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  • poll: Do you use hormone based contraceptives like birth control pills?
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    No : (37 votes)
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    I certainly should be!

    I started taking the birth control pill when I was 15 (derm recommended it at the time for my acne issues) I was not active at that time. Now at 23 I have had such issues with taking the pill the last couple of years. I find it to be a horrible annoyance. I will take it for a month then forget about starting it and not take it for 3 months then it starts all over with forgetting etc.

    I have tried other things that I just didn’t have to worrie about, like the patch (oh god the patch….I gained about 20 pounds in like a week, my cousin also experienced a massive weight gain from this method) as well as the ring, which I didn’t enjoy (ahem….it made me….dry….down there….) I have been on Tri cyclen, and Tri cyclen lo, and have now been on yasmin the past couple of years

    I dont want to get pregant at this point in my life so I dont know why I havent been more hard on myself with trying to get this under control. when the Fi do have sex we use condoms but I get worried and would like to have 2 methods.

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    I like the pill.  It’s not for everyone, and you might have a play around with a few different kinds to find the best one for you, but it’s nice to know exactly when your period will be and to not have to worry about getting pregnant.

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    Those bad things can happen to you one day. That is the risk you take. It’s a relatively small risk, but a risk nonetheless.

    But if it’s working fine for you so far, hopefully it will keep working fine. For me, one of the many who had crazy problems with hormonal bc, the problems were evident right from the get-go. It’s not like something worked for awhile and then quit working—it never worked right, even when I tried various different kinds.

    For other ladies who had problems on hormonal bc, what was the context of the problems? (Examples might include, they started right away, they came upon me randomly, they happened when I switched brands, they happened after I had a baby…)

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    I couldn’t take the pill because it made me sick and it doesn’t work if you throw it up!

    I was on the patch for about 2 years.  My only issue was that it made me a bit crazy.  I don’t know when it started but one day I just realized that I didn’t really feel like myself.  I stopped using the patch and I felt less crazy.  It’s completly possible that it was all in my head but FH noticed it too.

    I’m on my third month with the ring and so far so good.  I might be a little more emotional now but I also have a lot of wedding stress at the moment so it might not be the hormones.  I’m trying to be more aware of my emotions.  On a good note, I had really bad cramps when I was off the patch and now they are mild by comparison!  YAY!

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    I am also on the pill (Kariva, which I think is a fairly low dose of hormones) and I love it. Background: I’ve been on BC since age 12 or 13. I started getting my period (very regularly and everything) at age 10, but a few years later I lost weight and it affected my cycle.  I was on the pill for years to regulate my periods, and then I just decided to stay on it because I reached an age when I might actually need it for its intended purpose. 

    While I have friends who have had trouble with side effects, I’ve never experienced any myself. It really just depends on your indivdual body.  I love the consistency, knowing when my period is going to arrive and how long it will be.  I have shorter and lighter periods now than I did before I took the pill, and I love that.  I know some people say they have trouble remembering to take the pills, but it’s not a problem for me. It’s the first thing I do when I get up in the morning.

    I’ve never experimented with any other methods, but I know some women on this site swear by NuvaRing. I’m sure you’ll get some reviews of that as well.

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    I tried two pills before finding one I liked. Well, the one with the least annoying side effects, I guess. Yaz was the WORST. Everything was fine for awhile, then I wouldn’t stop bleeding for weeks! It was like having a month long period. UGH.

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    I started off on Yasmin for about five years, then recently switched to the generic brand (Ocella). I’ve never had any sort of side effects or complications from those. I studied abroad in college, and at that point, I switched to the patch so I wouldn’t have to remember to take the pills. I HATED it. I gained fifteen pounds in three months. As soon as I switched back to the pill, the weight dropped right back off again.

