(Closed) Would you send your daughter to an all-girls school?

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  • poll: Would you send your daughter to all-girls school?
    Yes : (21 votes)
    19 %
    No, I prefer the idea of public school : (37 votes)
    34 %
    No, but I would send her to a co-ed private school : (32 votes)
    29 %
    Depends : (20 votes)
    18 %
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    Nope! I have no experience with it, but I just feel like “regular” high school is perfectly fine, although I would consider private school. I think the regular interaction between males and females is a good thing!

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    In real life, women have to work with men. School is preparing them for that. High school are the years where teenagers define themselves and learn how to relate to others and how to interact with others. I don’t think it’s good for them to take that part of life away.
    Also, I saw many girls act in the most odd ways around boys once they get past high school and have men around – either have no idea how to deal with it so avoid them altogether, or the opposite, trying by all means to get as much male attention as possible… Anyway, never did I see normal interactions…
    I will not do that to my children.

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    Interestingly, when my sister and I thought about women’s colleges, our parents were pretty against it (even though we applied to them).

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    Hmmmm….  I might. It would depend largely on my daughter, though, and the available education options.

    If my choices are a price-y private school with an IB program, art classes, competitive sports and snarky girls or a moderately competitive public school with ho-hum extracurriculars I’ll eat ramen and help her find other social outlets.


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    My daughter attends public school but they have actually instituted single gender classes. They are mainly for those students performing at or below grade level. My daughter’s math class originally had 2 boys but they were moved to different classes because they were a little overwhelmed with all of the cuteness surrounding them ….lol. So she has a single gender class by default even though she is an advanced student. She seems to do well in both single gender and mixed environments though so I wouldn’t consider placing her in an all-girls school. I think she would miss out on some of the necessary interaction between people of the opposite sex. Now if she were extremely shy and unwilling to talk around boys, I might consider it for middle school only just so she could gain some confidence. 9th through 12th would definitely be at a regular school.

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    Public school has plenty of gossip, cliques, and an exclusive atmosphere. It comes with the territory of being around a lot of teenagers. I would probably prefer to have my children in co-ed, and the decision of public vs. private school would be based on academics, and whether or not they would fit into the community in terms of family background and lifestyle.

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    Nope. My sorority had far too many girls who attended all-girls Catholic high schools. Let’s just say that nearly all of them went a little slutinsky in college. It’s like they didn’t know how to act around men! The real world involves interacting with both men and women, which i think is valuable to learn how to do appropriately at a young age.

    The only time I ever saw an all-girls school thing work out was when I was a freshman and a girl I knew was being CRAZY, getting into drugs and boys way too much. Her parents punished her with an all girls school. Basically she got no male interaction for 4 years while she grew up. It worked for her, but i think that was a rare situation!

    Edit; i hadn’t considered if the school system was sucky and our choices were co-ed crappy or all-girls good….we purposely moved to a great school district

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    I went to all-girls high school (boarding school, no less) and loved it!  It was a bit of a shock to go to co-ed college and find out that sexism was alive and well, but if I learned anything in high school, it was that girls excel at math and science and can be anything they want to be.

    Ultimately, we’d rather have our daughter go to a great public school, but if for some reason that wasn’t available where we were, I wouldn’t hesitate for her to get single sex education.  I’m all for empowering girls!

    Edited to add: As far as snarky and boy crazy and out of control, that was definitely not my experience of my all girls school.  We had a brother school and interacted with those guys on a regular basis, and I would wager to say that with a few exceptions most of us were pretty level headed and responsible.  Several of us went to the same college and were able to make smooth-ish transitions to coed education.  My toughest challenge was in not being seen as an equal by the guys.  That really bugged me!

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    I would consider private school, but I went to a fabulous public school and I would not hesitate to send my children to public school. Never would I send my girl to an all-girls store, though.

    I will say that private school is not all it is cracked up to be. My mom worked for one for years and she said they are not held to the same standards as public schools (sounds wierd, I know). For instance, in CA grades K-3 can have no more than 20 children in a classroom; Private schools would not have to follow this rule. I used to hang out at my mom’s school, and honestly, it left a bad taste in my mouth for the most part.

    I do know that not everyone lives in an area with a great school district, so sometimes private school is a necessity for a better education.

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    Now I’m curious if you went to one in nyc!  I went to an all girls high school in nyc for 2 years, and I got invited to leave because I brought negative publicity to them apparently. HA!  (I ran away from home for a week in 9th grade since my dad was an abusive asshole)  My school didn’t like that all the news stories about me running away mentioned them. So I didn’t like that aspect of it. Also, there were definitely cliques of “lifers” – the rich girls who had been there since pre-k, and “the new kids” – those of us who entered in 9th grade.  The “new” girls were awesome though, and I still have great friends from my 2 years there.  And it definitely prepared me academically for college.  I transferred to another private school in the city for junior/senior year, and I’d definitely send my kids to catholic/private schools in the future if I can afford it.  (I went to a catholic school for pre-k – 8th grade) .  I would not be willing to send my kids to a nyc public school, but if we moved, I might consider it.

    I also went to an all-womans college, and had a fabulous experience.  There was no catty, clique-y atmosphere on the college level.  I know it’s not for everyone, but I value the education I got there. 

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    I went to a Co-Ed private school for K-5, then public for 6-12, and I want to send my kids to private school for sure. Public school was not terrible, but not the best either.

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    I think I may put my daughter in a private co-ed school. I dont mind public schools at all but there arent really any good ones here in the are I am in.

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    I voted depends but I didn’t mean it as an all girl’s school being an option. Sorry. My hubs and I have had many discussions about sending our children to a Catholic/private school v a public school. I went to Catholic school 12 years of my life and can honestly say that I am glad I did. He on the other hand went to public schools all his life so we will be compromising on this decision. Sorry I got off topic.

    I like the idea of having our children intermingle with kids of the opposite sex. I know this isn’t the same but I was in an all girl’s dorm in college (not by choice) and I hated it. It was really catty and definitely not my style but it doesn’t mean that is the same situation for all the cases.

    Let me say I won’t base my decision on a school from the last few statements I just wrote.

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    I went to an all women’s college, and while I had a good experience there, made good friends, got a great education, etc…if I had to do it again, I would definitely go to a co-ed school. Not so much because of any classroom experiences, but because of everything else that college is about–aka, a social life. Going to an all women’s college meant that a lot of weekends were about finding “male interaction” and meeting as many guys as we could. Of course, not to say that this is the way everyone was–there were plenty of women at my college who were content to stay on campus on the weekends, or just go out in town with friends. But for myself, I was out every weekend at co-ed schools, and it was just exhausting and not fun. Guys see you as a piece of meat, and as coming to visit their schools for one reason and one reason only. It’s almost impossible to meet guys just to be friends with, since there aren’t really any in the classrooms (we did have a few). All in all, I just think it wasn’t the best choice I could have made.

    I also missed hearing the “guy” perspective on certain issues. I also never felt less valued or less included in high school/elementary school because I was a girl, so I didn’t view my experience in an all women’s college as a welcome escape from male oppression. It just all seemed kind of one sided. I don’t think I would send my kids to an all girls/all guys school.

    As for private school, I went to public school until college, as did my Fiance. However, he is SET on sending our kids to private school. He feels that they just have many more opportunities and doors are opened for them because of the school. Which I guess I can’t really argue with. But I do hope that our kids are smart enough to stand on their own, without the name of the school.

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