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I met him at a 3-week work training program 5.5 years ago and we hooked up after knowing each other for only a few days. We lived in different cities at the time, so obviously didn’t continue the relationship. A year later I moved to NYC (where he worked) and we tried dating briefly again, but being only 23 years old it only lasted about 1 month before we both realized we weren’t ready for anything serious (which it was quickly becoming as we were very attracted to each other).

I left the company we worked for, so did he, and two years go by without us speaking although we did see each other on the street and at bars every once in a while. Out of nowhere, I get an email from him asking how things are going and if I want to get together for a drink with our mutual friend who worked with me at the time. I agreed hesitantly and out we went. Fiance pretended he was interested in a job at my company which immediately relaxed me as I had just started dating someone else. But little did I know he was devastated to find out I was dating another guy and was NOT interested in a job, he wanted me to be his girlfriend finally.

So he asked me out for a drink a few days later, alone, and we both knew instantly it was meant to be. It was like the world stopped around us. I broke up with the other guy I had started dating and Fiance practically moved in with me. 1.5 years later, we got engaged on the ice rink at Rockefeller Center πŸ™‚

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Well, we met at work… he was hired about 5 months after me and I had a crush on immediately. So of course, I was a huge flirt but he wasn’t. responding. to. it. and that was FRUSTRATING! But then I found out that he had a gf… a gf he’d been dating for 5 years! Well, there goes that crush; so I started dating people I totally shouldn’t have and were all wrong for me. I don’t remember when i found out, but they broke up in May and that October one of our favorite clients broke his hip, so we went together to see him in the hospital. Well,it turns out that our client had been discharged so we went to dinner instead. During dinner, I basically texted my ex the whole time trying to get out of a coffee outing for later that night… I’m really, really glad Mr. KM decided to give me a second chance cause I was just horrible company that night and basically acted totally uninterested in him! Dur. So the following week we watched Mary Poppins and I made oatmeal cookies (his fav) and picked up Graeter’s Pumpkin Ice Cream (also his favorite) and we’ve been pretty much inseprable ever since.

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We met at the dojo where we both do karate. He was a brown belt when I started. The day I started, he was being dumped by his gf of 3 years… I learned that only later.

So we practiced karate together; he apparently liked me but I had no idea. I was with someone at the time; a 6 years relationship. I planned to end that relationship at one point and started karate non only to train, but also to have my own activities and make new friends. Soon enough, I ended up leaving my ex.

In the meantime, we started doing things together with groups of friends, and as soon as we really talked, it was like we always knew each other. There was this great complicity between us even if we didn’t know each other at all. We could finish each other’s sentences, had the exact same strategies in games, etc.. Very weird. We also started doing things together just the two of us, without officially dating since I was not free.  It wasn’t long after I left my relationship that we started dating, however I wasn’t ready to start anything serious because I had just left my serious bf. So I tried ending things with him because I thought he deserved more than half of me. He refused, saying that we had something too special to not try and experience it, and that we’d take things slow…

I wouldn’t move in until we were engaged, because I did live with my ex and the breakup was only harder because of that – breaking up, and having to move are two different things! So we didn’t move in officially, but we were together 24/7 except when at work.

Everything has always been very natural and smooth between us, I can’t believe how lucky I am to have found him and to be married to him in less than one week!


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We lived in the same building for almost a year but I’d never met him until July 3, 2007. I was sitting in my “garden on the veranda” when he walked by and I said hi. He sat down and we started to talk when mid-way through a sentence he said, “you’re beautiful”. That was it, I was hooked.

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We worked at the same company at our college.  It was a 98% male dominated company, and I had lots of friends there, but had no clue who he was.  One night I was working late (it was a campus job, we were open until 11 pm every night of the week.)  And someone invited me to a party at Ski’s house.  I was like, “Who the f is Ski?”  Anyway by the time I get off work and go to this mysterious Ski’s house there are like 5 people left at this party and they are all trashed.  One of the girls was puking in the toilet already! 

Everyone left except for me and Ski and he walked me the 6 blocks back to my house.  He got a phone number and a hug for walking me home.  I was really proud of myself.  (I had a kind of reputation at this company for sleeping with the boys).  He was pretty dissappointed. 

We didn’t really talk or anything the rest of that quarter, until the end of it.  He had to write an econ paper, and was going to ask his roommate to do it for $100.  I asked what book it was off of and he said, “Upton Sinclair, The Jungle.”  Since I had already read the book, I offered.  (I really needed the $100 to pay rent!)  I wrote the paper, he got an A.  Then we had a mini-date when he paid me, he bought me lunch! 

A week or so after that he took me out on a real date and I didn’t sleep in my bed that night…. haha.  Then we both went home for Christmas break and didn’t see each other for almost 2 weeks!  We texted every day and when we got back we went out and started dating officially on January 6th.  We haven’t hardly spent a night apart since. 

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Both Fiance and I were in serious relationships in 2006. Mine was 5 years long ending in Sept, his was about a year long (but they were living together already) ending in early Dec. Jan 1 2007 for our own reasons, we both decided we were done with our ex’s and needed an adventure, so we both signed up for match.com. 

