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@soontobehisbride:  I’ve had a few, maybe a handful of fainting spells over the past 10 years or so. They can be so scary. Most of them have had some sort of logical underlying response, e.g. giving blood etc. But the last time was bizarre, and unfortunately it was at the end of an hour long presentation in grad school… yup! I’m not a nervous speaker at all so it was so weird. When I went to the doctor she said it may have been because I was standing for so long (wow.. a whole hour.. really?). Anyway, i ended up getting blood work done and everthing was normal. I’m fairly small and have low blood pressure, so I guess I’m more susceptible. 

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Could be a symptom of a heart irregularity…I fainted once (weirdly enough I was already at the hospital for a check up) and they did an EKG on me. I have long QT syndrome, and except for that ONE time I fainted I wouldn’t know it. 

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I get light headed frequently if showers are too hot. For me, it helps to leave the door open so that the air I’m breathing is cold — I’m sure there’s nothing medically significant about it, but it usually helps the lightheaded feeling pass. 

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too much hot steam/lack of food/dehydration/exhaustion? Those are all the reasons that I feel dizzy sometimes 🙁

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I completely blacked out/fainted once. I had a really severe virus or some kind. I was alone in my locked apartment. I got up to answer the phone and came to on the floor. My apartment was small and I just missed my coffee table. Luckily I was on the phone with my mom, a nurse. She came right over and checked me out. I’m glad I came to before she got there because I don’t know how she would have gotten in otherwise. I was out for at least a minute or two based on the time of the calls. :/ 

Hope you feel better soon, fainting is pretty scary. 

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I faint once a year or so! Haha once it happened when some men were delivering a mattress for my roommate (in college), and I fainted and convulsed on the ground, and the mattress guys completely freaked out!! I woke up right as the paramedics arrived, and I was like, “Oh God, no, I’m fine, this isn’t that big of a deal!”

And once I fainted while on the toilet at my ex’s parents’ house. Woke up facedown on the floor with my pants and underwear around my ankles–haha, I was so glad I was only out for like 30 seconds and that no one came to check on me, or I would have died. And of course my asshole ex was like, “You probably just fell asleep.” Because yes, people always fall asleep while taking a pee.

Anyway, it’s most likely no big deal, but they may want to do an EKG (or ECG? I always forget what the correct initials are) to check your heart. But there is a HUGE likelihood that you just have low blood pressure based on the hot shower + not drinking as much water thing. Drink lots of water and try to get more sodium in your diet if so!

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I’ve fainted – I was definietly dehydrated, we were at the Disney water park, and it was hot out.  I forgot to drink enough water, since we were in the water, I was feeling cool and nice, not thirsty.  We went to go get food, and were standing in line, and I got tunnel vision and quickly fainted.  The man behind me in line caught me on the way down luckily!!  After we ate and drank lunch, I was better, but took it easy.

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@soontobehisbride:  I thought I wrote this out in my first post in this thread, but it’s not there.

I recommend you get a blood pressure monitor and see if your Bridal Party is naturally low by measuring it at rest several times during the day and keeping track of it. Or I guess you can try to figure this out at your doctor’s appointment, but the reason I suggested the at home thing is because some people get nervous at doctor’s appts and their Bridal Party measurements can be off. My Bridal Party tends to be low, and I have to be very careful not to be in a hot tub or steam room or hot shower for a long time, because I can get dizzy and faint. I don’t have any other cardiac irregularity linked to syncope, it’s just that I have lower Bridal Party than normal.

Physiologically, the reason this happens is because when a person’s body temperature rises (as it does in a hot shower or a hot tub or a steam room), the body has certain mechanisms to try to get the temperature back under control. The body starts producing more sweat which reduces blood volume, the blood vessels expand, and blood flow to the skin increases. These things reduce blood pressure, so if you already have naturally low blood pressure that makes the Bridal Party go even lower, and it’s because of those things that when your blood pressure is too low your brain gets less blood flow and that’s when your body can react by fainting.

If this is the case for you and you ever start to feel weak and dizzy in the shower in the future, it helps more to turn the knob so that the water is cold rather than turning the water off. Immersing your body in cold water in this way will cool you down much more quickly than standing in steam and therefore your body will stop with the mechanisms that have lowered your blood pressure in the first place. In fact, in cold conditions the body does the opposite things of what I listed before and your Bridal Party would go up.

Does that make sense? I hope it does, and as I said before I do hope you don’t have any serious cardiac irregularity. Having naturally low blood pressure is fine (definitely MUCH better than having hypertension), you’d just have to make sure that you’re drinking enough water during the day and eating some salt if you feel dizzy during everyday activities such as getting up or in hot weather.

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It’s happened to me twice; both times involved needles. I have severe trypanophobia and part of that means my blood pressure plummets when I get shots. Quickly dropping blood pressure or blood sugar can cause fainting. 

Familiarize yourself with the signs you’re about to faint; as soon as you feel them, sit or lay down till you feel better. Dizziness, sweating, blurry vision, feeling very hot or cold suddenly, feeling nauseated, all of these can be signs; usually you’ll experience a couple of them. I get hot and break out in a cold sweat, feel dizzy and shaky, and my heart pounds. My mouth also gets really dry. It helps if I can drink a Sprite or something to help raise my blood sugar. 

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My husband fainted a few years ago while we were in the shower together. I like really hot showers and he can’t stand them, and after trying to tolerate it for too long, he passed out. Scariest thing ever, and we dont’ take hot showers together anymore. I’ve also passed out from seeing blood.

When I feel a faint coming on, I try to sit down and then have juice or a small snack. Hopefully it doesn’t happen again – it’s so scary to be the fainter and to be the person that witnesses it!!

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I fainted in the shower frequently when I was a sophomore in college. It turned out I was allergic to aspartame.

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I have fainted quite a few times when showering or when getting out of the bath. I have longstanding issues with low blood pressure (breaking 90/60 is considered a good day), which is further aggravated by anemia and dehydration from sweating while taking a hot shower or bath. Tip: I keep a glass next to the bath so that if I start feeling light-headed, I turn on the tap for cold water.

Fainting at work was oddly comforting because it made me realize that my co-workers actually cared about my well-being. When I fainted at school a couple of years ago people pretty much stepped over me. It’s kind of scary thinking about something like that happening again – fainting and being alone or surrounded by people I don’t know.

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I get really fainty and queasy from hot showers, because of my blood pressure dropping. My friend used to faint in the shower regularly from low blood pressure until she figured out that’s what was causing it and took more precautions.

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I’ve gotten spotty vision and almost passed out a few times in the shower but its usually when I stand up after being in a hot bath.  

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