You Need a Hug

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sassy411 :  My husband does that thing too sometimes. He hears an accusation or a tirade in the most innocuous remark, just like your thing about the bird feeder. And then he “translates” what I just said. Like with the dishes. Our deal is that I wash and he puts them away. So, I’ll mention over breakfast that I ran the dishwasher last night (after he went to bed) or that the dishes are clean so he knows they’re ready to go back in the cabinet when he’s free. So he says, “So what you’re saying is I need to get off my fat ass and finally earn my keep around here?” Yep, that’s exactly what I meant.

And the “smile” thing is just…Jesus Hangliding Christ, I can’t even with that. I feel like dudes don’t accept that women have a neutral gear. It’s like they think we’re always in some heightened emotional state and they look at it in terms of a response (or lack of response) to them. When we notice that the feeder is empty or the dishes are clean, we’re shrieking at them about their shortcomings. When we fail to radiate joy in response to every random man on the street, we’re not appreciating their awesomeness. It’s like, can’t I just exist for a few minutes with my own inner monologue running and not constantly be reacting to some guy? Can I be my own person for 5 seconds?

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Damn, I do need a hug and clicked on the post thinking it was something inspirational. Well, at least now I’m laughing at my misinterpretation… thanks Bees!

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