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I’m not actually 20 – something yet, but I am pretty young, so I guess I count?

I plan on starting college in the fall and starting a job as a pharmacy tech at the same time, and to do both those things I’ll be moving to a much bigger city hours from home and my Fiance. I should have my tech certification within the year. I’m questioning what I had planned to major in, but if I stick to it, I’ll graduate by 2019 with a bachelor’s. If not, I’ll have to transfer to a school with a pharmacy program and will graduate with my doctorate a couple years later.

My Fiance and I will be getting married in 2016. He plans to join the Air Force at the beginning of 2017. He’ll be living with me and working between when he finishes school in September of next year and when he enlists, which he has agreed to postpone until after our honeymoon because that was really important to me.

After I graduate in 2019, if I’ve stuck to psychology, I’ll move to wherever he’s stationed and keep working as a pharmacy tech. We’ll consider beginning to try for kids at that point, depending on our financial situation. Me going back to school to get my phd is part of a 15 year plan because I’m hoping to be able to pay off what little my scholarship doesn’t cover before then.

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I’m 26 (27 later this year) and my fiance turns 30 later this year. We both have full-time jobs, have a house, vehicles, etc. Right now our “3 year goal” is to get ALL of our remaining debt (excluding mortgage) paid off. (We still have a car loan, bank loan, gas loan, and student loan totalling in and around a total of $45,000). At the 1.5 year mark we will start TTC since we will have 3 out of 4 loans paid by year 2. Fingers crossed it stays that way! Owning a house is such an expense and there’s always something (needing fixed, replaced, unexpected emergencies, etc.). Beyond that our plan is to work, save, repeat! 

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I am 24, going to be 25 soon. My 5 year plan is to get married this year, hopefully early next year buy a house and start saving up money for having kids. Fiance is in grad school, and will be for 2 more years, so we want to wait until he is done to start trying to get pregnant.

We also both want to be comfortable in our jobs first. I am a nurse and Fiance is a teacher, both of us have pros and cons to our jobs but I’m not sure either of us have found our “forever home”. I haven’t found my perfect specialty yet, and Fiance is a cyber-school teacher looking to maybe get back into a brick-and-mortar classroom. I don’t want to be switching jobs after kids, honestly.

And I also really want to travel more before kids. I used to travel a lot with my family and I miss it. College, working, and financial obligations has left us travel and adventure-less.

It sounds like we are basing our whole lives around kids haha. We don’t want a large family by any means- 2 at most- but having kids certainly changes a lot about daily living and finances, so we just want to be prepared! Ever since starting working in L&D I’ve had baby fever so it’s always on my mind haha.

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i’m a few weeks shy of turning 24. my fiance is 28 and will be 29 when we’re married (this december). he has a job he loves (corporate art world) and is supporting both of us. i left grad school halfway through because i realized it wasn’t what I wanted and now i’m a fitness teacher (yoga + pilates). i absolutely love it, i’m so much happier and i love helping other people this way. we live in nyc so the demand for fitness and health is pretty high.

our 5 year plan is to focus on our careers, buy a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment, travel a ton, and adopt a puppy. ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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I’m 28 and my fiance is 29. We already both have masters degrees and own our home. In 5 years we want to:

– have bought a second home (so we can rent one out for extra income)

– have had our first child

– have paid off all debt (student loans and cars are the only thing we have left), except our mortgage

– each be making 6 figure salaries (he’s closer than I am, so might be a stretch for me, but 5 years is a long time!)

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cece_get_married:  I’m 25 and my SO will be 27 in a month. We both have good jobs and live seperately. In the next 5 years we will get married, move in together and work really hard for a few years to live off his income and save most of my income towards a really good down payment to buy a house. Once we buy a house we want to start trying for kids, hopefully when I’m around 29-30.

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Im 22 graduating with my B.S. this Friday (wohoo) and attending grad school for health administration in the fall so I should graduate with my M.S. in May 2017. Ideally, I want to have a career in quality improvement/hospital management. Im also considering health consulting, but Im not too keen on traveling as much as most of them do. I plan on getting engaged/moving in with my SO into a cute apartment following graduating with my masters at 24 and marrying in either 2018/2019 when i am 25/26. Depending on where I secure a job, we might be moving to another state as the company my SO is set up to get a job with upon graduating with his BS in December has an office in practically all the major markets in the US and abroad. I’d also like to start NTNP at the tail end of the next 5 years. Im considering pursuing a doctoral degree so I’ll have to take the GRE again because I dont plan on applying until after the next 5 years are up…Ideally I’d also like to start looking for our first house at the tail end of the next 5 years as well. 

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Getting married in sep of this year. I’ll be 25, he’ll be 29. I’d love to find a decent job by him, he wants to keep excelling in his career. also hope to get a pup around 28, then try for a baby ( we want 2). ๐Ÿ˜€ he has a home.

