(Closed) You and SO: chance meeting or series of events that led to each other?

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Ours was a chance encounter too. I was going out with a friend of mine to a party. My  friend flaked out and then asked me to go somewhere else with her, I declined and went to the party by MYSELF, I never go out by myself. I ended up having conversations with people I didn’t know and had a great time, then out of nowhere this guy comes up to one of the women I was talking to (they knew each other) and he asked her if she knew me and she said to him “We just met.” The next thing I know he and I ended up talking the rest of the night and we’ve been inseparable ever since πŸ˜‰

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I LOVE stories like this! DH and I met in college, but there were so many things that led to us meeting.

First of all, DH actually transferred to our school after 2 years at a different college. If he’d had a better experience at the first school he never would have transferred and I never would have met him! I personally had a bad experience at our school my first semester and almost dropped out. We didn’t meet until the summer so if I had decided to drop out, we never would have met. Glad I stuck it out. πŸ˜‰

We met the summer DH graduated. He used that summer as his last hurrah before getting a “grown up” job and spent most of his days hanging out with his friends that still hadn’t graduated yet. I was torn between staying on campus that summer and taking some extra courses or going home (3 hours away) for the summer. Seriously. It took me months of internalizing, debating, meditating, etc. to make a decision. I finally decided to stay on campus. If I hadn’t, by the time I came back to school in the fall he would have been at his grown up job and not hanging around campus anymore so again, we probably never would have met!

I am the type of person who never, ever regrets my choices (no matter how good/bad they were) because if I had done even the smallest thing differently, I wouldn’t be where I am today. And I kinda like where I am today. πŸ™‚

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@Mrs. Coyote:  “I am the type of person who never, ever regrets my choices (no matter how good/bad they were) because if I had done even the smallest thing differently, I wouldn’t be where I am today. And I kinda like where I am today. :)”


This is definitely me.


I like to think sometimes of the series of events that led to DH and I being able to meet.


I required a scholarship to attend the college I went to (it was out-of-state and therefore higher tuition).  My college counselor at my school knew a bit about the scholarship and said my GPA and test scores would make me a shoe-in to get past the first round but that obviously I was on my own to impress in the interview round to actually get the award.


So I applied and eventually got a letter in the mail saying that I didn’t make the first cut but was still being considered for general admission.  Since I knew I needed the scholarship to be able to afford to attend, I mentally crossed the school off my list.


A week or so later, my college counselor asked if I had heard anything back on the scholarship.  I told him about the letter and he was really shocked and confused.  So he took it upon himself to call the scholarship director and ask him about it.  It turns out that my GPA and test scores had been entered completely wrong in their computer system.  Like, not even close to my actual scores.  They corrected it and I got a letter about a week later saying I’d made it to the interview round.  I ultimately won one of the awards and was therefore able to attend at the school where I met DH the first semester of my freshman year.


If my high school college counselor had never made that phone call and discovered the error, my life would be so different now.  Thanks Mr. Eller! πŸ™‚

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We always talk about this!

Fiance and I met at our old job. I’d been working at the mall and haaaaated it (bad environment + low pay and hours), and a coworker said that her second job was looking to hire a cashier to replace someone who was moving to another department. It was January, the super slow time for home improvement stores, so hiring is almost unheard of. I applied ASAP and got hired. I was being shown around on my first day and saw my Fiance. I immediately thought he was so gorgeous, and he thought that I was a hottie (I was all of 20 at the time, haha).

I was dating someone at the time (should have dumped him!), so Fiance and I got to be really good friends. He ended up getting back together with his ex, so we were friends and support for each other through those two years of hell, before we finally had enough, dumped those a-holes, and started seeing each other.

If I hadn’t made friends with that coworker and she hadn’t gotten fired from her other second job and taken the job at the hardware store, and the kid hadn’t moved back to another department, I never would have gotten a job there and met my Fiance. πŸ™‚

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I was trying to meet someone on OkCupid.


I ended up meeting a guy there was no chemistry with, but we pretty much became instant best friends and spent quite a bit of time together.


One night I wanted to stay in and watch TV. He kept telling me he couldn’t, that he had to meet this friend of his who was in for a week or so from Las Vegas, and he would feel guilty if he didn’t go. He kept begging me to come with him becaues said friend is always late to everything and he didn’t want to be sitting there waiting forever by himself. I really didn’t want to, but finally he twisted my arm and I went.


He and I were playing chess when his friend showed up. I took one look at him and was immediately smitten. 


It turns out that we had gone to the same college (halfway across the state), at the same time. We had lived in the same apartment complex. We had had mutual friends, and he even worked on the same show my college roommate worked on. We had basically the same family histories, and when he left, I found out we had exactly the same car, except his was one year newer and red, and mine was black.

The friend, who was about to leave for Korea, gave his blessing to us having what I thought at the time was going to be nothing more than the best fling of my life.  But a month after he got back to Las Vegas, he found out he and several other people were being laid off due to the economy. So he wound up moving to Oklahoma. And the friend is going to have one heck of a groomsman speech to give at our wedding.

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Very interesting stories! I had been a jobless 19-year-old for at least 6 months, and not in school because I couldn’t afford it anymore. One December morning I was applying for jobs I found through craigslist. I was so sick of it because I had been getting denials or no response at all for so long that I was about to quit, but after some internal whining and arguing decided to apply for just one more.

I got the job at the last place I applied to. My now-husband worked there. **cue strings**

On his end, he had worked at the place a few years earlier, then cut ties in a not-so-awesome way with the company (conflicts with other employees on the way things were running). Some months before we met another employee urged him to meet with the owner and return. He was on the fence about it but eventually agreed. 