We both met one other person each. Both went on two dates with that one other person. Fiance and I were the second people that we met on the site. We talked online for about a week and at some point we made a bet about a movie (no idea what the bet was now), and decided that whoever lost had to treat to starbucks. I lost, and we set a date to meet at Starbucks on Feb 14, 2007 (although neither of us acknowledged that it was v-day haha). 

On Feb 12 there was a MASSIVE blizzard that literally shut our city down. No one went anywhere but I’d be damned if I was going to miss my date. I didn’t own a snow shovel and literally shoveled my way to my car with a cookie pan so that I could wear cute high-heeled boots on the date! We made it to starbucks, ordered our drinks, and I took my wallet out to pay since I lost the bet— but i NEVER thought he’d actually let me! Well? he did! lol. I was so shocked and I still tease him about how I treated on our first date πŸ™‚ The rest, as they say, is history! (and for the record, on our second date he bought me dinner and a movie heh)

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I feel like I’ve told this over and over on here, but I’ll bite. πŸ™‚ It’s nice to see everyone’s stories. 

We met in 6th grade when my parents decided to move and I had to transfer schools. We actually barely spoke to each other for the first two years we were in the same class (teeny tiny private school) but started debating about something trivial (politics? who was the better author of the books we were reading? probably both) and struck up a friendship. We flirted all throughout 8th grade. We were both pretty much romance wusses – I had had one boyfriend for a short time, he had never had a girlfriend. 

The summer before high school we finally got together. We lived in different school districts, and so we went to separate schools, but made a point to go on a date or hang out at least once or twice a week and talk on the phone often. That evolved into a full-fledged serious relationship the summer before our sophomore year, much to our parents’ chagrin. 

The best part about our relationship is that I have never once felt like I settled, or like I stayed because it was comfortable. To this day, we have both a shared history and an intense passion. We are totally different people now than we were when we started dating, but more in love than ever, which makes me confident that we can grow together for the rest of our lives. 

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@Corgi..Girl I am from Columbus and remember that week vividly! You are awesome for not letting that blizzard we had stand in your way! Fate sweetie Fate! That is an adorable story!

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we grew up going to the same temple, he was friends with my brother and all of his friends… but we never met each other. he’s older then me so we just never ran into each other. he went to temple one night to pray for his friend who was about to be deported, the first time he’s been in years. i just graduated from grad school so i was home and making my parents go to temple with me quite often, and there he was with all of my brother’s friends. i went over to say hi to my brothers friends, and introduced myself to the random guy that happened to be with them (all the while thinking wow, who’s this cute jewish boy!). he facebook friended me the next day.

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Oh, ya’ll should go check out the story my fiance wrote on our website.  I asked him to do that part because he’s a better writer than me.  An hour later he shows me this long story he’s written and its so not true, but hilarious!  I had to go ahead and use it.  He’s nuts!


Its under Our Story

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Fiance and I went to the same high school. My freshman year i was taking a class that was on the second floor where all the sophmores had their lockers. I became friends with this soph. guy “Jeff” whose locker was right outside my classroom… he was friends with my Fiance. I guess Jeff had a crush on me and asked my Fiance to call me and ask if i liked him (and to get to know me more to report back to Jeff) (yeah, this was high school)

Fi and i started talking on the phone all the time and before we knew it, we both liked each other. ( sorry Jeff πŸ™‚  ) Fiance “asked me out” and i said yes, the officially start of our dating. He was my first boyfriend and I was his first girlfriend. We’ve been together ever since. It was hard through college and grad school because we had to do long distance on-and-off for 2 years but we are so proud of our relationship. 

I can relate to you @lilyfaith, because we’ve never felt like we “settled” or that we missed out on dating or anything. We totally grew up together and at 27, we are both different people than we were at 16 and 17 but our love is stronger because of our history. We know that these last 11 years are just the beginning and look forward to continue to share our lives together. We’ll be together almost 13 years on our wedding day.

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We met while on vacation with our families. Both of our families have been going up to the same spot for generations. My grandfather even knew his but we had never met despite our coinciding vacations every year as kids.

Fast forward 3 years ago, our siblings had met and decided to introduce us- instant friends, romantic interest, but we were living over 1100 miles away. Eventually, we decided to quit fighting it and dated LD, then we both moved to be in the same city. The rest is history. We’re both super excited to be married soon! 45 days!


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We met at the Home Depot.  Dorky, I know.  We were both working there for the summer….I was home from college and he was living/going to school in the area at the time.  I was totally uninterested in a relationship, having dealt with some drama the previous semester.  In fact, I wasn’t really interested in Fiance at first…I thought he was cute, but kind of nerdy.

Anyway, I figured a summer fling wouldn’t hurt.  We started “hooking up” as we said in college, and I had all intentions of ditching him at the end of the summer ;o)  Butttt, the end of summer came and we decided to give it a shot.  We were long-distance for two years while I finished up school.  Then we moved to the city together and the rest is history ;o)

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