(Closed) Would you travel to North Korea?

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    Blushing bee

    I’m saying this as an expat who used to live in South Korea…. NO.

    I’m not judging, and do what you want, but why in the literal fuck would you want to go to a country where they confiscate your passport on entry? They then cart you around in busses where starving North Korean citizens have to act happy for your tourist pleasure. You get to see completely staged villages where everything is set up to represent something that is not as it actually is.

    this is not a tourist destination, this is an oppressed country where people are starving, controlled, and for what? So,you can tell a cool story of how you went there? 

    Read again… Confiscated passport. That enough would make me say a big, fat NOPE. 

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    Bumble bee
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    travelbee42:  I hear your viewpoints, and I think you explained yourself very well. I mean, on one hand- no one wants to live their life with regrets, and you have already stated this would be a huge regret. So in that regard, I would say plan your trip. On the other hand, I would still be nervous 🙂

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    I, too, find North Korea fascinating. I read a lot about it when I was living in South Korea. I know one person who travelled there on tour and have read a tour book on North Korea. I agree that it would be fascinating to visit, however I would never go.

    1) While you are there, you will be escorted everywhere and can only take pictures of what they tell you that you can take pictures of.

    2) What happens if you disobey a rule and end up imprisoned? That’s not a far fetched scenario.

    3) Getting a North Korea stamp in your passport can greatly hinder your furture travels. You will be questioned, especially if you are travelling into the States, about what you were doing there.

    and most importantly, 

    4) All of your money will be put towards supporting a corrupt and cruel regime that starves, tortures and murders its people. 

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    Sugar Beekeeper
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    So all of the state departments going back to Eisenhower were exaggerating due to their bias against North Korea? That’s your belief? 

    Yes, there is a bias against North Korea, but it’s well justified. 

    But you are so sure the government is lying to you and the North Koreans won’t? So I guess be safe and good luck. Carry the number for the swedish embassy as there is no US embassy there.

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    Bumble bee

    Atalanta:  Thank you for posting that link, I took a look at it.  

    I guess I have trouble understanding what you can see/do/experience there that you can’t access well enough through TV programs, documentary film, print media, blogs and pursuing Internet content.

    Traveling to NK has a looky-loo aspect that conflicts with my personal taste & values.  It would have to be a VERY special experience for me to reconcile that enough to go, and I don’t see anything special in going.  

    As I said upthread, you can see many similar aspects up close & personal and hear the truth behind it all, personal accounts and more by touring former eastern bloc states.  But you also get to witness their stories of liberation.  And keep your passport, take pictures, talk to anyone you want, travel alone, be totally safe and have the support of your government if anything should happen.     


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    Helper bee
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    My opinion isn’t worth much, but you really need to consider what you’ll find there. What are your reasons for going? What do you hope to find there? Is there a chance you are romanticizing your view of the place? Can you wait until things cool down politically? You say you aren’t uninformed about it, but doesn’t the fact people have been held there by the government concern you?

    People are dying over there. Many of the living situations are reflective of concentration camps in Nazi Germany. This may have been a culturally vibrant place at one point, but the people have suffered greatly and some have escaped to South Korea, leaving their loved ones behind. It usually takes some pretty awful conditions to make a person risk life and limb to leave their country and family.

    North Korea is a country where citizens are fed propaganda about the United States by a dictator who rules by intimidation and abuse. American citizens have been held prisoner by the North Korean government which does not have any intention of working with the US government should you need help. You need to understand the dangers of going and respect the concerns people have about you traveling there.

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    Buzzing bee

    I can totally understand being interested in North Korea, and wanting to know more about it. I find it fascinating myself. But you’re married, it’s not just about you now. I personally wouldn’t put my partner or family in a position where they’d have to worry about me being detained indefinitely for a personal vacation. There are many other communist countries that are safer to travel to where you would have more access and probably even learn more about that way of life.

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    Bumble bee

    darkhorse84:  “People are dying over there. Many of the living situations are reflective of concentration camps in Nazi Germany.”

    OP – can you imagine Nazi Germany as a touristic center?  Or post ww2 Soviet territories with gulags, planned mass starvation territories, zones of planned mass rapes, etc., can you imagine traveling there for touristic pursuits?  Because North Korea tourism is not THAT FAR of a stretch.  

    I’m not sure you are fully appreciating the true nature and the gravity of things.

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    Bumble Beekeeper

    Is there a particular reason why North Korea fascinates you? My in-laws visited North Korea briefly (less than a day) when they were living in South Korea. It doesn’t sound fun at all, and actually it sounds quite scary. I don’t think I’d expressly go to North Korea for a dedicated vacation like you’re describing. No one can stop you, but it’s a mighty big risk to take for a little bit of “fun.”

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    Honey bee
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    I’m completely fascinated by North Korea as well..  But come on.. 

    The pros far outweigh the cons in this situation (for me anyways), it’s just not worth it. My marriage/ family situation is such that if they actually felt compelled to tell me (a mature, full independent adult) not to do something.. I wouldn’t disrespect them to the level of doing it anyways. 

    Put your own morbid curiosity aside for a second, what if your husband decided he was going to do this? 

    Sorry one more thing.. Again, I get being curious but, why would you want to contribute money towards a country that is so oppressed and poor? Their citizens are living in abysmal conditions under a brutal dictatorship. 

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    Bumble bee
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    Why would you ever put your money towards this? I’m sure you realize what your money will be supporting, and that doesn’t bother you? I don’t think being fascinated and curious justifies going to North Korea and putting your poor family through so much. It’s selfish. Why don’t you use your money to travel to a country in poverty where you can actually help them and serve a better purpose. That would be even more fascinating, At least I think so. 

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    Helper bee
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    I wasn’t even aware US citizens were allowed to visit Noth Korea… 

    After that Chernobyl movie came out I found researching that a bit fascinating. i also think reading WWII stories to be interesting. BUT i would never want to see any of that devistation happening to people. I’m not even sure I could emotionally handle visiting one of the nazi concentration camps. Why would you want to see first hand people going through that kind of deviatation. 

    You could not put me enough to go to North Korea. Between feeling terrified for my own safety and heartbroken for the citizens I’m not sure i could handle it. 

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    Sugar bee
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    I am an avid traveller, but – no I would not go to North Korea under the current regime, mainly for the reasons BalletParker:  stated. Also, from an ethical perspective I would not want to financially contribute to the regime  

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    Sugar bee
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    Because going to NK=supporting NK… I would not do it. Not because I am anti-communist, but because I am anti crimes against humanity. I refuse to allow my money to support a regime that desecrates the sanctity of human life  and freedom.

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