(Closed) Would you trust your family and friends to keep your pregnancy OFF Facebook?

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 TogetherThroughLife:  I dont think people will say much to be honest unless your personally posting a bunch of stuff. You’d think everyone would go crazy but really….. not so much. We posted an announcement pic and yes that got lots of likes, congrats for a few days but other then that We’ve posted nothing other then the gender when we found out… no bump pics no pregnancy status’….and no one makes comments on my wall or says anything at all. The most I get on FB are my best gf’s who send me personal messages asking how I am because they dont live where I do.

and maybe its the personal peeps in your life but we had a TON of family and friends know about the pregnancy before we put it on FB and NO ONE so much as tried the “dont you have something to tell everyone…” like…. nothing of the sort!

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TogetherThroughLife:  I wouldn’t be worried about someone else “announcing” your pregnancy- but here’s the thing with today’s technology and/or social media– if you didn’t have a FB account- and someone else had a wall convo with another mutual friend that happened to drop news of your pregnancy, you’d either A) never hear about it or B) have friend B call and say “congrats!” and then they might share they heard from friend A.  They might not even nother to say “oh, yeah, we were talking on FB”- she might just share the source of info.  

You don’t have to post anything about your pregnancy.  But in all honesty, unless you have a legal agreement, you cannot 100% guarantee that other people might not say something that indicates you are pregnant. 

For example:  I am a follower of one of my friend’s fitness groups.  She was sharing earlier today the calorie counts of Halloween candy, and what you’d have to do to get rid of what you just ate (50 burpees, etc….).  I made a comment that I didn’t want to SEE how bad the candy actually is- playfully– and she commented back “Well, since you’re eating for 2, you can cut those in half!”

Now we do have a few mutual friends in the group.  My pregnancy is already known by these people.  But my point is- if it wasn’t– the beans just got spilled.  

Now to be fair, when we shared the news, we never asked that anyone keep it under wraps.  That said- that’s the only comment anyone has made (that I am aware of) about my pregnancy.

The most you can do- if it’s seriously that important to you- if notify people- the people you choose to share the news with– that you really prefer to keep it off of social media.  But again– if they tell someone else in person, and forget to mention you want it mum– then there’s a chance it will be mentioned.

No matter how much anyone doesn’t want to hear this – it’s almost impossible to guarantee that your information- such as a pregnancy (which many people view as happy, newsworthy, share-y)– will stay off.

I know you said that if someone posted a pic, you wouldn’t ask them to take it down.  But someone might ask- what’s the difference between a pic of you pregnant, or a congrats on your wall?


But to make you feel better– I have had a handful of distant friends who have chosen to not make an announcement– and I had no idea they were pregnant until the posted a pic of the new baby.

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Even before we got pregnant I was already in a mode of not sharing as much on Facebook and I already knew that I was not going to be one to be posting constant updates or actually any updates at all as far as pregnancy is concerned, so my profile is basically disabled for the moment. To each their own, but I feel like for me that was a line that I did not want to cross and I don’t even want to post photos of my child once he is born anywhere online really as I feel like for me the internet is not for that purpose.

I’m also not one to take maternity photos with a professional photographer or even bump photos myself or doing the whole 3D ultrasound thing or anything like that. I’m way too low-key, even to the point that people wonder if I am excited. Of course I’m excited, I’m just not into a lot of the things some people that are expecting are into, and Facebook is definitely not on my list of places where I want to post about my pregnancy/baby. I’m more active on Instagram and even there I’ve never announced it or made it a point to point it out at all.

I know for a fact that if I was on Facebook several family members would be all blabby about it. The day my too-nosy-for-her-own-good aunt joined Facebook was the day I knew I had to get out of there.


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We didn’t post anything in the begining. We told our parents and my mom posted a few things on my wall that sort of spilled the beans. We didn’t make an offical annoucenment until much later and my friends who don’t see me regularly were like “Oh, now I get your mom’s comments” or “I was waiting for you to say something ever since I saw what your mom posted.” I post on FB because it’s mostly my family and close friends. No random people I’ve never actually hung out with. 


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