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My plan is:

Studying undergrad psychology part time, due to finish end of 2016. Then I’ll work and save some $$, wedding is in 2017 and by then we will have saved enough for a deposit on an investment property. Then we’ll travel for a couple of years while FH works and I continue my studies. We’ll start thinking about trying for kids maybe at the end of the next 5 years.

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Helper bee

I’m halfway through 25, SO is 23. Five year plan involves saving money, buying a house, getting married, and having baby number one! My dream is to be a Stay-At-Home Mom which, thank god, he fully supports, so I want to gain experience in cooking and childcare and cleaning. Right now I’m not quite up to par, especially my cooking… :/

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Sugar bee

I just turned 29, SO is 30.

I’m currently studying a PostGrad Dip, I’ll be done in November. We plan to get engaged sometime this year and would like to marry December 2016 – We are not having a big budget wedding, just a casual $10k affair, it’s far more important to us to put as much money as we can towards buying a house.

For 2016 & 2017, we plan to both work and save up $150k for a house deposit. We will also be waiting to go on our honeymoon in 2017 some time.

We want to TTC at the end of 2017 at the latest because I will be turning 31 in May 2017 – I just don’t want to leave it too late…

When we have children I plan to continue my studies (albeit, only one unit a semester) while I am at home, and plan to go back to full time work when the youngest is 18months old. With two good salaries, it makes sense for both of us to be working full time because the childcare fees for one child (youngest) won’t send us backwards financially.

We will only purchase a house when the maximum loan we will need is $200k, then the repayments are the same cost as rent per week. Hopefully we will hit that goal by 2019 🙂

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Helper bee
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22 next month. Graduating with a BA in biology in December. After that we’re moving to be closer to his family. But I don’t want to live in the same place forever. Not sure if I’ll go back to school for anything. Maybe later on. My dream is to continue working as a radio DJ after I move, and/or go into the brewing/distilling business. Or some type of farming. Not sure. But we don’t want kids. Just want to travel.

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Busy bee
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I’m 22. I’ll graduate in a year with my degree in finance and then get my MBA. I work full time already and love my job, so even after I get my masters, I’ll stay where I am. I have no college debt thanks to working through school (it took me a little longer but I refused to get into debt for college). If my boss decides to retire in 5 years I’ll go into finance, if not, I’ll wait until he closes the doors (super small company). No real plans for kids for me. Wer’e taking it as it goes. Kids, no kids, we don’t have a preference honestly. We plan to start saving up for an apartment once my fiance pays back his student loans (he’s 23).  Once my boss retires and my fiance gains experience in his field, we’ll move away (but that’s a little longer out).

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My Fiance and I were just discussing this the other day actually. Our 5 year plan is that he starts university (SDSU AZTECS FTW!! WOOT WOOT!!) in August of this year, we get married in April, he finishes school in 2018 or 19(he’s a transer student so he’s entering as a pre-junior and has an AA already), he finds a teaching position back home away from San Diego, then start having babies!!

Just reading over this 5 year plan, I realized that I didn’t include anything about me.. It’s not that I don’t have anything planned, it’s just that for me, right now, helping Fiance get through school is my top priority. It has literally been his lifes dream to get into SDSU,into the music education program, get his teaching credential and become a music teacher, eventually a music professor. We have had a lot, I MEAN A LOT of obstacles getting to this point and it has been a joint effort.

So, in the mean time, while he’s going to school full time, I’ll be working and going to school. I’ve changed my major so many times, have had a lot of soul searching and character building and I’m also recovering from an ED, severe anxiety and depression so I’m going to be working on myself and just becoming the best person I can be.

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Bumble bee
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This year I turn 26 and we got married two weeks ago after being together for five years. How the time does fly!

Five year plan consists of a few concrete things like:

1-2 years: have had stable employment(for both of us) and have enough saved for a decent down payment so we can get in a house. 

2-3 year: after we buy a house, get a puppy and adjust and then try to make a baby. 

4-5 years: have baby #2, have career plan for both of us  secured and retirement/education funds started. 

And then after that, we’re going to pay off the mortgage, raise a happy family and enjoy our time with our loved ones!