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I’m going to turn 26 next month. That still count as young? As of right now I still live at home as Fiance and I save for the wedding next January. I have my BA in English, work full time as an admin assistant and have no loans to pay off. That in mind, here are some of my goals for the next five years:

-Buy a house! Right now our goal is to move out right after we’re married, but homes and even apartments in our area are SO expensive I’m really nervous about it actually happening right away. I do have a chunk of change put away for a downpayment, but it’s really not going to help much in these parts unless we go for a foreclosed home and a FHA loan. Still, even if we can’t move out right away, the goal is at last within a year.

-Help Fiance pay off all his debts. Fortunately he doesn’t have very many and he’s determined to have them all paid off before the wedding, but if not I’d like to help him get rid of those asap.

-Move to a more permanent position in my company/create a stronger foothold for my career. Right now I’m sort of an everyman, helping a lot of different people in different departments with no solid foundation in any of them. I started working here under odd circumstances which is why I know a little of everything and not really a lot in one specific area. However, the company is expanding, literally, and we’ll be moving to a much larger new facility by the end of this year. People and departments will all be shuffled, so my aim to find a new position during all the rearranging and really focus on it specifically.

-Start my own online side business. This still seems a little far-fetched though as I need the time to dedicate to my craft in order for it to be at an acceptable level to sell. So perhaps the goal is more like to devote more time to my craft in order to someday open a shop.

-Become stronger/healthier. In about 1.5 years I’m going to be training for my black belt. Vigorous training is required by the studio, but I hope to extend my work-outs and goals beyond the studio schedule.

-Become a proud momma. A puppy momma that is ๐Ÿ˜‰

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I just turned 25 last week. I just returned to school for my Bachelor’s (only halfway done…ugh) after having adult jobs since I was 18 (sold insurance, managed a fitness club, was a personal stylist & MUA). In five years…be done with my degree, work for the government doing intelligence analyzing, get married to SO, buy a house and rental property, and buy an additional car. I’m not child-oriented, so that’ll be something to think about at 30 or so!

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I am 23 and Boyfriend or Best Friend is 24. We will be turning 24 and 25 in September and December, respectively. Our lease expires one year from today and we’re hoping to buy a house then but the Denver market is miserable. We’d like to adopt a puppy once we buy a house as well. After all the house expenses settle down we’ll start saving for my ring (our finances are combined so we’ll be buying my ring together), purchase it and hope to being engaged by our five year anniversary in November 2016 and married sometime in 2017 if the finances work out. Five years from now, our student loans will all be paid off and we’d love to get a large piece of land in the mountains and build a house. We’re not having kids but I’d really like to foster a ton of dogs and have some animals. I’m excited for the next five years! 

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I’m 24, he’s 26. We’re not actually engaged yet (October/November this year).

It’s actually really important to us to be well-established individually before we get married, so we both have a lot of focus on our careers for the next two years (ish). Career is actually the reason we aren’t engaged yet – I just started a job as a digital marketing manager for a big advertising firm, and he’s a first year State Trooper two states away. Our schedules are insane and it kind of works for us right now.

We’re thinking we want a late 2016, early 2017 wedding. And we’ll start thinking about babies in 2018 (I’ll be 27, he’ll be 29). And by 30, I’ll be back to kicking butt in the business world.

Of course, these are all tentative plans. If there’s anything I’ve learned it’s that NOTHING ever goes according to plan. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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I will be finished with my PhD, moving on to my post doc, hopefully purchasing a house in the city I will do a post doc (unless its somewhere like san fran or NYC), and be engaged somewhere between there I’d hope!! I am excited – the next 5 years will be a whirlwind but it’ll be so wonderful!

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Love this thread!

I’m 23, and I graduate with my B.S. in a week (!!!!). In a couple of weeks my Fiance and I are moving two hours(ish) to Pittsburgh with my Future Brother-In-Law and a friend of ours. We’re renting while we save up to buy a house. I don’t have a job yet, but I’m being considered for several, so here’s hoping. I plan to work in case management for at least the next two years, and then I might go back part time and get my Masters. The longer than five year goal is to eventually have a director’s position at a nonprofit. Oh, and I’m getting married in four months!


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I’m 23, almost 24. We got married a few months ago. We have both graduated with zero debt between us. Our list looks like this:

– buy a truck (this summer!)

– start teaching AP classes

– buy or build our “starter home”

– finish my MA (I start this summer)

– Darling Husband finishes his professional engineering license (he is an engineer with a BS, but becoming a PE requires special courses and certification but comes with a pay raise and all sorts of new tasks)

– replace my car

– vacation in Europe 

– start investing – we have term life insurance and retirement funds started but we want to dabble in the stock market as well.

– the last thing on the five year plan: have a baby!

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