Would you take your baby to work if allowed?

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Sugar bee
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My husband works from home because he thought he’d be able to work and help me out.  I’m a Stay-At-Home Mom.  To be honest, he can’t get anything done with us around, so he closes his office door most of the time.  He’s probably be more productive if he just rented an office and went there every day.

Babies need so much attention that if I had a paying job, I’d probably only be able to half-ass it with my son there.

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Buzzing bee
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I might do it a very few days a week or only when needed. 


I am not a mother, but we will be headed that way once the wedding is over. 

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Busy bee
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No.  I am a huge advocate for long maternity and paternity leave and flexi time for parents, but this is too much.  Sounds unproductive and distracting for everyone.  

‘No one will care if I brought a baby with me’

Honestly this seems unlikely, yes you may have a door on your office but I would hate to be in a meeting with a co-worker dealing with a fussy baby while I was trying to get shit done. 

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Sugar bee
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Maybe one day a week but not more. 

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Buzzing bee
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There’s no way I would have been able to work with my son when he was a newborn-6 months. He was high needs, cried constantly and couldn’t be put down. I think it really depends on your babies disposition. Some people have super easy babies who can work from home and others, no so much. I think it will be a decision you’ll have to make once baby is here. 

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Bumble bee
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I think it depends on the baby.  If you have a great napper and a baby who is content sitting in your arms, then maybe.  I couldn’t have gotten any work done with my son awake…


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Sugar bee

Meant2Bee :  No, I don’t believe babies belong in a work setting. The professional universe is one, and the mom universe is another, and both should stay separate as much as possible.

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Buzzing bee

I love babies but i would be annoyed AF if my coworkers were bringing their babies to work. I cant imagine trying to have a conversation or meeting and being shushed bc the baby is sleeping, or having to pause for a diaper change, etc. 

Babies are great. Working moms are kickass. I just don’t see how this works out well. 

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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as much as i would love to do, i wouldn’t.  if i’m with my baby, i want to give 100%.  my mom is our nanny who comes to my house 1-2 days a week, otherwise DS goes to her house.  some days there is an hour between when Darling Husband leaves and my mom arrives.

when DS was newborn, it was ok. he would sleep and be content in the swing, bouncer, whatever.  now, at 14m, he can play independantly but wants my attention.  sometimes he sits in my lap looking at a book or playing with his buckle toy while i work, but it is hard.

when i was working from home.  i would take breaks to nurse but i couldn’t work with my baby attached to me all day.

while in a dream world, i would love to work part time.  i do enjoy being at work, challenging my mind, and being away from DS for a little while.

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Sugar bee
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As a teacher it obviously wouldn’t work in my situation, but I don’t see it being a good idea for most work environments. I don’t see how you would get any work done, and I would also be annoyed if a coworker brought a baby along to meetings or if I worked in a nearby office and could hear fussing throughout the day. 

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Sugar bee

I work from home and can’t get a damn thing done if I don’t have help. I could certainly never have a meeting when my son is awake and with me. That said, if your office has a policy where they are cool with kids being around, I don’t see why not. Under 6 months is not super mobile, so you should be able to get away with floor toys in your office. Meetings will be tricky…just be prepared to be holding LO and/or feeding them while you participate.

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Sugar bee
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Oh gosh no. My son is 5 months old and I couldn’t work with him there. I get his nap times to do things (I’m still on maternity leave so at home) but when he’s awake I need to focus on him. 

I think it’s great your company is trying to help working parents, but I think that is better served by longer maternity and paternity leave 

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Busy bee

Meant2Bee :  I would do it once a week. I just don’t see how you will be able to get work done with the baby there. Childcare is a full time job. Babies need attention. It’s not fair to bring your baby and then expect it to do nothing but sleep.

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Bee Keeper

Meant2Bee :  No way, I’d be annoyed as all hell if someone brought in their baby every single day while I was at work and I have children.  Babies are so unpredictable and how are you going to get work done with one?

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