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Busy bee
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I’m just shy of 23 and hubs is just shy of 25. We’ll celebrate our one year wedding anniversary right between our birthdays this year 🙂 


Our five year plan consists of paying off all our extraneous debt (we both have student loans and cars, fortunately no credit card debt) and saving for our dream home. 

We’re hoping to sell the home we are in now to build somewhere closer to the lake. We have a trip planned for our 5 year anniversary that will be lots of fun as it will recreate our honeymoon. We also want to start having babies once the debt is paid off in about 3 years time (providing God has that in our plans) 


We are both done with school and settling into our new jobs, which he started in May and me in June, we both hope we will grow in our companies as we both like the paths our jobs have put us on after working in starter-level positions for the past few years. 

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Worker bee
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I’m 25. My five year plan includes getting married next year, TTC after our wedding, and getting through medical school, and buy a home in South Africa 😉 

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Sugar bee
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I am a consummate planner, so I’ve had 5 and 10 year plans since I was about 12, and I am well on my way for my 20’s plan. 

I’ll be 27 this fall, but on my list of things to accomplish before 30 is:

1. Marry the love of my life (check) 

2. Graduate college (check) 

3. Buy a home (check) 

4. Establish my career (check) 

5. Have 2 kids, #1 is due Jan 2016

6. Check off 5 bucket list items, I have seen the Aurora, visited another country (two actually), perfected my own “signature dish”, and learned to do something I was afraid of (snowboarding) 


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Busy bee
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22 here. Our plan is pretty boring. We both have stable jobs and Ive finished studies. I may go back and get a higher qualification, not sure yet. We want to buy our house and get married and maybe try for our first baby. That’s something else we haven’t decided on either lol we are just going with the flow! 

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Worker bee
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I’m 24 and Fiance is 28. We live in a rural town, and have no intentions of leaving (both of our families live here). Within 5 years, we will be investing in our future as business owners. starting this year, we will be building his mechanical shop, and that will hopefully be done by winter. 

1 year from now: get married, finish building the shop, build live in suite in the shop. Sell our home, move into shop and be debt/mortgage free (we don’t have any consumer debt already). My job is a little unstable right now, but he is six figures and we both have excellent benefits, but I don’t have any desire to continue with my job other than the money.

Year 2: start TTC right after the wedding. Go on an extended honeymoon (asia or Europe-already been to both, but there is so much exploring!) Work on expanding FIs business. 

Year 3: Save up money to build our home on land (he will be gifted land from his parents property). Hopefully by then have babe #1 and working on #2. I will be a Stay-At-Home Mom, helping with the business but also be looking after a hobby farm (hopefully!!). This is basically my dream haha.

Year 4: hopefully have almost finished our home. Business will be booming. 

Year 5: maybe have another little babe! 


I’m not really one for planning, and since I didn’t go to school and Fiance finished his apprenticeship early by working in high school, I’ve already had plenty of time to travel, we already own our own home, we each already have a vehicle, so we have met a lot of our goals pretty early in life. im looking forward to it all though!

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Helper bee
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I’m 26. Fiance is 28. We’ve both been in our careers for a while. I’m a teacher and he works in marketing. We’re getting married in the fall. We plan on buying a house soon. We are not sure if we want to be parents so that’s up in the air now. We just want happy lives together!

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I love seeing other young bees! I’m 20(21st birthday is in the next couple weeks!) Fiance is 21. Our five year plan includes me finishing nursing school, then continuing school to get my Masters in Psychology. Moving to San Diego, Fiance is training to be Navy Seal. We plan on marrying in 2-3 years! By the end of 5 years I would love to see us buying a house or Condo(real estate in CA is horrendous, making it difficult to buy soon) and hopefully lots of traveling!

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Busy bee

The Fiance is a Marine so I’ll be moving around to god knows where. I’ll be writing and publishing books, saving money, putting stuff away in investments, dreaming of the ten year renewal ceremony, and eventually buying (building?) our own home when the FH retires. Mostly just enjoying life. Since we don’t want kids we can be more flexible.

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