you want to be sure aren’t damaged away before they come. 

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Busy bee
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Hmmm if you’ve never had an issue with them before I would chalk it up to experience and move on on this occasion. 

Yes it would have been polite to inform you that the soap got chucked out, but this may have been an oversight rather than on purpose. They likely thought it was a regular bar of soap and simply forgot to mention it seeing as they were busy working. It wouldn’t have stuck in their mind like, for instance, smashing a vase.

It’s probably not worth the potential awkward chat for what was likely an innocent mistake. I would put your soap away during cleaning from now on; and be a little more vigilant to see if anything else weird happens or if anything else goes missing – but I suspect it won’t.

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Sugar bee

I personally wouldn’t say anything and just make sure I put it away before they come. If you want to say something, I agree with PP’s to make sure it’s not accusatory.

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Busy bee

I personally wouldn’t say anything, but if you feel you need to speak to someone about it I would strongly recommend speaking to the actual women who clean your house rather than going over their heads to the corporate office. “Hey, after you left last time I wasn’t able to find a bar of soap from my shower. I’m not sure if you moved it or maybe it got damaged. Do you remember it?”. 

But if you went to corporate instead…

What would corporate do with that complaint? They could dismiss your concerns (which I am sure would not be satisfying) or they could insist on replacing it – which by the way may be out of the paycheques of the women coming to your house. Either way, the women who clean your house are going to find out about this complaint from their boss and you’ll have no control over how it is communicated to them. They could get in trouble or be accused on stealing or their boss could laugh about the ridiculous woman who complained about soap. Either outcome, the women who are actually in your house on a regular basis will likely feel uncomfortable every time they talk to you or clean for you because they know you are the type to complain to their boss and leave a record against their performance rather than simply asking them if they remember seeing or moving a bar of soap. 

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Helper bee

Talk to the people that clean the apartment directly and just make sure they know it is prescription soap. They likely didn’t say anything because a bar of soap is not something you associate with being an expensive or prescription item. It’s a bummer, but their reaction seems normal. Also, you can’t positive that you or your husband did not accidentally move it. 

Calling the company seems over the top and will only result in them getting reprimanded. 

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I think people are getting really bogged down in giving you a hard time about the cost of your soap or hiring a cleaning person. It’s your f*cking money and face, and irrelevant.

We have a cleaning lady, and she’s knocked stuff over accidentally, and I did have a serum jar that (my bad) I hadn’t closed tightly, so when she knocked it it spilled all over the counter. She told my husband as I wasn’t home, and now I just am better about putting stuff away or closing things tightly before she comes. I think that’s probably your best course of action.


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