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  • poll: Where do you get your hair cut?
    At a cheap place by whoever is working that day : (70 votes)
    21 %
    At a cheap place, by the same person every time : (29 votes)
    9 %
    At a salon that costs $40-$100 for a cut : (168 votes)
    52 %
    At a salon that costs $100+ for a cut : (15 votes)
    5 %
    Cut it myself : (27 votes)
    8 %
    Other : (17 votes)
    5 %
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    I live in Toronto, where it’s very cosmopolitan, and in the Asian (specifically Chinese) community, there are very good deals for cuts – like about $20-25 just for a cut for super long hair like mine, in the neighbourhood of $10 (or even less) for men’s short hair.  If you need colour done it’ll be way more, obviously. 

    I used to go to the same guy for years, but while I loved how my hair looked when it grew out, it would take 1-2 months for me to like it when he first cuts it.  So I went somewhere else – after the first time, it was fine (decent highlights but the cut wasn’t that good, though I have really long hair so it’s a bit more forgiving), but I recently had my second appointment and wasn’t pleased with the results.

    I want to look into the Japanese salons because I’ve been hearing good things about service and quality.  It’s a shame there aren’t really any places that do balayage or ombre colour jobs here though – I’d lovelovelove to get that done!  It’s one of my loose goals to go to Guy Tang in California (but he charges $500 for a cut & colour, though he’s supposed to be amazing & worth every penny).

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    If it saves you money and your not particular then why not.

    My friend is my hairdresser and I only trust him to cut my hair. He knows that if he cuts more then a specified amount of I will cry haha! So I go to him only cause he knows me and exactly what I want so I dont have to explain it to a new person each time. Plus I get to visit with him and have a talk while he does my hair which is nice 🙂

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    Oh, I hear you. I doubt my coiffure would wow anyone used to a professional cut. But if I want very simple layers, I just do a very high (as in top of the head) pony tail and do a cut straight across. Once you take it down, voila— layers! (again, I’m easily satisfied. Anyone else’s mileage may vary!)

    But I say rock your salon of choice! I’ve known enough people with horror stories from very expensive places to know that’s not the only mark of great salon.

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    @iarebridezilla:  Lol that’s exactly the kind of haircut Darling Husband gets, and I had never used clippers or a trimmer before either. I swear it wasn’t hard…I think I watched a youtube video for like 3 minutes before I did it. The fade part isn’t too bad as long as you start with the longer clipper and work your way down, stopping at the same reference points all around their head. I can’t say I did an amazing job, but he certainly doesn’t look stupid and my anal retentive husband gave the seal of approval. 

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    @iarebridezilla:  I go to a cheap-ish salon. I’ve always found that if you go a place that charges $35+ they feel like it’s okay to make executive decisions about your hair and ignore what you asked them to do. I’m usually very polite about this kind of thing (hard to believe I know), but after asking for a 2 inch trim and getting 4 taken off plus layers that I didn’t ask for I was just done. When my stylist asked me what I thought I said ‘This is not the haircut I asked for. I told you that I only wanted a trim.’ and it felt glorious. I don’t have anything against a stylist suggesting things that might look good but they have to be able to take ‘No, I’d like you to just do this.’ for an answer. 

    I’m a little cautious about going to really cheap salons. I tried it once and the haircut was okay, but the entire time I was looking at the stylist in the mirror and thinking ‘I have literally no idea if you’re going to fuck this up or not.’. I don’t know if I could do that again. 

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    I voted “other” because I do go to a salon, and I use the same person every single time (and have for the past 5 years!) BUT it’s less than $40.  I go to a hole in the wall, only popular with Asian people (I’m not Asian) little place and it’s about $20-$30.

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    @iarebridezilla:  Not at all. I honestly believe that anyone with a cosmetology license is probably capable to do the 1 inch trim i always get. I mean cutting hair is the first day of beauty school, right? I pay 17 as well and go to whoever is working. 

    However, because I am a bit crazy right now and have been growing my hair out I am only going to a certain person i trust. But after the wedding I will go right back to fiesta (a midwestern type master cuts) and maybe even back to the toni and guy salon– where a STUDENT (GASP!!) trims my hair for 12 bucks!!!


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    my friend does it from her house (she works in a high end salon). she knows what I like and I know her colors/etc.

    I used to go to just random places.. they werent bad but they werent perfect. 

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    I’ve had crappy haircuts at both expensive salons, and cheaper places like Great Clips.

    If I spend less than $20 and get a not-so-great haircut, I don’t feel so bad about it.  But if I’m shelling out $100 and get a bad cut?….I’m pissed.

    Lately I’ve been going to a Great Clips right by my parents’ house and became friends with one of the stylists.  I’ll send her a text to see when she’s open and she’ll text me back on whether to come in that time or not.  Works for me!  And, I always tip her very well.

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    I wish I could go somewhere cheaper, and with anyone who is available at the time. I have thick curly hair that I don’t trust many people to deal with. A bad haircut can make me go from beautiful soft curls to frizzy afro REAL quick!

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    I cut my own hair, layers, bangs and all. I have had bad luck with hair stylists cutting off way too much, so I decided why not just do it myself. I do my FIs haircuts too.

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    A couple weeks before Christmas I went to a Hair Cuttery. I just wanted a trim and didn’t want to pay $50 for it. So I asked for a half-inch trim with some long layers. This is what I got.

    What a effing disaster! I ended up getting my money back and had to get it fixed elsewhere. Luckily they were able to salvage it without cutting too much length off!

    I will NEVER, EVER, EVER go to a cheap place again. Ever.

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    @iarebridezilla:  I’ve always done cheapie. When I lived in DC, it seemed like $70 WAS the cheapie option so I actually just waited until I’d visit the midwest and do it there. I’ve only had a few bad experiences at a cheapie place, and it wasn’t THAT bad but like you, I’m not particular.

    In the last year, I’ve started going to an Aveda salon where a girl I know from high school does my hair and I get a pretty steep discount. I don’t exactly know how, because it seems relatively cheap. (Like one time it was highlights, cut and a blowout for like $65 or something.) I tip her a lot so maybe that’s why I continue to get the discount. She’s amazing at color and it’s a “treat” thing. 

    I definitely did cheapie box dye for years, and it was totally fine though. My hair was black so it would be silly to pay for that. I only started going to her when I wanted the black lifted to something lighter/different.

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