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i’ve been on diet before. like a serious diet.

breakfast – one cup of milk + 1/2 piece of whole grain sliced bread

lunch – one plate of salad + 1/4 piece of whole grain sliced bread

dinner – one plate of salad + 1/4 piece of whole grain sliced bread

and lost about 20 lbs in 3 weeks. at first it was hard, but i think the key is to keep yourself busy

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I’ll be honest, in one week there isn’t much you can do to dramatically lose weight, but you CAN lose around 5lbs on a very basic diet of lean meat, salad and little to no carbs(bread, rice, pasta, potatoes), but I have to disagree with above poster, that menu you’ve suggested is beyond a diet, that’s starvation and the body can’t survive on that alone, don’t get me wrong I’m also on a diet for my wedding in 4 weeks and only having 800-1000 calories a day but I’m including all the essentials, vegetables, fruits, protein and even fats & losing around 3/4 lbs a week, you’ll feel and look terrible if you eat nothing but dry bread and salad! I can also suggest a good spray tan(takes pounds off!)& some shapewear to pull in your figure, your husband will think you look beautiful, just use next week as motivation and try not to keep snacking! Have a lovely wedding.


Typical days menu –


Breakfast of two slices low calorie bread with low calorie spread, cup coffee – 120 calories.


Lunch of quorn chicken breast(or half tin tuna)salad with low cal dressing, coffee, banana – 200 calories.


Dinner of chilli com carne made with quorn mince and homemade sauce(tin chopped tomatoes, chillies garlic spices) with side of salad – 350 calories.


Snacks – low calorie hot chocolate, sugar free jelly, frozen strawberries, low cal crisps, boiled eggs etc.





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I’m really sorry you’re feeling this way. Honestly there’s really nothing you can do in one week, besides make uourself super grumpy and tired and have dull skin by starving yourself for no reason. Gets lots of sleep, drink a TON of water, and focus on how your wedding is one of the most joyful days of your life – and you will be glowing!! Your fiancé and your loved ones know what you look like, so they’ll just be seeing YOU and how happy you are instead of looking at your body and judging you.

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LudaRae:  PP’s suggestion is very odd, extreme diet with bread AND barely any protein O.o bizarre.

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Isabelsong:  You probably lost a lot of muscle from that diet. Where is the protein?

Young.love:  OP, I’d recommend you talk to your doctor. Hormonal birth control is famous for causing weight gain. You also may have a hormonal issue that is contributing to your hunger/binge eating issues(thyroid, PCOS). Your doctor can also refer you to a dieticin that can help you formulate a diet plan. DO NOT crash diet. That will hurt your metabolism.

You can’t really do anything in one week, but you can start formulating a long term plan. Try to enjoy your wedding knowing that your Fiance and family know you are already beautiful 🙂

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Isabelsong:  …and then gained all the weight back within a couple of months once you started eating properly again? This is pretty much the stupidest “diet” I have EVER heard of.


Young.love:  I suspect that once your period starts (or once the nasty crampy part has subsided) you will feel and look a WHOLE lot better. You’ve still kept off a nice chunk of the weight you had lost, good for you! I kind of suspect that a BIG part of why you feel so down on yourself right now is messed up hormones & menstrual cycle. Fingers crossed that it happens in the next day or two so it’s done (or nearly done) for your wedding! Congratulations!

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I went through the constant hunger with a certain medication, and also I’m terrible with stress-related binge eating. I just try to drink a lot of water between meals, and I also love the Weight Watchers cabbage soup….I don’t feel guilty eating a ton of it. (Luckily I love it as well) lol. I hope that your wedding day is beautiful and that you can look past your self-consciousness, and also that you feel better!  Remember that the best accessory is a genuine smile, so just be joyful and enjoy everyone celebrating your love!

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Isabelsong:  That sounds incredibly dangerous and unhealthy. 

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Isabelsong:  well that sounds healthy.


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Young.love:  Hey, good luck with your upcoming wedding! My advice may not help you lose much weight for your wedding so soon…but as someone who had an eating disorder I completely understand how this feels (obsessing over food and feeling out of control when it comes to eating). I really recommend the book “Breaking Free From Emotional Eating” by Geneen Roth. Different things work for different people, but that book changed my life. I can honestly say that I don’t obsess over food anymore, and I listen to my body now and only eat when I’m hungry. 

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babeba:  akirasan:  Bridey77:  

well lol, to be honestly, i didn’t gain all the weight back, probably around 2lbs back. i think one thing i forgot to mention is, don’t forget to take your regular vitamin, although some times i forget to.

when i did that diet, i was in a hurry to lose weight, didn’t really care much about losing muscle ( its not like i had alot of them anyway lol) but i think you can always drink protein, that would be better.

i wouldn’t suggest anyone do what i did if they think they’d be unhealthy after, but for me it worked well.

i’ve also tried other diet method like : 2-3 apples a day + alot of milk, with nothing else and felt energetic.

i’m now able to remain 120lbs (5’6) for 6 years in totally healthy condition

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Isabelsong:  I can see someone being able to do it, but sustaining it would be incredibly unhealthy and dangerous. I’m 110 lbs and even on a non-active day, I’d require a much higher calorie count to function.

I’d suggest a diet that’s much higher in protein, low in anything processed or that contains simple sugars. If there is a food you love, either sub it for something much healthier or greatly reduce the quantity you have it in but stick to what you love. It may not be the fastest method, but it’s more realistic and sustainable in the long run. I’d also avoid having to get your vitamins and protein form pills and drinks. If you have the option of getting it from the real thing (your actual food), it’s so much better for your body.

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rittenhousenewbee:  lol sure, i totally agree. i’m not trying to push anyone to do anything at all. i’m just saying, i was in a hurry to lose weight, so i did this and being THOUGH it, i felt absolutly fine and in total healthy condition. if you THINK you’d be unhealthy, don’t do it =_=;

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