(Closed) You or DH/FI/SO? Everybody let's play!

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Bumble bee
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I’ll play…

Eye shape: either…I like my eye shape, but Darling Husband has nice eyes too.

Eye color:  mine. lol I like my eyes.

Eyebrows:  mine for a girl his for a boy, for obvious reasons.

Eyelashes: DH’s!  His are amazeballs.

Nose:  I don’t really wish either of our noses on our future LO. lol

Lips:  I’m partial to mine, they are fuller, but Darling Husband has nice lips.

Ears: either, neither of us have funky ears… though I had a lot of ear infections as a kid, so maybe his are better.

Forehead: about the same. doesn’t matter.

Head shape: could go either way with this one.

Hair color: Darling Husband and I have pretty similar hair, blonde as kids and it’s gotten darker, though DH’s is a bit lighter than mine when it grows out a bit.

Hair texture: again, we have the same hair texture… straight, fine and a whole bunch of it!

Hands: mine. lol Darling Husband has stubby thumbs.

Legs: DH’s all the way.  That man has some nice legs!

Feet:  mine.  Darling Husband has gross feet and I tell him all the time.

Body shape: I think Darling Husband (obviously with girly shape if it’s a girl), but I don’t love my body shape and I would hate to have my kid have the same insecurities.

Other explain:  I just pray that our future LO has my bones, Darling Husband has a bone defect/disease that causes bone spurs that can be painful and require surgery… Not life threatening, but definitely not fun. It’s a 50/50 shot though.

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Sugar bee
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Eye shape: Mine! They’re bigger than DH’s

Eye color: We both have the same deep blue, so both! πŸ™‚

Eyebrows: Mine!

Eyelashes: Mine also. I think they’re pretty, long, and naturally curl up…never had to use an eyelash curler thing.

Nose: Either, both are straight. Mine is cute for a girl, DH’s strong for a boy.

Lips: Also both good but I guess I’d say mine.

Ears: Either again πŸ™‚

Forehead: Mine I guess

Head shape: Mine! Darling Husband has a slightly larger head…I try not to think about if our kids get it…lol, ouch!

Hair color: Mine. We’re both brunette but DH’s is darker, mine richer. However, SIL’s hair is my fave! Also brunette but with some natural copper/bronze/red tones that are really pretty and natural. πŸ™‚

Hair texture: Either. Both straight.

Hands: Either.

Legs: DH’s!!!! He has long, strong sexy legs! My thighs are where I carry my extra weight and they’re short so please dear God, give our babies DH’s legs!!! πŸ˜‰

Feet: Mine! Darling Husband has flat feet which have caused issues for him. My feet are petite and arched well…thanks ballet!

Body shape: Other than the legs, mine. I have a naturally thin waist I hope to pass on that I got from my mom.

This was fun! We aren’t TTC yet, another year and a half to wait, but I love thinking about it.

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Bumble bee
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Eye shape: mine i guess

Eye color: I’d be happy with either.  his are more grey blue and mine are more blue blue

Eyebrows: mine – his are crazy bushy!

Eyelashes: either – he’s got some pretty long eyelashes himself

Nose: mine for a girl, his for a boy but it will most likely be his nose no matter what

Lips: his

Ears: either

Forehead: either

Head shape: ? either i guess 

Hair color: i like both of them but his really gets bleached in the sun.  Mine gets reddish blonde.

Hair texture: his – ringlet curls so cute πŸ™‚

Hands: his shape but my size for a girl

Legs: his for sure.  he has long sexy man legs!

Feet: mine . hopefully mine πŸ™‚  

Body shape: his probably since he’s so tall and lean. I’m small but shorter

Other explain: skin color/tone: he tans up very nicely and has a gorgeous undertone color while I stay pasty or burn with a peachy undertone.

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: January 2013

OOh fun! I’ll play!

Eye shape: His. They are larger than mine

Eye color: Mine, they are a pretty interesting color of blue. But I doubt they will since his brown eyes will be the dominant gene.

Eyebrows: Mine. He gets a unibrow.

Eyelashes: Darling Husband has beautiful long lashes! Definitely his!

Nose: We both have pretty big noses, but I think his is a bit smaller so I will go with his.

Lips: Mine

Ears: I’m not sure. Is it wierd that I can’t picture what DH’s ears look like right now?

Forehead:  I think mine.

Head shape: I think we have pretty similar headshape.

Hair color: Mine, there is more different shades of colors in mine. His is pretty flat brown.

Hair texture: I hated my hair growing up because it was so unmanageable. I will say his. He has angel curls. Mine are corkscrew curls which are a bit crazy.

Hands:  His. I hate my sausage fingers. But not clammy like his always are lol.

Legs: His. Mine are very short.

Feet: Mine. His are pretty big!