Because we come from such different backgrounds and lifestyles, it’s easy to assume we would have never known the other existed otherwise… but what’s also interesting is that while we never met we did have a couple other coincidences: I used to play soccer at a field near his apartment for years and he used to work down the street from my mom’s job.

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We met on Match. We were both going through difficult times after our previous relationships, and had both joined the site fairly recently. I actually almost skipped my first date with him because I was feeling so blah. 


His profile originally caught my eye because we both have identical black cats. 


I’m thankful every day for the series of events that led me to him. He is truly the love of my life and I could not imagine a more amazing man. 


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I’d say it was a small series of events that led DH and I to find each other… or more specifically, him to find me. I had planned on going to college for Early Childhood Education for as long as I can remember, until my high school guidance councillor (also my Dad’s best friend) suggested that I go into Hospitality and Tourism. I had never pictured myself working in a hotel, but he said I had the people skills, so I figured, “why not?”. Doing my 2 co-op terms at my old public school told me I couldn’t handle dealing with the school system, anyway.
That led me to moving 3 hours from home to go to the college closest to family (and the boyfriend I started dating only a few months before my prom)–I was freaked. Other than those 5 people, I knew no one. My boyfriend introduced me to some of his friends, but when I wasn’t hanging out with him/them, or getting ready for the semester to start, I spent time on ICQ talking to all my friends back home…

Well, one day DH messaged me out-of-the-blue. My ‘profile’ said what college I was attending, and in what field, and it just so happens that his Dad taught (and still teaches) at the college in that field. Eerie! DH was living about 3 hours away at the time, but for 5 months, he tried to get me to agree to coffee with him when he’d come home to visit. πŸ˜›
Long-story-short, I finally agreed to coffee, and the rest is history. The ‘date’ started off as friends, but that quickly went out the window. I cheated on my boyfriend that night, and broke up with him the next day… DH and I were official 8 hours after that.

DH now teaches at the college (in Hospitality and Tourism), as well. ;] We should have totally taken pictures there on our big day, but our venue was out of the way. Bummer.

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Oh – ours was a huge series of events….


 I skipped freshman orientation for college  in MA to attend an event with friends, Lo and Behold – FH was there. He apparently over the course of 4 hours decided I was hot stuff. Ironically, we both lived in NY. I should have technically never skipped orientation – oops..

FH admits wondered how quick he could get me into bed. Those were his original intentions. haha.  When he came over to hit on me when our friends groups went to the same pizzeria, I turned him down cold as I had a high school sweetheart. I later learned he had a reputation as a ladies’ man and being a bit wild. If I had said yes, I’m sure our relationship would have been very different, and him very disappointed…

We stayed “friends” and i use that term loosely for years. It wasn’t until I finished college and moved home to start my career we really started hanging out. I really never wanted to move back to NY. 

I became his “chick” friend. That female he told all his wild stories for shock and awe, as well as a girl to talk about the “how do I do this” “why is she mad” at me. I became his female wingman for lack of a better term. 

We both fell on hard times – I wasn’t having success right out of college and couldn’t cope with my family, his engagement was falling apart at the seems. We became really close as we both helped each other soldier on – and eventually he confessed he was falling in love with me. 

I made him wait months and months after he ended his last engagement before dating, to make sure he was grounded, blatantly dating other guys in front of him and repeatedly turning him down before giving him “a shot.”  

Why he kept asking me, I’ll never know – but in the end, he has one thing right. He told me on Day 1 to “Dump the other guy and date me, I’m the man for you” and essentially he might win that argument (1 1/2 months to change it)


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Definitely a chance meeting. I was casually dating someone, and he was casually dating someone the night we met. We had both planned to bring our ‘dates’ with us to a bonfire with mutual friends (I was friends with a girl and he was friends with her fiance). Both dates fell through, and we both decided not to go.

 Then, we changed our minds and decided to go.

We met, and it was an instant, undeniable connection (that neither of us to this day can explain). It was like we’d known each other forever; we stayed up all night and talked about many things (things that I would normally reserve for close friendship), and have been inseperable since. (Oh, and we both got rid of the ‘casual dates’ quickly after meeting LOL).

Meeting him by chance was the most amazing and wonderful thing that has ever happened to me. Good lord, that sounds corny, but it’s true. I am so glad we changed our minds and decided to go to that bonfire.

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There was definitely a long chain – series of events – that led my husband and I to meet each other.


I had a friend in high school who had somehow met my husband’s cousin. Although this friend was living in my home state, she was up in the tri state area for some reason (don’t even know what it was now). She coincidentally ended up at my husband’s cousin’s house for the weekend and my husband ended up there too when he was visiting his parents in the same town. My friend decided that he would be perfect for me so she called me up and connected us. I didn’t know him, and my friend barely knew him, but as it turned out I had two friends that had been on a program with him in Mexico a few years earlier. Both of them had very high recommendations of him, and even said they thought it was a good match. Turns out, my husband also lived in my home state for high school (his family had relocated and then moved back when he graduated) so he knew a lot of my friends! We had never even met, or heard of each other, when he lived here. Turns out also that my husband’s cousin was really good friends with some of my bridesmaids since they all went to the same college. Actually, now that I think about it, the friend that officially set us up may have been in college there too for the summer semester. 


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dh & I originally met in 1985 and were friends with benefits while dating other people (we were only 17 & 18) we were only friends about 6 months or so and then we just drifted apart

fast forward to 2010 when I saw him on facebook and sent a friend request, he replied back that I still looked great and he described this happy, beautiful life he had, lovely wife, 2 great kids, etc

fast forward another 6 months and I sent him a message asking about a mutual friends whereabouts, no reply, then 3 weeks later a message apologizing for not answering and saying his wife had left him and the kids and his life had pretty much fallen apart. I offered him moral support since his wife was an alcohlic/addict and so is my ex…and here we are 2 years later, married!

series of events I guess?

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