(Closed) Wow…did everyone really leave?!

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BellaDee:  <—- EVERYTHING she said.

It’s beyond terrible, particularly when using a phone. I’ve gone from being an active poster to a half-hearted lurker. There are no new threads. A lot of the recognizable bees are MIA. Maybe lurking, maybe gone, who knows.. it’s crappy at best & most of us concur, but like pp’s have said, the new bees won’t know the difference. 


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Rubbs:  It’s crazy, I know people don;t like change but come on peeps, you have to change sometimes. It just take a little getting used to! 

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The new layout sucks. It’s very slow and doesn’t load well on any mobile device no matter what the brand. Why “fix” what wasn’t broken. I’ve noticed a decline in members posting since the change.

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Well, you know. Maybe they’re just all posting from the past…like how when I start something right now, I posted it 7 hours ago. 😛 I read somewhere that a lot of peoples’ usernames that they’d changed at some point reverted back to their old name when the switch took place? Idk if that’s it, or part of it, but..I know what you mean. 

Personally the most irritating thing for me about this is that I can’t distinguish the OP’s replies to a post from all the others. Gah, it makes me not want to read!!

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I came back from my honeymoon and basically went WTF. This new site has zero functionality, none of the features we loved, and navigation/menus that no reasonably intelligent developer would find acceptable. I’ve deployed multiple websites as part of my job, and the lack of planning, functionality, and quite frankly, shitty response time is annoying the crap out of me. 

I miss a lot of the bees that have been around for a year or more. I remember when this use to be fun. I log on when I’m bored, or to PM with a few ladies that I like to keep in touch with. Now that I’m married, and not TTC, I just feel like the threads aren’t fun for me to post on. Where are the games? The theme threads? 

I know the mods can only do so much. But the lack of communication or any semblance of “hey, we hear you” is really disappointing. 

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I’ve been on a lot less since the format change. I really miss the old Bee 🙁

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leannteresa1:  I don’t think the issue is the change, because most bees have been looking for some changes and new features for a while now.. it’s more about what they chose to change. It’s annoying if you’ve been a member for several years (I’ve been lurking and posting for almost 5 years now) and all of the ‘upgrades’ that were (finally) made to the site are now gone. Of course change is going to happen, but if it’s just a matter of not liking change in general, then we would eventually accept and enjoy the site again. It’s been weeks and I think it’s pretty obvious from the lack of activity on WB, that it just hasn’t happened. I think that goes to show that the problem is with the quality of the change and not just change itself.

There was no need to roll out an unfinished site. I’m not really sure why they couldn’t have just waited until the new site had all the features. Bugs are expected, but most people aren’t annoyed about the bugs as much as the things that have been consciously excluded from the new site.

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MrsGatito:  I do get what you’re saying, but part of what annoys me is that, although they’ve been paying attention to the Ideas section, the Support boards have been severely neglected. People are having security issues. Some people’s usernames that they changed for security/privacy reasons have been changed back and no one is responding to their posts on Support or they’re unable to help them because of the new site. People’s pictures and threads that have been removed for security reasons have popped back up. We can no longer delete our own pictures and if you ask on Support to have your picture removed, no one responds or they say it’ll take weeks! Each poster is supposed to get three deletions and it seems like there’s a bug where clicking delete once uses up all three deletions. This is a big issue for some people who thought they still had the option of deleting three threads – especially since they aren’t getting a response on Support or if they do they’re told that they can’t get those deletions back. Another big issue is closed threads – threads that have been closed are now reopened even though they still say (closed) in the title. I could go on and on aha. I think one of my main frustrations with the change is how people’s concerns, especially serious privacy concerns on the Support board, haven’t been dealt with for whatever reason.

I know it’s a free site, but I still think that people should be able to feel secure and like their privacy is being protected/respected or at the very least that their privacy concerns are valid.

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I haven’t ran for the hills and probably won’t, but I don’t blame those that have although it has made the Bee a little bit lonely as I miss a lot of the regulars that were here.

For those that want NESTING boards, Wedding Bee has a sister site, I guess you could call it, called HelloBee Boards. If you hate this format, you probably won’t like it much over there either, but the boards are very active, and I do enjoy switching between the two.

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i’m still here too…

white background gives me a migraine. i second jacqui’s comment that i hate not being able to tell when someone actually posted, and i hate not being able to tell who the last poster was.

i kind of knock around on here when i’m bored at work but otherwise i’m just finding other things to do with my time while they work out the kinks…

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Rubbs:  Hi Rubbs, I’m still here.  The new format isn’t great!  I hope when the improvements we’re waiting on with crossed fingers and toes happen some Bees will come back.

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I know I have been on a lot less. It feels like work and not fun to browse this site, find posts I’m interested in and see who has been posting frequently. I miss a lot of the old regular posters too.

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sugarpea:  I get what your saying as well. Although, if people are worried about privacy they probably shouldn’t have posted the information in the first place. But that’s besides the point. I think people just have to understand that there are humans on the other side trying to make things work. Can you imagine if you were the one trying to prioritize and figure out what to work on? Take what you listed in your post for example, which is quite small in comparison to how many things they actually have on their list of things to do, and then think about how long it takes to fix each thing. (estimates based on an 8 hour work day, assuming the people aren’t working 24/7 and have lives)

Username changes – 5 min per person X 200 = 2 days

pictures that were deleted popping back up: 5 min per picture X 200 = 2 days

three deletions bug – 2 days to figure out the problem and solution, implement solution

closed threads – 1 day to add the functionality

We don’t know how many people are working behind the scenes. It could be one person, it could be 50. 

I work in software, so I get how hectic it can be when you have 100 different people critizing your work, wanting new functionality, and expecting it to happen immediately. It just doesn’t work that way.


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