Body shape: I would say his. I gain weight very easily which I wouldn’t wish on anyone

Other explain:


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Buzzing Beekeeper

Eye shape: Both – we have smaller almond shaped eyes

Eye color: Both – we both have baby blues

Eyebrows: His – if they weren’t manly they’d be a great shape LOL

Eyelashes: Mine – they’re longer

Nose: Mine, it’s the one feature of my face I like

Lips: Mine, I have a juicy bottom lip

Ears: His – he has cute ears

Forehead: Both – pretty average for both of us

Head shape: Me – His is much bigger, don’t want that coming through my hoo-ha

Hair color: Both – He’s a redhead, I’m blonde. Strawberry blonde please!

Hair texture: Mine – it’s straight, his is curly

Hands: His – I don’t like mine

Legs: His – his are muscular

Feet: Mine – He has a weird toe thing, one crossed over his big toe

Body shape: His – I’m too plump. He has lots of muscle

Other explain: I hope the baby gets his skin type. I have bad skin, I don’t want our child to grow up with that issue

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Helper bee
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oh oh, i like this! this is fun! we’re not TTC but i like thinking about it anyway :’)

Eye shape: either of our eye shape would be fine. i have more almond shaped eyes and Fiance has pretty shaped eyes.win-win.

Eye color: FI’s eye color. they are hazel and i really love the color. plus, i like daydreaming of our future kids having dark hair (like me), pale skin (like both of us) and his greenish eyes!! 

Eyebrows: eh…my eyebrows could be better and i don’t even know about FI’s…hmm…i should get a better look at them!

Eyelashes: Fiance for sure. i feel like my eyelashes have fallen out after my-dolly-parton-mascara phase when i was in high school :/

Nose: Fiance loves my nose but i’m self conscious about my nose. i like his nose but he’s self conscious about his nose. a good mix of our noses would be ideal.

Lips: mine. for sure.

Ears: i have small ears and Fiance has normal sized ears. so probably his.

Forehead: doesn’t matter.

Head shape: Fiance has a nice shaped head. 

Hair color: mine! 

Hair texture: mine…his is really thin…and i have really thick asian hair.

Hands: Fiance has beautiful hands. mine are just…small.

Legs: i like the shape of my legs but FI’s legs are SOO long. if we have a girl, that would probably be great for her πŸ˜‰

Feet: mine. i actually like my feet. is that weird.

Body shape: Fiance is super lanky and tall. i’m really petite and short. i would like if our future kids were tall like Fiance and had his body shape. he has a nice one.

Other explain: like a PP said, i hope our kids get his skin. i have eczema, i scar very, very easily, and i had teenage acne. Fiance just has the most sweet freckles and has such nice skin!! 

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: December 2011

Fun!  Me too, me too! πŸ™‚


Eye shape: His – he has nice big, wide-set eyes.  I’ve always thought mine are a little bit too close together.

Eye color: His – they’re a pretty blue/gray (sometimes a little green depending on the light).

Eyebrows: Either.  He does have nicely shaped brows, but mine are fine too.

Eyelashes: Either – we actually both have long, thick lashes.

Nose: Either – we have very similarly shaped noses!  So I guess there’s a pretty good chance our kids will get it too (unless they take after some other relative).

Lips: His – he has very full lips.

Ears: Mine.  They’re small and, I think, pretty cute.  His are bigger and he has kind of squishy earlobes. πŸ™‚ It’s not a bad thing, but kind of weird.

Forehead: Mine, but his isn’t bad.

Head shape: Mine – Darling Husband has kind of a big head, I don’t want to birth that!

Hair color: Mine.  I’m a redhead, and I want little ginger babies!

Hair texture: His.  He has wonderfully thick, wavy hair.

Hands: Mine for a girl (I have very petite hands).  DH gets warts on his hands, too.  I don’t know why (they aren’t contagious), but I wouldn’t want our kids to deal with that.

Legs: Either – be both have fit, muscular legs.

Feet: Mine for sure!  DH has hobbit feet.

Body shape: Either – we’re both shorter, athletic, with booties (DH is Puerto Rican, I tease him about his Latin booty).

Other explain: I would love it if we had a daughter who took after DH’s mother – she is absolutely gorgeous.  She was a beauty queen when she was young (I’m pretty sure she won Miss Puerto Rico), and she’s aged very well.


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Blushing bee
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Eye shape: mine or his doesn’t matter. Our eyes are pretty similar I think.

Eye color: our eyes are exactly the same color. I mean exactly. Fiance pointed this out and we both stared at each other weirdly for like five minutes afterwards.

Eyebrows: FI’s. He has the most perfect eyebrows. People thinks he waxes them, but they just grow like that.

Eyelashes: FI’s because mine are so abnormally short. If nothing else I always wear mascara because without it you can’t tell I have eyelashes.

Nose: Hmm, I’ve never really noticed FI’s nose, but I don’t particularly like mine so I guess they can have his!

Lips: I think my lips for a girl, his for a boy. My lips are very full and are one of my best features, but I think they’d be too full for a boy.

Ears: We were just joking the other night that we both have very small weird shaped ears. Poor LO is just out of luck in this department. I’d rather he/she had mine though because mine are a tad more ‘normal sized’. lol.

Forehead: Mine because otherwise they’d have nothing of me apparently. πŸ˜›

Head shape: Either of ours is nice.