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    I can’t take birth control pills because they worsen my already-horrible migraines. The one time I was on the pill, about seven years ago, I had a constant migraine that lasted the whole week I was taking the pill. No more pill for me after that. Since my migraines are still not under control, my neurologist told me to not try to go on any hormonal birth control right now, but as soon as we figure out a way to get those migraines under control I’m going to try to get on BC. We currently rely on condoms for birth control but I’m terrified of getting pregnant and I look forward to being able to use two reliable methods at once. But as soon as we have one or two kids, I’m getting my tubes tied (and fiance is also willing to get a vasectomy), and then no more worries about birth control 🙂

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    I was on tri cyclen and then tri cyclen lo for four years.  I didn’t have any noticeable changes at all during that time.  One year ago we moved, and I didn’t have health insurance at the time (just graduated college, no job yet, couldn’t afford COBRA) so I decided to stop taking the pill and we switched to condoms.

    I didn’t know it, but once I got off the pill, I started to realize what a big effect the chemicals had had one me.  Going off the pill made my sex drive go way up, made me less fatigued/irritable, and made me feel physically better.  My new gyno says that she could reccomend a different pill to see if I would still get those side effects, but I’m pretty happy with condoms right now.  We’re careful to use them "as instructed," but neither of us would be terribly upset if we got preganant right now (actually, my husband wishes we could throw bc out altogether!).  Plus, I like that when we are ready to get pregnant (in a few years) there won’t be an adjustment period for my body to go back to normal.  We’re also considering starting STM (a NFP method) by the end of the year so we’re more prepared to deal with our fertility and so that we can use condoms only as our "backup" plan.


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    I’m 21 and have been on the pill for 2 about 2 1/2 years now, on Lo Estrin 24. I have to say, that so far, I LOVE it! I really do. It makes my cramps less severe and I know EXACTLY when I’m supposed to get my period, when before it was kind of inconsistant (or I just didn’t know how to track it, I dont know). We’ve had no accident and don’t use a backup method. I will say that if we relied soley on condoms, I’d probably have ended up pregnant by now because we didn’t have very good luck with those, or weren’t using them right, idk. It does give me headaches and sometimes they are quite painful, but I just take an ibuprofen and it’s ok. It’s usually towards the end of the pack and the beginning, but the benefits really outweigh the negatives. I’ve also gained about 5lbs since being on the pill, but that’s not necessarily pill related. I didn’t notice any improvement in terms of acne. It’s just now been going away with age I think, less break outs I mean, within the past year or so.


    I will say that I would have a hard time remembering to take it, especially at first, but I knew that would be a problem so I just have an alarm set on my cell phone that goes off EVERYDAY at the same time (10pm) so I remind myself on days it would have otherwise slipped my mind. I was sure to pick a time that won’t interfere with work, and I didn’t like the morning idea because I don’t want an alarm going off when I could otherwise be sleeping in! Plus, I heard it sometimes causes nasuea, so taking it at night helps combat that. 

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    I most def take the pill. I can’t imagine not taking it!  I’m on Kariva and I was on something else before it but my doctor switched me to Kariva to help lessen my migraines.  I’ve been on the pill for years even when I was single…my period lasts 2 days, 3 days max.  I don’t experience any cramps thank goodness, and this new pill has helped my migraines be more tolerable so I don’t have to lock myself in a dark room for 2 days wanting to die. 

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    When I first started taking the pill I was on Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo and haaaaated it.  Mostly I just felt like a crazy emotional wreck, which hadn’t been the case before.  I went back after a few months and was switched to something generic with a really low dose, I have no idea what the name of it even is.  Since then, I’ve never had any issues.  And I’m a total stickler about taking it – I have a cell phone alarm set and everything.  

    I’d like to transition off of it eventually just because I’m sure my body will be a little different without it, but I’ve been told an IUD really won’t be a good fit for me until I’ve had kids.  I’ve thought about the Nuvaring and all, but haven’t asked a doctor about it yet.

    Like the others, I think if it’s going fine for you, you’ll be fine in the future as long as you’re aware of the risks and habits that make the potential complications more likely (ie smoking).

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    I had a copper IUD put in in January, and love it. The cramping, etc. with a period is a little worse (I’m told it improves), but negative PMS or emo behavior. I could not be happier with it.

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