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I was doing yoga for two months two times a week, I noticed a big difference in my flexibility and soreness.  It did aggravate my carpal tunnel a bit but got better with time.  I want to start up again.

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Flexibility and core strength.  I probably wouldn’t really suggest doing yoga ONLY if you’re trying to reach a weight loss goal, but I enjoy yoga and I feel like it adds balance to my exercise program.

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I did yoga EXCLUSIVELY and lost 40 pounds–although yes, I was also on Weight Watchers and eating well. But I didn’t do any other exercise. And I’m telling you, I used to spin (the stationary bicycle class) 5-6 days a week and I also used to run and nothing made my body LOOK better than yoga. (Okay Jillian Michaels made good on her promises, but I can only do so much JM–I can do yoga indefinitely!) 

For me, yoga WAS cardio–but I did a rigorous form of flow vinyasa yoga and I could tell, just because I’ve been a lifelong exerciser, that it was a good workout. My breathing was labored and my heartrate was up. Not all types of yoga are cardio, though, and it really depends on what the studio is like AND what each teacher’s style is like. Plus, if you are just starting out, then I would recommend taking beginner’s classes so you can get your bearings and start out with good form–plus, if memory serves, I found beginner’s classes hard anyway! Eventually, you’ll want to look for classes listed as “flow” or “power” or “vinyasa” or “ashtanga” for styles that are more energetic–but again, it really depends on the teacher. At the studio I go to now, people wear heartrate monitors with calorie counters and the calorie burn they report off the device is usually somewhere between 700-800. Which is a lot–and yes, it might be an overestimation, and it’s also because the studio I go to happens to heat the room, but even if you shaved off some of those calories, it’s a pretty good burn. It’s also helped to make me physically stronger and more flexible, and emotionall much more focused and more patient. So I’m a big proponent of yoga. But at the very least, even if you don’t make it the centerpiece of your regimen, I think it’s still great to have in one’s routine, even if it’s just meditation or relaxation. 

The other thing, though, is the reason that it worked for me so well is because I LIKE doing it. That’s going to be the deciding factor–we can all talk about what the “best” fitness routine is (cross-training? running? pylometrics? weights?), but the best one for you is the one that you will actually DO, whether it be yoga, aerobics, golf, or dancing the electric slide for an hour. 

The best way to try yoga is to take a beginner’s class and to experiment with different teachers and studios. Each one will have a different take on the practice and a different vibe–some people like playful; some people like regimented. All depends on you. 



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i do hot yoga and love it. i tend to go through a variety of workouts and i find yoga to be a great “recovery” workout if i’m sore. i also find it relaxes me, although if i don’t plan my day well and wait too long after yoga to eat something, that serenity pretty much goes out the window Tongue Out

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I’ve been practicing for a few years and I really enjoy my yoga classes. I do notice that I feel more ‘grounded’ and flexible if I go once a week than if I skip. I’ve also noticed that I feel more in tune with my body when I practice regularly – my breathing, posture and flexibility are better. And it’s a great way to relax after a long day or stretch after a particularly sore week at the gym.

Like some of the other PPs its a good supplement to my exercise routine. I feel like my cardio and weight training sessions do more for my overall level of fitness.

If you’re just starting out I’d suggest giving a class a whirl – just let the instructor know that it’s your first time so they know to assist you with adjustments and help talk you through some of the poses.

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I LOVE yoga. I took to it the very first day. After a yoga work out I feel awesome. The benefits are amazing. Originally I only wanted to do it so I would be in shape, but my mood is so much better. I find myself being less stressed about things, I’m anxious and sad less too. (I’ve always been moody) i would recommend it to anyone. If one class doesn’t work for you… there’s always another yoga class that could be perfect.

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I am definitely one of those “yoga changed my life” people.  From an emotional perspective, it makes me much more grounded, allows me to decompress and let go, and has helped me develop some wonderful stress coping strategies.  I seriously feel better after a good yoga class than after a 90 minute massage.

From a physical standpoint, I like classes that add a bit of ab work because I find that a strong core really helps me deepen my practice, but “regular” yoga will not tone your abs.  You will, however, see amazing results/definition in your arms, upper back, and legs.  

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@MrsSaltWaterTaffy:  Have you tried really pressing through the pads of your fingers?  I used to have a lot of wrist problems in yoga, but that helps!

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Oh man, I LOVE yoga. I miss taking the class that I was taking before I graduated. I have a bad back and it helped TREMENDOUSLY, just doing it two days a week. It’s great for flexibility and realigning your body and breathing. 

I saw that one pp mentioned hot yoga, and I would be really careful with that. I cannot do hot yoga and a lot of people have trouble with it (passing out, getting really dehyrdated, etc.). A friend of mine did it and passed out the first time and could only get through maybe half the class even with drinking a gallon of water. 

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I enjoy yoga a lot.  You’ll notice a lot of toning.  I also find it quite relaxing. 

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@redheadem:  Yay! I’m another yoga fan, so come back and update us on your experience!

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ditto here, i do bikram yoga & LOVE it (just started a few months ago so am a newbie) but i always feel so relaxed/exhausted/clean/sore afterwards–its definitely a great cardio workout

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Agree with PPs who said there are so many types of yoga that you could probably find one to suit your needs, whatever your goal may be. 

I practice yoga in addition to doing a variety of other cardio and strength exercises, so I’m not sure I can comment specifically on the fitness benefits of doing yoga exclusively, but I have noticed that a good Vinyasa yoga class leaves me feeling stretched and sore the next day – in a good way.

It is really good for developing that lean, toned look, as long as you’re also eating healthily and doing a bit of cardio. 

I’d say explore the different class options around you. Read the descriptions of each one. I bet you’ll find some tailored more toward meditation and relaxation, and some geared more toward building muscle tone. Heck, you could even switch it up and do some of both types! 

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