Hair color: I like my hair color better. It’s like a sandy brown.

Hair texture: FI’s. His hair feels so nice where as mine is always dry and brittle and I’m constantly having to use fiftymillionthousand hair products on it.

Hands: His for a boy, mine for a girl. I have very small hands, but they are very feminine and ‘cute’ in my opinion. Fiance definitely has big, strong man hands.

Legs: Fiance has better legs than me. My legs are terribly short as well. 

Feet: Hmm, I’d go with mine.

Body shape: Eh, I don’t care. We are both nicely shaped individuals if I do say so myself. Fiance more so than me I think, but then I might be biased because I’m in love with him.

Other explain: FI’s dimples!!!!!!! I’m not even KU yet or TTC, but I’m hoping against hope that at least one of our children has his dimples! They are just so adorable and they remind me so much of Fiance.

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Helper bee
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@candy11:  Great idea!

Eye shape: We have a similar shape, but I hope they have his eyelids with my eye size

Eye color: Mine! (Green)

Eyebrows: He actually has a better natural shape than I do, so probably his but I hope they’re more delicate if it’s a girl

Eyelashes: My length, his thickness and color (mine are blonde!)

Nose: Mine

Lips: His

Ears: Mine

Forehead: His

Head shape: We have a similar shape, so that’s a tie

Hair color: Mine, but a little darker, I’m naturally a strawberry blonde and I’d love it if it went deep red for a girl. BUT definitely his for a boy

Hair texture: His. Mine is frizzy. It’d be nice to get a good natural curl, but who knows?

Hands: His

Legs: Mine, my legs are longer

Feet: Couldn’t say, lol

Body shape: His, his body shape (similar to his family) is more athlethtic and my family’s shape is less athletic. I guess that’s the English/Irish vs Portuguese lol

Other explain: Skin tone: More his than mine, if only for the fact that I burn waaaaay too easily and it would be nice for our kids to not have to suffer severe burns Skin type: Mine, Darling Husband has said so himself, I have better skin

Photo for reference, lol








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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: July 2015


Eye shape: mine… he has small eyes haha

Eye color: either! Mine are hazel an his are dark brown 

Eyebrows: hmm were both hairy Italians so hopefully our kid will get my moms or his dads eyebrows lol 

Eyelashes: mine! His are pin straight 

Nose: his pre-broken nose 

Lips: his

Ears: umm either 

Forehead: mine! His is naturally wide

Head shape: either I guess. Just as long as our kid doesn’t get his 2 brothers’ HUGE heads haha

Hair color: mine πŸ™‚ dark brown 

Hair texture: we have basically the same hair texture 

Hands: his. They’re much more slender than mine. 

Legs: his. Mine are short and stubby 

Feet: his again. I have flat feet (such a pain)

Body shape: well, mine for a girl and his for a boy I guess lol

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: September 2011

I’m in!

Eye shape: Either- we both have almond shaped eyes 

Eye color: Mine- I have green eyes while Darling Husband has brown and our son already got his eye color so I’m hoping the next one will have mine 

Eyebrows: His- mine are so blonde that sometimes if I don’t use an eyebrow pencil to darken them you can barely see them!

Eyelashes: His- they’re long and black 

Nose: Either- we both have pretty cute noses

Lips: Either- our son has Darling Husband mouth and I love it but mine would be good too πŸ˜‰

Ears: His- he has cute ears

Forehead: Mine- he has a big forehead!

Head shape: Mine- Darling Husband has a pretty big head (although it’s proportional to the rest of him lol)

Hair color: His- he has thick curly black hair which I love! Our son got my thin, straight dishwater blonde hair :/

Hair texture: His- I love curly hair!

Hands: Either- his hands are manly so for a boy they would be good and our son has his hands which I love. Mine would be good for a girl

Legs: His – his are muscular

Feet: Mine– his middle toe is longer than his big toe 

Body shape: Either- for a boy he has a great triangle shape with broad shoulders and for a girl I have a nice hourglass figure

Other explain: I hope our next baby gets his skin type. I have really sensitive skin and our son is the same way. It makes me worry a little for when he goes through puberty that his face will flare up unlike Darling Husband who has great skin.

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: August 2015

Eye shape: Mine. I like my almond eyes πŸ™‚

Eye color: His. Mine are dark brown with a blue ring, and his are a very nice hazel.

Eyebrows: Neither of ours, haha. His are large and bordering on unibrow-like, and I’m Indian, so… yeah, no lol.

Eyelashes: Mine. They’re pretty long.

Nose: Either or. We both have nice noses.

Lips: His. He has really nice, luscious lips.

Ears: Mine. Small and cute!

Forehead: Either one. 

Head shape: His.

Hair color: Mine or his. I have black hair and he has a mix of brown, blonde, and red. Either one is fine with me.

Hair texture: Again, either or. Fiance has straight hair and I have curly hair. 

Hands: His, definitely. They are so soft!

Legs: His. They’re slim and long.

Feet: Either one.

Body shape: Mine or his. I’m an hourglass, and he’s just slim all over.


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