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    If it’s something that I cannot eat without literally vomiting (such as onion or tomato) I won’t even pretend I can eat it. Those that know me, especially friends, should know to leave onion/tomato out of dishes they make if I’m coming over for dinner. If it’s something I don’t like much but can eat, I’ll pick at it. However, the raw potato would be pushing it.

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    Luckily for me, everyone that knows me knows what a picky eater I am (especially about meats). They typically ask if I like things they might be cooking if they don’t know that I would eat it. Majority of the time when we go to eat at the homes of my husband’s family, they will make something special for me if they are planning to eat something they know I really won’t eat. They are very considerate and it’s most definitely appreciated! 🙂

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    If you read Miss Manners, she likes to talk about the very traditional rule of “Leaving 1/3 for Miss Manners to eat”

    So I would have mushed around the egg, mushed around the potato, and just eaten the roast!

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    @jessicadarling:  still could contain solanine which can cause sickness like that. Like, poke the potato with a fork and check it … srs. I’m baffled that someone could screw up cooking a potato. 

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    @Deejayelle:  ooo awkward for sure! What a strange menu plan..

    I would push the food around and make it look like I ate a bit of everything and then just blame it on being full from a meal I ate earlier.

    I am a really good eater though so I don’t usually have this problem.

    My DH on the other hand is very picky so he is experienced with this and would do similar to what I stated above. 

    No need to be seen as “ungrateful” by mentioning it being uncooked or that you hate eggs but  definitely don’t put yourself under unneeded stress/stomach pain.

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    @Deejayelle: I’m so sorry for laughing… but I’m cracking up over here! What an absurd dinner choice! Raw potato and cooked egg with roast? No wonder your tummy was upset! Poor thing! I think you did everything right. 

    I can’t believe they didn’t know how to cook a potato though… it’s seriously the easiest thing. Maybe if it happens next time you could ask to pop it in the microwave for a few minutes or in the oven… 

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    When I was a kid, my moms best friend used to watch me and my brother several times a week, and she always made stuff that I didnt like. Stuff with onions and peppers and things (that make me sick.) And she always made me eat every bit of it. And I always got sick and puked when I got home.

    Another time I spent the night with a friend and her mom made meatloaf (I dont eat meatloaf) and I woke up in the middle of the night and puked in her trash can.

    So now I dont eat something if I dont like it. I dont care if thats considered rude or not, I’m not going to make myself sick just so you can feel good that I ate your food.

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    Seriously, WTF on the raw potato and the fried egg! That is SO WERID.

    I would have eaten a lot of the roast, pushed the egg and potato around, and remarked about how good the roast was and how full I was. 

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     my aunt didn’t invite you over, did she?  She serves weird crap like tuna cheese chowder, undercooks chicken, and if berries are for dessert, they’re mostly moldy.  


    Depending on my relationship with the host, I might just leave the food untouched.   Food that’s not edible doesn’t deserve to be eaten (I’m talking undercooked or spoiled).  If I was closer to the host, I might just nicely ask if I could cook the potato a bit more.  The way I see it, if you’re preparing food for people, it’s your duty to make sure they can safely eat it – if you don’t, you deserve to be called out in.  I’ve just gotten sick too many times from bad food to politely suck it up and eat it.


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    @HappySky7:  +1.  Some people are also more sensitive to Solanine than others.

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    Eat what you like, try to take a bite of everything if you can, be polite, and thank your hosts. Cooking dinner for guests can get stressful and she probably knew she messed up the potato; maybe she was too excited about trying a new recipe with the egg, and maybe she was rushed and forgot you don’t like eggs, no biggie.

    It was nice and good of you to not complain, it might have hurt her feelings after she tried so hard. And honestly, I don’t invite picky eaters back to my house for any future dinners 😉

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    @Deejayelle:  If you’re close enough to the friend to go to their house for dinner, you should be close enough to speak up.  I probably would have said “Do you mind if I nuke this potato a little longer?  It’s not cooked throughout.”  

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    Yeesh.  What a bizarre dinner.  How does one cook a roast well but underbake a potato and serve it with a fried egg on top??  I just don’t get it.

    Fiance is Vietnamese, and foods I’m not used to or don’t care for are bound to come up from time to time.  They put bean sprouts on everything, but I can’t stand them.  Same for cucumber, and their habit of using pineapple in their spring rolls.  A few of his relatives also use some questionable cuts of meat (lots of fat/veins/gristle) out of habit since they grew up somewhat less than fortunate.  I love food, and I want to enjoy what I’m eating, so I’m ok with turning things down (quietly and politely) and putting together my own plate whenever possible.  I also make sure to lavish praise on the things I DO like (banh bao… om nom nom!).

    Ooh!  I just remembered – FI’s mom was in charge of the roasted vegetables at our Thanksgiving dinner, and she didn’t keep them in the oven for nearly long enough.  The potatoes were all crunchy, and everybody just laughed it off and pushed them to the side of the plate.

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    I’d eat the hell out of a raw potato. I used to eat them like apples when I was a kid, so raw potatoes do not phase me in the slightest.

    I probably wouldn’t have eaten the egg but I do like eggs, just not hard boiled. If it was scrambled, I’d eat it.

    Edit: We have friends over and we go to their house probably 2-3 times a month. My theory is, if you’re friendly enough to be over for dinner, you can make suggestions. I would not be offended if someone went, “Hey, can I put this back in the oven/microwave for a few minutes?” Shoot, you know where the microwave is, do it yourself! However, I’m VERY “Mi casa es su casa” so I want my friends to feel absolutely at home and comfortable in my home.

    I would have no problem going “Hey, this potato isn’t cooked thoroughly, wanna pop them back in for a few minutes?” Our friend’s wife isn’t a terribly good cook but she isn’t bad, sometimes she gets very nervous when cooking for us purely for this reason. We don’t make a big deal out of it — Her wanting to cook for us comes from a good place.

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    Has your friend ever cooked before? If she had no idea what she was doing, which it sure sounds like, I would have offered to help cook, or politely told her the food was raw.

    But really, how the hell do you screw up a baked potato and why the hell would you put an egg on top? Freakin’ bizarre.

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