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Sugar bee
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Around $500, although I don’t think we’ll be able to do it this year. My husband has 11 nieces and nephews. And the oldest niece is having a baby soon, so this year will be two more gifts than previous years, with neice’s baby and boyfriend. And we are expected to buy gifts for all kids and all adults. It’s a huge point of contention within the family, but I can’t do anything about it, so we reluctantly participate. I aim for $15-$30 per kid and $25-$50 per adult. And I always end up spending way more on my parents, because it doesn’t seem fair to restrict their gifts to that same budget. And this isn’t even counting wrapping paper and bags and food.

Ugh. It’s only May and now I’m already stressed about it. I’m genuinely planning on not participating this year. If they shun me I’ll live.

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Helper bee

This year my mom’s family is swapping people. So, I only have to shop for one cousin. 

50$ tops there. 

For my dad’s we don’t put names on the presents so there’s no pressure to spend a lot. My sister and I meet up to split the cost of our parents and grandparents presents. That way it’s more quality than quanity there. So…usually like 30 dollars per person for that family? 


I like to spoil my sister though so I usually spend like 100$ for her. 

So about 300$ for the family. 

Maybe about 200$ for the fiance? 

500$ total. 

Blah, it seems like so much when I lay it all out. 

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Busy bee

My husband and I exchange and buy for our children. We keep it under $500.

As far as extended family…we don’t exchange. My husband and I prefer to chose a nice stranger to give him/her a little Christmas magic. Last year we had our 10 year old daughter dress up as an Elf and take presents to a very hardworking and deserving fast food worker at her job. This lady worked at a location near my job, so she never met my daughter or husband. I was able to pull off this Christmas surprise by sending my husband in first. Then our daughter walked in and said “I heard you are on Santa’s nice list”…handed the gifts to the lady and walked out. My husband said the woman was so excited she started crying! The best part is our daughter was so excited to get involved she’s decided to pick her own person this year! 

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Bumble bee

I used to spend over $1500.  There was a lot of pressure in my family to go way over the top in gift giving, to the point that it’s obscene in my opinion.  Once I got married and it was our money instead of my money I became more & more resentful of my family’s practices.

I’ve scaled back every year since.  Now I tie a ribbon around a rolled up $50 dollar bill for each of my 5 nieces & nephews.  Mom around $100. Same with mil & fil.  30-40 dollar gifts for best friend and her two kids.  Small household gifts for each set of siblings (like a plant or board game).

Total around 600 but that includes my in laws compared to over 1500 before on just my family before.  

Cost of hosting Xmas eve + bring a dish/hostess gift to other Christmas parties – 150.

DH & I spend 30-100 on each other.  

I don’t bake cookies.  I don’t really get Christmas cookies & I hate all the junk people unload on us on when we host Christmas Eve.  They all have to make multiple trips to the car to keep bringing more sugar in to our house.  I don’t understand this custom. 


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Busy bee

Both of our families do a secret Santa, so only two gifts to buy for families, and our friends usually do super small gifts. Perhaps we do like $150 total on gifts.

We then have each family give us whatever they feel like contributing cash wise and we take it to a local homeless shelter. With both families combined we generally give between $1000-$2000 to the shelter each year.

We are so much happier doing tgis at Christmas. No stress, and each individual only donates what they can afford/ are comfortable with.

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gaminggoddess :  We spend about 500. I have 5 siblings he has 1 together we have 5 nieces and nephews. His parents and my parents are divorced so we have 4 set of parents. His grandma and my two grandmas are alive. So we usually try to keep it 10-20 per person. 

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Worker bee

Christmas is my weakness tbh; Mother (also has birthday within a few days of Christmas so the total budget for both) – 2-3k Partner- I don’t really set a budget but around 2kish maybe 3 Close Friends- 50/each I don’t have any other family that deserve gifts buy we give SOs family joint gifts- they’re all allocated around 100 apart from his younger brother who is 300-500 Baked gifts and wrapping/cards/postage comes out around 150-200. So maybe 5-7k ish plus our holiday time donations. Kind of ridiculous but it makes me overwhelmingly happy to be able to give people gifts that I know they’ll love.

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We only buy gifts, for parents, grandparents, nieces and nephews, and for siblings that don’t have any children. We usually try to spend around $1000 

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Busy bee

We have 7 family members to buy for, one is a child the rest are adults and we stay under $1000. 

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I kind of love picking out presents for my family… I have a big family (2 sisters and 2 brothers). I spend 50-100$ on each sibling and my parents. I spend 100-200$ on my fiancé. 30-40$ on close friends. I probably spend too much, but it really makes me happy to pick out things I think everyone will love.

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 Often in the ballpark of $1000 even though we try to keep our list short (my parents, his parents, my grandma, our niece/nephew, plus assorted work secret santa etc).

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We do our parents (around $100 per couple), siblings ($75ish each) and each other ($200 range). This year we’ll have our child too (roughly 6 months old at Xmas time) but hoping we can keep that amount low since he/she will be so young they don’t need a ton. 

We also have 3 parent birthdays in the month of December, and DH and I both have birthdays in November so it makes for a lot of gift-giving within 6 weeks, I hate it. 

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hartless :  Not being snarky but seriously you spend $3000 on birthday and Christmas gifts for your mother? What kind of gifts are we talking? 

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