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    Sorry, I work for the government, so we have to be “fiscally responsible”.  No bonuses, and our Christmas party is a potluck at whatever coworker offers up their house’s place.

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    @BeckyS0:  I will PM message you in a week or so to tell you how much our bonus is and what we got for a raise. last year my raise was .02% of my pay rate. Did I mention that they hiked the insurance rate so that raise did not count for anything. Oh we are doing our own holiday party and just getting dessert. I am not crying over it just looking for a new job.

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    I would be peeved, especially if this is a change from how things used to be.  Having or not having a bonus aside, just the feeling of being appreciated is VERY important to a company’s morale and productivity, so your manager is basically a pretty shitty one.

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    I understand beeing perturbed, especially with lawyers as bosses. My FH’s company USED to have nice Christmas parties and at least give out a Thanksgiving turkey and a Christmas ham. Now he gets nothing, not even a card. I do not get a bonus all but having a month off is nice! Just a few years ago, we used to have rather lavish Christmas parties at a confernce center, but the last few years it has gone from being lavish (appetizers, a wonderful dinner with many entrees, a room of desserts, free drinks, etc) to a few appetizers and “hey – Happy Holidays”. I don’t even bother going. We don’t even get a friggin’ card anymore!

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    I thought that might be the case. We got a bonus and a party this year, but the pay is so low and the work so exhausting that it really doesn’t make up for much, since they don’t appreciate us. I make them nearly a quarter million dollars a year in work product/billing, and they pay me…like I clean the place at night (which is still a totally respectable job, I just bring them more direct profit than the cleaning people).

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    I voted for the violen. Nothing the stays the same forever. Most companies that I’ve worked for have across the board had less elaborate parties as the years have gone on. Big plus is you got a bonus. As for feeling unappreciated, yes that always sucks, but  the party, isn’t that big of deal in the long run. I’d rather be appeciated 364 days of the year, rather than a some yearly party. 

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    I agree with PP that it sucks that the festivities have dwindled each year, but at least your are still getting what appears to be a significant bonus (as a PP said, enough to make you fear getting robbed on the way home…).

    As for your other complaints, I think they are completely valid, but if it’s so awful there, and so great across the street, why are you still there?

    I had a boss exactly like you described, maybe they are related. He was hot headed, would fly off the handle for nothing, would have fights with his wife in the neighboring conference room constantly (so awkward). What really pushed me over the edge, was when I insisted that we call customer support for a software issue we were experiencing, he was insistant I was doing something wrong, and then had the Director (his neice) go over everything I had been working on previously and started nit picking everything. Eventually she couldn’t figure it out either, and we called the customer support. Had nothing to do with what I was doing, and he never apologized.

    I voiced my displeasure with how he handled it and his response was ‘If you don’t like it here, you don’t have to work here’ I gave my notice the next week. I think it’s time for you to move on to bigger and better things.

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    I think people who might not get a bonus don’t understand that it is a real part of your income.  It’s the idea that you make a little less during the year compared to jobs without bonuses, and then the bonus makes up the difference.  On a good year, it’s more than enough because the company shares its profits.  On a bad year, it’s a little less, and everyone tightens their belts.

    Bonus is income.  You do rely on it.

    So let’s take the bonus out of the equation since you EARNED IT.

    The fact that you are getting some of your perks taken away is like a wage decrease.  Yes, it isn’t much of one, but it’s still a decrease in your lifestyle.

    The fact that he’s flaunting money with the partners while you guys tighten your belts isn’t right.

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    I also work at a law firm. We are having a party tomorrow night at a nice restaurant with dinner and drinks. We are a hub office and our main office does a pot luck lunch. It can definitely be different from partner to associate, from attorneys to staff, and office to office, so just enjoy what you did get.

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    I disagree that a bonus is a real part of your income, unless it was explicitly written in the contract upon hire ( or unless it’s a commission based position, which it doesn’t appear to be). 

    Fiance has a job that so happens to give bonuses every January, but is based on review and every year it’s been a different amount, it’s a large lump sum and doesn’t supplement or add to his income. The work he does earns him his bonus, but it’s never a guarantee. 

    I also disagree that jobs without bonuses make more than jobs that do. This year, I changed jobs from a job that didn’t give bonuses to a job that did (first bonus ever, woo hoo!). It was almost a 20% jump in pay, the new company pays the industry standard, and we also get quarterly bonuses, each quarter the bonus varies based on performance, tenure, and company performance, and even though they’ve been doing it for 20 years, they couldn’t emphasize enough that it’s not ever guaranteed and shouldn’t be considered part of the income.

    I think for PP, getting a bonus is a benefit of working there, and if she doesn’t like that it’s the only benefit offered, and other companies offer better benefits, she should look elsewhere.

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    At least you didn’t get a coupon to the jelly of the month club? lol sorry. 

    Honestly though— I’d just focus on the money. I get that it is probably more about the respect for you than the money spent on the party (like staff isn’t valuable enough to take to dinner or something) but personally i hate work events. if i got the same money and didn’t have to sit through an extra 3 hours with people i spend all day with? win. 

    For me personally, i currently work in a tiny law firm. And by tiny I mean…. just me and my boss. So we never really have any kind of party or event. Last year he did invite my husband and I over to his house for dinner but that was more awkward than anything else. As long as I still get my bonus, I’m happy.

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    @kmarie719:  It may not be that way in your case, but in my case it definitely is.

    In a similar job, I would make a little more, but I would get a smaller bonus or no bonus.  My bonus, based on the work I did during the year, definitely makes up for the difference.  It is a part of my income because it’s a substantial part of my income.

    And yes it was in my job description.

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    @BeckyS0:  I started reading this and thought we might work for the same guy. I know how this feels. My boss (one of them, actually) has screamed at me in front of clients, made me cry, drove me to go on anxiety medication and was otherwise unpleasant. Thankfully I went to the managing partner, that I also work for, and told her what was going on. Now, I’m in a branch office away from him and only have to deal with him via email, which I can handle.

    Our Christmas party is during work hours and we have to go in order to get our Christmas bonus. I hate it. To me, it is more or less a party for them to boast about how wonderful they are-when the staff people are the ones doing all the work.

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    “He didn’t even give us anything extra in the bonus check to makeup for not having anytype of x-mas party.”

    This kind of struck me the wrong way.  Companies don’t owe you a Christmas party, ESPECIALLY if you’re getting a bonus. 

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    @KateByDesign: Exactly.

    A bonus and a special christmas party are BONUSES. They are extra. You are not entitled to either of them. Yes, it kind of sucks that in previous years you had a Christmas party and now you do not have one, and I would suggest to your employer that he does his best to have one to keep up moral, but it’s not owed to you. You don’t deserve extra bonus money because you are not having a party.

    You’re allowed to feel anyway you like (hey we all have unjustifiable feelings sometimes) and I am sorry you’re not happy at your current job, but in reality you should be grateful you got a bonus. Many do not get one. 

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