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he puts up with me every morning!!

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He wakes you up with a hot cup coffee every morning.

He finds and surprises you with things he knows you love because he loves to see how happy you get.

He knows your taste almost as well as you do.

He’s as interested in my hobbies as much as I am, and has then even surpassed me at times.


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@Olive12:  I do this EVERY time we see a scary movie, hahah. You just made me feel so much better about it! 

My Fiance is the most caring man in the entire world.

He’ll randomly start rubbing my feet while we’re on the couch watching a movie.

He buys the cutest most considerate things for random gifts.

He’ll let me sleep late and when I wake up the kitchen is spotless and the laundry has been folded. 

He asks how I slept before we even get out of bed, and asks what I want for breakfast. 

He calls EVERY night he’s off work to ask if there is anything I need or want before he comes home, even after a 10 hour shift my needs are the first thing that pop into his head.   

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  • Wedding: October 2013

-Quirky humor



-Knows what to say and when

-Good listener


-His IQ is higher than mine: I call that “marrying up”

I sometimes rant about some stressful situations I’ve had in my life recently.  He knows when to let me rant without interruption and change the subject when I start repeating myself (this actually helps me calm down and diffuse my anxiety) or when to help me fix the problem. 

If I’m not already stressed out, he can prevent me from becoming so.  I adore my dad and he’s a great guy, but his odd mindset about things gets on my nerves.  Simply looking for a place to eat is a chore with him; he’s quite fickle.  I didn’t realise I was getting tense as our search for food grew longer and longer.  My fiance grabbed me by the shoulders and said, “Calm down.  Relax.”  Like I said, I didn’t even know I was getting worked up until he did this. 

We can joke about each other’s flaws and we have the same quirky sense of humor.  I’m too dang old for acne and I complain about it sometimes.  He’ll say something such as, “Guys like girls who look 18!” 

Speaking of calming down and quirky humor…I once read an article about how women are often offended by being told to calm down by their significant other because they read a lot of nonsense into it.  It was quite ridiculous.  Anyway, it suggested the woman say, “Yes, you’re right.  My feelings are valid..blah blah.”  Because putting words into other people’s mouths is healthy for a relationship and never causes problems.  SO, as a joke, I tried this on my fiance.  He was dumbfounded at the stupidity of it at first, but then it set in that is was a joke.  He laughed and just told me to shut up and lightly pushed me (we were holding hands and walking). 

He knows how to argue and knows an argument when he hears it.  He’s logical and he listens to the message rather than just the words.  He will defragment another person’s argument to show them what that person is actually saying.  It’s hard to explain, but it’s sexy as heck.  Yesterday, he got into an argument about why people are so bitter toward those they percieve as being better off.  He continually pointed out the logical fallacies in the other person’s argument and gave him time to clarify his points so they could actually have a discussion rather than a pointless bickering session.  He would also point out the assumptions and judgments his friend was making without being rude or pretentious. 

Even though I have no desire to be around kids, he’s very good with kids.  I don’t know why someone who has no interest in children would find this appealing, but I do.  And that’s another point: He’s accepting of the fact that I am not a stereotypical woman. 

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Most recently he’s letting my sister move in with us. We’ve also had my other sister live with us for 6 months before. They’re a little ‘troubled’ and mum has a hard time dealing with both of them, so last night when my sister called me in tears asking to move in he was like ‘Sure’, considering last time she stayed here she put a hole in a wall and left in a cop car I think that’s pretty cool of him.

He helps look after my animals.

He buys me chocolates and flowers for no reason.

He stays at a job he hates so that we have a nice house, land for the horses and money for whatever we like.

He was super supportive of me going to school, he pretty much didn’t even think about the cost, he just said ‘If it’ll make you happy’.

He always tells me how beautiful I am and how much he loves me.

He makes me laugh SO much, because we both have a pretty warped sense of humour.

He offered to help my dad rebuild his house.

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Helper bee

When he totally understands the weird dilemmas that obsess me, like whether to spend my time intuitively inventing new stuff or rigorously explaining stuff… and he tells me that it’s great to try to do both, even if I’m not history’s greatest genius like Nikola Tesla or something.

That one is from last night, haha.

He loves me for who I am, not what I look like. He compliments me on my intellect and personality, instead of just the fact that (like most gals my age) I am pleasant to look at.

He’s madly in love with me – even if he weren’t such an incredibly great human being, that would be hard to resist, but since he’s a great guy I can feel good about basking in his love ๐Ÿ˜€

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He makes me laugh every day and supports me with everything I do

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  • Wedding: July 2015

He went and bought me McDonalds after I broke down in his bed because his family ordered Chinese food, even though they know I hate it.  Didin’t even have to ask, he was just like lets get you some food want.

