(Closed) Wow! Never thought I’d care about the TWW!

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@egb:What is TWW? (Sorry, I don’t know.)

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TWW= Two week wait…time between ovulation and either a period or positive pregnancy test.

I know how you feel. When my husband and I decided to go off birth control, he was definitely in the camp of ‘no big hurry, it’ll happen when it happens’ while I was immediately in the ‘how can I make this happen as quick as possible’ camp. It wasn’t that I was that impatient to get pregnant (like if a magic crystal ball told me I would definitely get pregnant 6 months down the road, I would have been fine waiting) it was more like the longer it took, the more I had to worry that something is wrong. For me, there was no way to just be NTNT…I went from the pill to full on TTC.


ETA: NTNT- not trying not to. Basically, you’re just going to play the odds. if it happens, it happens. But you’re not going out of your way to predict when you’re ovulating, or restricting hubby from wearing tight briefs or sitting in a hot tub or anything.

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Hopefully someone could explain NTNTC as well?

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@egb – I couldn’t have said it better myself.  Wanted to be laid back etc about it but now I’m wondering about every little “symptom” during the TWW.  Only month 2 for me : )

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Best of luck and I pray for a BFP in your future!

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yes it is crazy in the TWW.. i am in it right now.. we have been TTC for 6 months and everymonth im like i hope nothing is wrong with us…

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Tatum: “like if a magic crystal ball told me I would definitely get pregnant 6 months down the road, I would have been fine waiting”

I couldn’t have said it better myself – haha!!  It’s the not knowing if something is wrong that just kills me. 

I’m 36 so I’m no spring chicken, and I had a mirena IUD for a good 2 years before TTC.  I had it removed in November, and originally we were going with the “not trying to prevent” (don’t know about anyone else but I always cringe at the double negative of “not trying not too” – heh) but I am charting so I’m aware when ovulation happens, and that our timing has been good and yet…..nothing.   And I know in the grand scheme of things – 4 cycles is NOTHING to get all worked up about.  But I can’t help worrying about whether these 4 cycles of nothing will eventually be 12 cycles of nothing or 24 cycles of nothing…blah.

I’m in the TWW again – but I have a ways to go before I can test.  This time around – I told myself I will not OBSESS over every possible symptom.  So far so good, but I have a good week and a half to go – hah!


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Sitting in a hot tub?  Is that good or bad? This is a new one to me ๐Ÿ˜›

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@Oneeleven: yep excessive heat is bad for the little swimmers


@egb: I totally feel you on this. I am in cycle#2 of TTC and I am half way through my TWW.  

Yeah it sucks…I might have taken 2 pregnancy tests yesterday even though I know it is still way to early to test

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Darling Husband and I were NTNT too, or so we thought until we ventured into our first TWW. At that point it became pretty clear we were going to officially try. I only went through 2 TWWs and they drove me crazy.

Baby dust to you and all the other ladies TTC/in their TWW! Send updates ๐Ÿ™‚

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We were the same way.  Decided to NTNT, but then after the TWW and a BFN for month 1, i’ve become more concerned and probably more in the TTC camp.  We’re not charting or using OPKs, but it’s on my mind every day (which is probably one of the reasons for NOT getting preg.)  My husband was confused because i was upset with the BFN even though I know only few people get a BFP within month 1.  I didn’t have super high expectations, and I realized I felt silly for protecting and taking care of something that wasn’t even there, (ie giving up wine, sushi, etc.) I had no idea how LONG two weeks could be! 

@echo – you said it perfectly.  I’m not upset that month 1 as a bust, but i’m worried that month 1 is the start of 12 or 24 months of negatives…

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We weren’t exactly NTNTC at first, we were just sloppy with protection. I had gone off BC a few months before, and we used condoms pretty faithfully up until the wedding, but after that it was more pull-out with no regard to what time of the month it was.

We didn’t have an exact set timetable to start actually TTC, but we knew we didn’t want to wait very long. What tipped us into actively TTC was my period being a week late in late November (we got married mid-Oct). We had been at his aunt’s house for Thanksgiving, and the night we got back home he insisted we go buy a test. DH was convinced I was pregnant, and was SO excited at the store. Not that I wasn’t, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up. Unfortunately, it was just a fluke, but it definitely solidified wanting to start TTC in earnest. Still no dice, but since starting to chart and using OPKs I think we’re narrowing down the sexy-time window. Fingers crossed for this month…I should shave my legs today ๐Ÿ˜‰

And yes, the TWW is absolute torture…but tolerable knowing I *could* be pregnant. Kinda like when Darling Husband and I would buy lottery tickets when the jackpot got really high. Knew the chances of winning were slim to none, but it was worth the $5 or so dollars we’d spend on the tickets talking and daydreaming about what we’d do with the money. Of course, we have a much better chance of getting pregnant. I was really excited last cycle daydreaming about costumed birthday parties if I got pregnant (because my due date would have been on Halloween). 

Anyway, sorry for the ramble. 

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@Mrs Sarah McK: “I should shave my legs today ;)”

That made me laugh!  Thanks!

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