Would you "settle" for moissanite because of the cheaper price?

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mrl201020 :  and who bought into the marketing surrounding Moissanite?! LOL. I would much rather have a distinct Stone that was compressed  & formed a million years ago over something that was manufactured to have the appearance of something else at a hugely inflated price. Seriously. People are paying thousands of dollars for a simulant ring. That seems to be a huge waste of money for me. Moissanite just seems so unspecial. All the stones look alike. Manufactured. If I were going to go the manufactured route, I would just get something far far cheaper like a cz.

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I don’t think it’s “setting.” It’s just a matter of what you want. If I had known about moissy before my engagement, I may have suggested it to DH! I could get a 1 carat moissy for the amount that was spent on my 0.3 diamond. I may still get a moissy someday. I think diamonds are pretty, but I don’t want to spend that kind of money on a stone. I think it is up to the individual how much they want to spend and what they want to get with they money. 


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jannigirl :  Everyone has different opinions. I didn’t want to start a negative conversation, that wasn’t my intention. 🙂 

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c3lloninja :  NOPE. I would not settle for a moissy. I am traditional in that sense and I would “settle” for a smaller diamond over a larger moissy. Personal preference. 

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Blushing bee

Moissanites are superior to diamonds in fire, brilliance, and price. The only reasons diamonds are so expensive is because there’s a monopoly on them, and years of marketing made people think they’re actually valuable. They’re actually very common which is why diamonds lose most of their value once they leave the store. 

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Busy bee

You know, I have a moissy and I have to say I wish it were a diamond. I prefer the whiteness of a sparkly diamond, whereas a moissy turns dark in direct sunlight and under certain lighting. It’s just what they do; they are very moody. But i still enjoy my ring. When I think about ever switching it out, it makes me sick to think how much I’d spend on a rock…so I will probably never switch it out, but I still drool over other bees’ diamonds 😉 At the end of the day, I’m happy with my ring, but if I could do it over, I would have gone with a diamond for sure. I LOVED a ring I found at Costco a long time ago when we were talking marriage but hubby wanted some huge honker. But then I think…a moissy is almost as strong as a diamond and retains its beauty over the years so…maybe I really am just buying into the marketing of diamonds. Who knows. Anyway, my advice is: if you want a diamond, buy a diamond. Don’t settle. Moissanites do look distinctly different. Don’t get one if you want it to look like a diamond. if you want a beautiful usually-white stone that sparkles tremendously and is durable and strong and affordable, get a moissanite. Also ask yourself: if a lab-grown diamond wouldn’t bother you, why would a moissy?  

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Helper bee

No, I wouldn’t. Diamond is diamond and I d rather get a smaller one than have  bigger stone(which is not diamond but looks like diamond). If we were not able to afford it , I’d go for other natural stones. Just my opinion.

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I already own a 1ct heirloom diamond ring, but will be getting a 0.5 ct equivalent moissanite for my own engagement ring.

I do not see it as “settling” as I enjoy the appearence of moissanite more, and have no issue with the way moissanite is created, advertised or sold. I take issue with these aspects of the diamond industry.

Even if I liked diamonds more, I could never buy a diamond while knowing the suffering and environmental destruction it has likely caused. Unless you see your diamond get mined, there is no way to guarantee it came from the “ethical” source claimed. I try to be an ethical consumer wherever I am able, and so buying into the diamond industry is not something I am willing to do. I could not live with myself.

If you love diamonds more, and would feel unhappy with a moissanite, I would first encourage you to explore why this is the case. Is it truly a case of an aesthetic preference, or is it related to a percieved show of status, wealth or “love” (the notion that a partner doesnt love you as much if they don’t buy you a diamond is thoroughly ridiculous, and is something I have seen stated before on the bee)? If you still decide that a diamond is what you really want, it would be a good idea to research the unethical practices behind mined diamonds, the flaws behind so-called ethically sourced diamonds, and perhaps purchase a lab created diamond instead. 

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I would prefer a smaller/lesser quality diamond over a moissy. Just my personal preference because of my own hang ups.

But they are pretty stones and I don’t think there is anything wrong with them. 

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Worker bee

I have a diamond ering and I had always thought I wouldn’t mind a none diamond ring untill I’ve bought a good quality cz ring to try. The cz looks just like a diamond to me, it sparkles like crazy and it’s the size I want. When I first got it, I loved it. However, I knew it is not a diamond and it started to bother me every time I looked at it. I learned whatever stone that’s not a diamond will bother me. It doesn’t matter how the stone looks just like a diamond or sparkles even better than a diamond. Therefore, no, I would not settle or even consider a moissy or any other dimond look like stones for my ering. I know it’s not a diamond and that’ll bother me and I will regret I didn’t get a diamond. 


However, that’s just me. How much do you care if your ering is not a diamond? Do you think you care? Then, don’t go for a moissy. You will always wish you have a diamond. If you don’t care, then totally go for a moissy. It’s beautiful and more affordable. 



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 Some only want a moissy, some only a diamond, some totally don’t care. So, anyone in the ‘don’t care about rings’ or ‘moissy by choice’ camp would not feel its settling to get a moissy. Anyone in the ‘diamond or bust camp’ would feel like they are ‘settling’ and likely would prefer to save longer or get a smaller diamond. Its all about your expectations. As more and more are looking for ‘ethical options’ I think moissy and lab diamond demand will grow.

I always feel like the moissy vs. diamond conversation is a bit like the “Shark vs Train” book by Chris Barton (great kids book) where the circumstances dictate the winner in a battle. So, like the book… “it depends”. 

Image result for shark vs train

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If you are using the word “settle” to describe something like your engagment ring, then no, do not go for what you would consider “settling”. 

I would disagree that CZ and moissy are the same thing, and that moissy is just a more expensive version. It’s harder to grow, and it’s harder and tougher than CZ, making it a much better choice for long term durability and wear. 

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MrsCassie :  I agree…and moissy is found in space, albeit greatly altered to get desired colors; whereas cz is simply manmade only. So there is some distinction as you were saying. 

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Daenna :  lol! Ok…

glitterysala :  meh, it’s a rare person indeed who “only wants a moissanite” (or cz or any simulant!)  Vast majority end up with a sim due to the $$$ for the large, ethical mined or genuine lab created diamond they were hoping/wishing for…. Nothing wrong with that though.

Of course there will be a plethora of women here who say they fall into the rare person category above, ie those that *only* wanted a sim (and then mention they could afford a diamond!)

Short answer op, personally am not a fan of lookalikes, imitations, simulants for myself but they’re pretty and affordable for others.

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Blushing bee

I love moissanite and I chose it. I don’t feel like I lost out. I love the LOOK of a clear, sparkly stone, but it doesn’t have to be a diamond, in the same way that I love the LOOK of some celebrity outfits but I don’t have to pay $2000 for a pair of shoes exactly like theirs to be satisfied with them. 

The only way I would choose a diamond over moissanite is if I were so financially secure that I could buy something like a car (30-40k) outright with no financial repurcussions. A really nice diamond ring can run that much and I just could not spend that on such a useless object unless I really had enough liquid assets that something like that wouldn’t require budgeting much or at all.

Also, I am of the exact opposite mindset of the bee who says they like diamonds because of their inclusions and character. That would bother me to no end! I would rather have something flawless.

My ring is beautiful and I am happy. If you think you won’t be, go with a diamond.

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