(Closed) YOU notice any particular behavior days,weeks,months leading to proposal?????

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Helper bee
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Hubs got really mushy, but we had only been dating since February. We were in LDR, until I moved to TX to be with him in June…he proposed in July. We got married in August. When I moved in, he told me he was very happy and that he loved me and couldn’t wait to spend his life with me. (Wow) Anyway…Congrats! We won’t be able to contain ourselves when you finally get that ring! 🙂

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Helper bee

definitely seems like theres a proposal coming! im not engaged but my boyfriend makes moves like hes going to propose. i know he wont yet, it wouldnt be practical for us to get married just yet.  he sure does kill me with those “moves” though.  after thanksgiving there was a jewelry commercial on and i stated that i wanted to get an aquamarine ring and he says “don’t get it, i’ll get it for you for engagement”. then about a week or so ago we some how got on the topic of wedding/engagements and he comes out and asks me how i want to be proposed to! sigh,  good thing i have weddingbee here to cure my wedding fix until the day it actually happens.

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Busy Beekeeper
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Well in the months prior I noticed an untypical appreciation for frugality. I.e. he got super cheap!! I would’ve smacked him if I didn’t know what he was up to!

In the weeks prior to the proposal he got super excited/nervous about our vacation (that he was planning to propose during). Whenever I would talk about anything post-vacation he’d tell me “I don’t want to think about anything after vacation lets just talk about vacation”

The day-of proposal he was super weird about his carry-on bag. Wouldn’t let me touch it. Held it on his lap rather than put it in the overhead bin. 


Good luck! And welcome!!

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Bee Keeper
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I’m not engaged yet, but it sounds like soon you will be!!! Are your parents acting strage as well by chance?  It could mean that he is about to propose or that he realizes that he lovs you more than life itself and just wants to make sure that you know it.  Either way, you’re a lucky woman!

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Sugar bee
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i didn’t get any signs, but i think he really just made the final actual decision really quickly. like one day he said i’m ready, got the ring from his mom the next day (it’s a family ring) and that weekend he proposed. so he didn’t have much time to act weird. good luck!

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Bumble bee
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I didn’t notice anything different but what’s funny is I called him a couple of times while he was at the jewelry store checking out diamonds. He told me this after we got engaged and said that he would just go out side and pretend he was at work.

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Blushing bee
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My fiance started getting really weird. In a good way weird 🙂 He would hold my hand more often than he used to. He would say sweet things more often. The night of  we attended a baseball game and he acted like he wanted EVERYONE to know I was his, holding my hand the whole way arm around me staring at me…at one point I toldhim to quit staring at me…lol

Then later on that evening he asked and I still had NO idea!!!

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Blushing bee
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I mostly noticed sneaky behavior when normally we tell each other everything.  He was visiting me in Manhattan last August  and the power in my building went out so I called him to do something earlier in the day.  He told me that he couldn’t because he was on Long Island!  I was like, why the heck are you on Long Island? We don’t know anyone out there! And then he hung up on me!  My coworkers convinced me that he must be buying a ring although I didn’t really believe it until it arrived on my finger almost two and a half months later.  I also agree with Corgi on the frugality thing.  He didn’t get my a birthday present and got me a potted plant for our anniversary.  He just kept telling me that I was getting a really good “birchrisary” present.  I guess I’ll keep my expectations low for my Christmas present too, but I do have a sparkly ring now =).

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Blushing bee
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Looking back, there were signs all along.  I was the dork-dweeb who was pre-occupied w/ other things, I didn’t notice a thing:

-Fiancé & I have been dating since 2001.

-Sept 2008 – He surprised me w/ a plane ticket and itinerary for Portugal.  He has been studying how to speak Portuguese for a year and kept it a secret from me!

-March 2009 – We went to Portugal.  The proposal story starts here.