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He comes home at 7 p.m. from a 12-hour shift and immediately sits down to a 30-minute playdate with my daughter so I can have half an hour to myself. It is so lovely to have that personal time after a full day of mommying and housekeeping and DIYing for the wedding, and it’s so sweet that he does that for me even though he’s been up since before sunrise and is no doubt just as exhausted as I am. He often says that I put myself on the back burner so I can take care of other people/things, so it’s his job to make sure that someone takes care of me. He’s such a sweet and considerate man and it’s one of the things I really appreciate and admire most about him ๐Ÿ™‚

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When I was 18 I rolled a pan of banana bread fresh from the oven down my arms burning them badly. Fiance picked my up off the floor, stuck my arms in the sink, and saved as much of the banana bread as possible.

More recently Fiance has been working 60-70 hour weeks. One night I was having such a bad anxiety attack I couldn’t even function enough to make dinner. Fiance got off a 12 hour shift at 10:30 at night and went to the 24 hour grocery store to pick up something to eat and food for lunches for the next day, and then came home and held me while I had a panic attack for an hour.

He also compliments me out of the blue, tells me I’m his best friend, and that he’ll love me forever. I’m so glad I’ve been with him since we were 16, without his constant positive reinforcement that I am loved and beautiful I’m sure I would have worked myself into some nasty self-image issues by now.

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He does little things every day that remind me of what a good guy he is. Recently it’s included:

  • doing a ton more chores b/c my lupus is flaring/out of remission so I’m just exhausted (and starting a new job hasn’t helped matters).
  • encouraging me to take at least one nap a day, as well as trying to let me sleep in
  • picking up all of my prescriptions for me
  • when my new dr can’t get me in for several months (seriously, in MAY I made an appt for SEPTEMBER. When I called last week to say my white blood cell count was so low, urgent care personally called me… plus i reviewed my blood work, and I think my lupus is out of remission, they were all, “Nope, first available is September). My husband said, “Can you get in to your old doctor?” (long story, but insurance snafu so I can only see doctors within one health system…which is absolutely none of my old doctors). When I discover I can,  but it will be pricey, he said, “No prob. Make that appointment”. 
  • Surprising me by setting up my old bed frame. We had it in our basement while debating what to do with it. It’s a wrought iron sleigh bed so not light or easy to navigate. He did it on his own.
  • Encouraged me to make a hair appt b/c he knows it will make me feel better. I technically could go w/o having my hair colored (I get it done every other time, or every 2 times), but he said to get that done too
  • I have enough nail polish to last me for years, but one brand I like is coming out with a collection all about a city that we love. I mentioned it in passing and he was like, Oh you should buy a few!
  • One of my new medications is a steroid – so I get puffy, crave salt and sweet foods (I’m not usually for salty foods!), can’t sleep, emotions are a rollercoaster, etc – it’s pretty fun, let me tell you. Anyway, he went to the store (usually my chore) earlier and picked up 2 cookies for me ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m totally craving them, adn then I don’t go overboard
  • I got news about a conference proposal, and well it’s good, it’s not what I wanted. he is so excited for me, and instead of being like, “OMG, what a sob story! Buck up!” he is trying to help look at it in a positive light
  • He tries to tell me and show me each and every day how much he loves me

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I forgot something very important:  running around the house shooting each other with nerf guns. 

He likes animals.

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Not married yet & this is pretty silly, but last night, I tweeted something I thought was funny/interesting and didn’t get any responses. I said out loud with SO sitting there, “Well boohoo, nobody responded to my tweet! Nobody likes me!” in a very joking manner of course.

I get back on twitter a little later and found that SO (who never uses twitter) had logged in & responded to my tweet (that he had no interest in) just so I would have at least one reply, ha. When I looked at him, he just giggled and said, “Yay! Someone tweeted you back!”

It’s the little things.

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This week he held my hand and kissed my cheeks and eyes and stroked my hair throughout the day of my granddad’s funeral.


He treats me with respect, love and kindness every moment of every day.


When I tell him he makes me feel like a princess, he says, “you ARE a princess”.

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I love these threads.

My guy totally rocks.

-I was so tired to drive that he drove with me to another state for a Sorority meeting and stayed in the car until I was done, just to make sure I’m ok.

-He wakes me up by his kisses

-We rarely fight, because anytime I disagree with him (which is rare), he responds by saying “I love you” and then I remember the big picture.

-We snuggle after a long day to unwind

-I get butterflies when he kisses my neck ๐Ÿ˜›

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