(Closed) Would YOU trust them after this review + their response?

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    @talia.teresa:  That sounds like a pretty thorough and honest response. If they wanted to lie I feel like they could have kept it shorter or just said “oh thats some crazy person we dont know they are a liar” At least they were honest and owned up that yep they made a mistake but they learned from it. 

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    Seems like they owned the mistake and learned from it.

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    I would not make a call right now. I would certainly take her offer to get reviews from other clients of her’s, but I would also actively seek out reviews from people other than the ones they have control over.

    She sounds honest, but clever people can be clever liars – so I would certainly get more information on them before hiring them. If I couldn’t find enough non-biased information I would pass. The risk is not worth it in my mind.

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    I would absolutely take her up on her offer for other reviews, and I would keep doing research to find others who have used them. I’d honestly have a hard time hiring and paying someone a large amount of money with a review that scathing.

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    @talia.teresa:  Personally, I find their explanation both entirely plausible and admirably frank. I’m shocked at how many companies respond to negative reviews by attacking the reviewer or being snide and immature. I stay far away from those businesses.

    Every company has unhappy customers. Their reply would make me more inclined to hire them than less.

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    @talia.teresa:  it wouldn’t be enough for me- I would want to know what they do differently now to make sure it couldnt happen to me- Not just- its virtually impossible- i want to know exactly what you have and what you do. Do they always have multiple cameras on at the same time (or just a back up in the trunk?- that’s a big difference).  Back up saving capabilities? How often do they make sure it’s still saving? Sure it was “just the reception” but thats a huge chunk of the wedding- i would be an unhappy bride if i paid a videographer and i didnt have video footage of my first dance, speeches, cutting the cake, etc. Is there a way to contact the unhappy client to see if they really got a full refund? They could just be saying that to make themselves look good.

    Even more importantly, why does their contract say? Often, a business owner will assure you that everything will be great, but their contract says they accept no responsibility for malfunctions. Does it say if they miss part of your wedding that you get a full refund? 

    Ill admit I’m not very trustworthy generally (a friend of mine has like 20 photos of her wedding from her photographer bc the majority were lost in a computer crash or something). I don’t believe anything that isn’t in black and white on my signed contract. So many people assure you of x,y,z and their contract says the opposite. See if you can add language to the contract that makes you comfortable. wedding insurance in these situations is also a good thing. Good luck!

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    I would absolutely not hesitate to trust these people. The review is harsh, but also seems childish. “Hire a blind man who wears his pants backwards instead.”?? It just seems like someone was maliciously out the get this business.

    I am both a bride planning my wedding, and a wedding photographer, so I can understand things from multiple perspectives.

    Being a bride I know that reviews can be unsettling. But being a photographer I know that SHIT HAPPENS, and not everyone is understanding. I personally was working for a company and found myself in a situation where the brides family just left the ceremony location, despite the fact that we were set to do photos there. The bride was sobbing that her family had ditched her, so I hugged her and offered to  call her family memebers to request that they return. She resolved that they had upset her enough, and no longer cared to take photos with them. I explained that this may be a decision she would regret and maybe she would be better setting it asside and trying out a few photos with her parents. She was firmly against it. Fast forward a month or two and she is TORCHING me online, making similarly childish comments. There was no understanding, no rational discussion was had.. just lots of harsh words about how I had robbed her of her precious memories.

    Fast forward to planning my own weddings. I was interested in a line of bridesmaids dresses, and the only local shop that carried them had two HORRIBLE reviews. Decided that we could go try dresses on there (what other option did I have?), and if they were horrible we’d just find the dresses through an online retailer. The two women running our appointment were DOLLS. They were so kind and helpful. Both of their bad reviews were about the same thing (and seemed like they could have been written by the same person in retrospect), and that was complaint that someone had been rude concerning budget. I mentioned this to the shop owner at the end of our appointment telling her I had been nervous and was pleasantly surprised, and she gladdly adressed the concern. (It turned out she had an appointment with a bride that had a budget that would not afford her any of the gowns carried by the shop. She suggested Davids Bridal as a fantastic option, and the girl was upset because she somehow felt being refered to DB was meant as an insult)..

    That’s just my personal experience on both ends of bad reviews.. The reply you recieved back seems professional, and like it’s a feesible situation that a bridezilla may have taken to a crazy degree. It might make you feel better to have their specific names written into the contract you sign, so they have no wiggle room to out source the work. It also might make you feel more confident with them if you took them up on their offer to provide references. Good luck!!

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    Seems like a pretty honest and straightforward response to me. With the title of this post, I was expecting something really bad!

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    The review is flawed – does not mention exactly what the videographers did, has a lot of name-calling, whereas the videographers themselves were very honest and forthright. I’m a former wedding photographer and people over-extending themselves happens a lot in the industry, so at least they showed that they learned their lesson and moved forward.

    I would at least ask for a review from a more recent bride just to make sure, but I would still pursue them.

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    There are three sides to a story. I never fully trust bad reviews either because people can be malicious. The photographers admited to mistake (which sadly happens I’ve never been one of those perfect day thinkers. Inspite of the best laid plans, some things gonna give). They handled it as best as they could, and made adjustments for the future. I’d trust them.

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    The review is overdramatic and it didn’t even mention what really happened. Our videographer isn’t even staying for the entire reception, so I don’t know what there is to lose – a couple of hours of crazy dance moves, from some half inebriated guests?

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    I’d trust them.  I typically don’t put too much stock into bad reviews, unless there are alot of them.  I mean you can’t please everybody.  Sometimes, shit just happens. It’s all in how you handle it.  I just think prefection is too much to expect from anyone.  I never expect someone not to make a mistake.  I just expect that they are able to aplogize and either find a way to fix it, or to make me feel whole.  I take this attitude from my own experiences in the working world.  I am very good at my job, but I’m far from perfect.  Sometimes I fuck up. It doesn’t happen often, and when it does, I’m very good at finding a way to make it right for the client.  

    I especially wouldn’t have put too much stock into the particular review that you posted because it seems childish and malicious.  It lacked detail, and just threw out insults.  It seemed to me like the aim of the review was not to give other people an account of their experience, but to hit their pockets, and possibly even put the company out of business. Which is not cool in my book.

    The response from the vendor was perfect.  They seemed very honest and polite.  They explained how they tried to remedy the situation with this partiular bride. Giving her all of her money back, and still giving her the shots from the full ceremony & half the reception, seemed perfect. What more could they have honestly done here? Baked her cookies?  They also explained how they adjusted their business structure, and event protocol to see that it never happens again.

    I would be satisfied.  But if I felf the need to do anything, I would take care to see what their contract says about what happens when equipment malfuctions and you loose a section of footage, and if it wasn’t outlined, I would have them add a clause that contained a remedy to my liking.

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    They had a very thorough, professional response.  IMO I don’t even trust the initial review all that much because it was so ridiculously harsh.

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