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With a lot of people like that, it’s hard to justify to them.  How did you already have your bachelors at 19?  Did you graduate from HS early or something because that’s early!  I graduated in 3 years and I was still almost 21.

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I was a grade skipper and still didn’t graduate college until I was 21.  Would have been 20, but I did take 5 years to get my degrees ๐Ÿ™‚

Regardless, with as smart as you are, I’m sure you’ll come up with some great comebacks for the naysayers!

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I think people say this because a lot of growing occurs during your 20s. Yes you have accomplished a lot but you still have so much more to accomplish.

A lot of people on this website and the people who make these comments to you will think back to the person that they were with when they were 19 and think OMG what if I was married to HIM! Personally that is how I feel! The guy who I was with for 3.5 years when I was 19, who I thought I would marry at the time, is now 28 lives with his parents and is jobless :-S.

Now this is not to say that this is what will happen to you and your guy. Many couples have married young and have had long happy marriages.

But the comment of why wait rings true to me! Why not enjoy being young and in love together without being married and get married when you are a bit older. I met my Fiance when I was 20 and I really feel like we have grown up together (now 27); however, there were things that we did when we were young (that I am glad we did) and together that we wouldn’t have done if we were married!

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Sugar bee

Wow, way to go!  I think you should do what you want you want…live your life.

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What you don’t have at 19 is hindsight. At 27 I am still lacking but am going to give it a shot!

For me, if my ex Boyfriend or Best Friend at 19 proposed I would have said yes and as we had been together for over two years and we were happy and in love. I am glad he didn’t as Future Mrs Martin says, everything would be different and not for the better!

I would be still in my home town, wouldn’t have travelled and most importantly wouldn’t have meet my now FI. I had a couple of serious BF’s since then – I think its important to practise at relationships!

Not saying your bloke isn’t the right one for you, I am sure he is and maybe you don’t have priorities like travel etc but I was sure that my (ex) Boyfriend or Best Friend at 19 was the right one and I am glad it didn’t work out.

Everyone is different and you sound like someone who has everything in order (being an accountant this will be second nature to you) so I am sure your decision is based on fact and reason as well as emotion. I just think you will be disappointed if you expect people to understand this as for a few people, 19 is too young if they were in your shoes.




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I know where you’re coming from. I’m 18 and getting married June 13 of this year…1 month! People’s comments used to bug me, but now if I don’t feel they deserve an explanation for the reasons I’m getting married so young, I won’t give them one. I don’t have your accomplishments, but I still know that I’m ready for this step and it’s the right choice for me.

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Wow, 19 with a bachelor’s?  That’s great!  I thought I was young because I graduated 3 days before my 21st!

I wouldn’t have gotten married at 19, even though I am still with the same guy, I just don’t think I was ready at all!  Now at 25, I am!  I think your situation may be a lot different though, and you should do what’s right for you and not worry about what others say. 

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I’m 20 and have 1 year to go on my bachelors.  I’ve always been pretty mature for my age and known what I wanted in life, and this is no different.  When people tell me not to rush because “nothing changes” I ask them “If nothing changes, why shouldn’t we get married?”

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In the end it’s your life and you have to live it, so good luck to you…BUT, I was engaged at 19.  We had been together 3 years and were crazy in love.  But things happened and we didn’t get married and I am so, so glad.  I think if we had I would be a divorced, single mom right now.  I still know him.  I know the people we turned out to be based on the experiences we had in our 20s.  We both changed so much and would not have been right for each other after getting out of college, getting jobs and experiencing living an adult life together.  He’s happily married with two darling girls.  I’m getting married next week.  It’s a far cry from where we were at 19 but we are both so much happier and better off.

This is my story, not yours, and yours could end totally differently.  I hope if you get married you make it last.  But I agree with nzbride in saying that hindsight is an interesting thing and you might just find that those telling you to wait know a thing or two that no one (not just you) could know at 19. 

Again, good luck to you, I hope that you make it work if you decide to go for it! 

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I’m 20 and financially independent (still in my undergrad, though) so I know how you feel. Most of the criticism comes from people we don’t know or fellow students. Honestly, as another poster said, people think back to who they were – but they’re not you. 

I don’t let this bother me because I think back to how down on our relationship people were when we were 15, 16, 17. They all said “you’ll regret not dating other people in high school, you’ll regret not going to different colleges, you won’t get the real experience” etc – but we’re happier than ever. So it’s easy to shake off. ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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first off CONGRATS!!! you sound much more mature than i was at that age! lol – seriously though – i think the issue is (and you must know this) so many people take their 20’s to really get to know who they are and what they want from life. i know that’s what I did. but if you are ready then you’re ready and there’s nothing wrong with that! 

i say congrats and i wish you a gorgeous wedding and a fabulous marriage! i know i wish i’d have found the man of my dreams at that age! it just took me a lot longer…and that’s ok too!

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Congratulations on all you’ve accomplished at 19!!! People will always make comments, if not about your age then about something else. Like you already seem to know,age and maturity are different things and you sound very mature. I’m 23 and people still think my future hubs and I are young. You’ll probably have the last laugh by having an awesome life and marriage and I’m sure you’ll think of some comebacks ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Wow! Can I just say you are awesome? I’m almost 21 and I haven’t done half of that. And you seem pretty mature, so no, I don’t think you’re too young. ๐Ÿ™‚

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it’s about love, and being mature(which obviuosly you’ve got some notches in your belt) helps alot, and if your ready, and already got your life mostly in order then you don’t need to justify yourself! good for you is all i can say!

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