Day 1 of our vacation.  We were in Sintra, Portugal — a small town but full of castles, gardens, & historic sites.  Since he planned the whole trip, I had to go along with his itinerary. (I’m usually the Type A who plans everything so I was a bit uneasy.)  We went to Pena Palace first (a beautiful castle on top of a hill).  Half a mile downhill from the Pena Palace, there was another historic site, the Moors Castle, that one can hike to.  I suggested that we should visit that since it was only half a mile hike downhill and we can save on Euros instead of taking the bus.  He became stubborn and refused to go.  He said he wanted to go to Cabo da Roca Beach in Ursa (a town about 40 mins from Sintra).  I didn’t think that made sense.  Why not stay in Sintra and enjoy all the historical sites there first then go to Cabo da Roca Beach some other day?  We could also save time and Euros.  He didn’t want to hear it.  He was getting a little too controlling (which he never is coz he’s the easy going one out of the two of us) and I was getting a little miffed.  We still went to Cabo da Roca.  I figured: Fine. We’ll do it his way since I don’t speak Portuguese.  If he leaves me, I won’t know my way around. 

We arrived at Cabo da Roca beach. (Google the place, ladies….it’s beautiful!) He started hiking downhill towards a scenic part of the beach.  Meanwhile, here I am being a complete diva.  There were no other tourists around so visions of the horror film “Turista” went in my head.  What if there were killers lurking here?  Is there a clean bathroom somewhere?  I need to pee!  Good lord!  I needed to pee…and I didn’t want to pee in the bushes!  So, I screamed, “Hon, I need to pee!”  He turned around, gave me the most annoyed looked and said, “Woman…you have GOT to be kidding me!”  He kept walking.  By this time, I was thinking: What has gotten into him?  He was so tense.  We got to the scenic spot so I started taking pictures.  Then, he turned all serious and demanded that I “shut off the camera.”  Ohhhkay….Mr. Control Freak.  Then, he went down on his knees and proposed.  I was a blubbering, crying, idiot after that.  After recovering, he said that he has been planning the proposal for 1 year.  He went to my parent’s house 1 month before the trip to ask permission.  He googled Cabo da Roca beach and decided he was going to propose there because:

a) I love beaches

b) I like privacy so he didn’t want to propose in a beach where there are tons of tourists (To him, Hawaii was too cliché — bless his heart — I would’ve been ok w/ a proposal by Lake Michigan but he said I never considered Lake Michigan a “real beach” coz I always referred to the “beaches” I grew up with that was by the Pacific Ocean.  He was determined to propose by an OCEAN…not a LAKE.)

c) Cabo da Roca was the western most tip of Europe where land meets the sea and it kinda symbolized “us” according to him (He’s the land: born in USA, likes to be on firm ground (he hates being on a boat), & likes running.  I’m the sea: born in the tropical Philippines, loves the beach, and likes to swim.)  Since we met, we can spend our life together in the US across the Atlantic ocean which was the way we were facing when we were in Cabo da Roca.  Awww, how sweet.

So, as you can see…there were signs all over.  I just did not see them coz I was too concerned about practical matters.  Dork dweeb, I tell ‘ya!

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Blushing bee
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@BabyBee- sounds like he has something cooking!  My bf’s not too sauve (mostly bc we joke we are opposite sex clones and can read each other like no other), so I’m pretty sure mine’s coming soon.  Things he’s started doing recently:

– it’s so cute bc he really doesn’t know he’s doing it, but when we’re holding hands, he’ll rub my ring finger (either hand- apparently the subconcious can’t tell the difference)

– makes statements all the time about “being his best friend, wonderful teammate,” that he’s the “luckiest guy in the world.”  I swear, I sometimes think he’s practicing his proposal out on me in small chunks.  Laughing  But mr buffy wears his heart on his sleeve, so maybe this is just him.  lol.

@Hazel- all I can say is, “wow!!”  dream proposal!!  Bf & are heading to Rome for our bdays (mine is dec 29th & his is dec 31- plus i studied abroad there and love rome!!).. so fingers crossed i’ll get a great vacay proposal story too!

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Busy bee
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Well, he was so excited last Christmas about asking for my parents’ blessing that he told me after he did it.  He was like a little kid.  So I knew it was coming, but not exactly when. 

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