(Closed) Would you wear the same heirloom diamond for two marriages?

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  • poll: Would you wear the heirloom diamond a second time?


    No way

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    I wear a family (mine) heirloom as my ering and I don’t think I would ever want to reuse it. Thank god it wasn’t offered to my ex Fiance to use to propose to me! But that’s me, that ring will always symbolize my relationship with DH- be the relationship ends in death do us part, or divorce, that ring/diamond will always make me think of him. 

    That being said, as long as your friend and her bf are fine with it, I don’t see any reason why they wouldn’t use it. Saves them a bit of cash not having to shell out for another diamond. 

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    I would use it again, but I would reset so it looked like a different ring.  It saves money, and it’s an heirloom from her family, not the ex- she should enjoy it!!

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    Reuse diamond? sure.  same ring? nope.

    It would be like wearing same negligee.  What’s underneath is still mine to use, but I’m going to put a new wrapper on it.  😉

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    Since it is her grandma I dont see a problem with it.  I would however have the diamond set in a different setting.

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    Its HER grandmother not her ex’s. If seh wants a new ring she can always get a new setting, but if it was me I’d wear it in a heartbeat! 

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    WillowBee33 :  Sorry – just saw your question.

    I kept it, but not intentionally. There was so much going on during the split that neither of us brought it up. I’ve actually been trying to figure out what to do with it. It’s set with some side/accent stones from my family.

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    If it had been a diamond from her ex’s family I would say no way, but from her family? No problem! Just change the setting. 

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    Here’s the “cleansing” link another bee recommended earlier on this thread.


    [Gems] are alive and intelligent.

    Lol well then shame on my diamond for not helping me on jeopardy
    and gemstones = minerals = inorganic = not alive. but lets just forget scienceee.

    To remain alive and energized once removed from within Mother Earth, [gems] need to be cleansed and energized on a regular basis.

    To remain alive?? Are there a bunch of dead diamonds out there? Does this crystal magic apply to bringing diamonds back from the dead or just keeping them alive? What is the lifespan of a diamond from when it leaves the earth? I’m guessing most are dead long before they reach the customer, lol.

    Place stones in the sun to energize, but sun will fade amethyst and aquamarine, so find another method.

    Lol better warn people that that crazy thing called “science” is gonna override the magic before they wreck their stones.

    The method I recommend most is this special spray which you can buy here on our site for $43 for 1.7 oz and $16-35 shipping. Somehow our manufactured spray is even better at returning the gem to the earth than the technique where you literally put the gem back in the dirt for a while! (paraphrased)

    For those who are practiced in using intent to make energetic changes, place the crystals or gems in front of you, focus your mental energies upon these stones, and ask the powers of the Universe to cleanse them of all negative energies

    Or just stare at the stone and poof! But like, you have to be a professional like me. Pay $230 for a full assessment report (Yes, check the sale page)

    Remember that even synthetic materials are alive and have an inherent intelligence

    So even lab stones that do not come from mother earth need to be cleansed? Do all carbon forms need cleansed? Gotta rush my graphite pencil to emergency care!

    If you no longer want to keep a crystal or gem, take it outside and bury it so it may return to Mother Earth, from whence it came.

    Ladies, stop selling your old jewelery – bury it instead!
    whence = from where
    from whence = from from where

    How would you like to be washed in salt water?  Never do to a crystal or gem what you would not like done to yourself.

    Lol ever been in a salt water pool? It’s pretty pleasant actually, especially since the alternative is chlorine, which dissolves gold. Do you want people’s settings to get dissolved and their precious stones to fall out??

    TL;DR People can believe what they like but this is some scam nonsense. Seriously.

    To OP, I know someone else who plans to re-use an heirloom “divorce” diamond in a new setting and no one bats an eye about it. Everyone’s diamond has been through the hands of some lab tech, migrant worker, harvesting machine, or who knows what else. It only has the story that you give it.

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    In the situation described I would. If the diamond originated from my ex-husband’s side of the family I wouldn’t, and I’d return it. 

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    MrsFuzzyFace :  I wouldnt do a a secod ring with that same diamond. But since it’s granny’s and has sentimental value and all that I would reset as a pendant. And it could be her something old. 

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    I wouldn’t. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it but I would feel weird about it. I’d probably have the stone set into something else (a pendant maybe). I don’t believe the stone is “cursed” or anything though. 

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    Yes absolutely, it’s a sentimental piece from her Grandma, not her ex’s family. I would definitely re-set it though into a totally different style of ring.

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    Agree with others- use the diamond, but put it in different setting- different gold or style ring. 

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