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Sugar bee

Interesting reads ladies!

Looking back five years, we were on the cusp of getting engaged. I was 1.5 years away from graduating undergrad, and my SO was a year away. We were just looking at finishing up school, planning a wedding, and looking forward to what the adventure and mystery being a military couple would bring. My SO wanted to get a job (and did) post graduation, and we both worked until I went active duty. The plan was basically just work and save money and travel, hopefully get stationed in an amazing location.

Now? We’re living in Germany, playing the DINKs life- traveling every month or so to crazy locales and paying all our debt off. 

In five years the plan is to be fully debt free and have about 100k socked away ready for buying a house and having a baby. I want to have visited at least 40 countries (23 so far!) and lived abroad in two different countries (1 down!). I’d like my husband to have been able to finish his higher education of his choice and get the job of his dreams (my military career puts a cramp on his options).  I’m *fingers crossed* finishing my Master’s degree this Fall Quarter. I’d like to have another 100k in retirement accounts and be well on our way to an early retirement. Towards the end, I’d like to go back to school for a second Master’s degree or maybe just taking foreign language classes and teaching certificate…

Travel-wise in the next five years: See Northern Lights, African Safari (leaving in less than two months!), Indonesia, Thailand, Burma, Maldives, Tanzania (Zanzibar). 

All in all, I’d say we are doing really well so far on meeting the goals we’ve set! We’re currently 25, and all sorts of full of plans πŸ˜‰

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Helper bee
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My fiancé and I met in high school and reconnected when I was in college.  He enlisted in the Marine Corps right after high school, and we started a relationship long distance while he was stationed in Okinawa, Japan.  We’ve been together for a while now, through a lot of different long distance situations.  He’s currently stationed a few states away from where I live, about a 14 hour drive/2 hour flight.  

We got engaged this May, a few days after my college graduation, and the wedding is set for next August, since his enlistment ends in the beginning of that month.  We’ll be getting a place together as soon as he comes home, which could wind up being a few months earlier than expected if his application to get out early gets approved.  

Our near-future plan is for me to get a job around home (currently searching!) and to get him into college starting next fall (right after the wedding).  He’ll be studying mechanical engineering and then going for his master’s degree, which will take a total of about six or seven years, and we don’t want to start trying for kids until after he’s done with school and has a steady job.  Our five year plan is kind of simple, I guess.  He’ll be in school, I’ll be working, we’ll be trying to save as much as we can to eventually move and build a house.  Nothing crazy haha it’ll just be setting up the base of our life together.

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Worker bee

My Fiance and i are both 24, almost 25. met at highschool though went to kindergarten together haha. He’s an Electrical Engineer and I’m a Business Consultant. We both went to university and graduated in 2013. We bought our forever home last year and hope to fill it with babies once we’re married. That’d be nice. We recently got engaged after 7.5 years dating. The 5 year plan is…

2017 – Get married and go on an awesome honeymoon!

2018 – Have first child and then continue having kids haha. My Fiance earns a lot which is obviously good. He makes enough now to completely cover us so there is no plan for me to work – at present my entire salary is saved. Pretty much from when I’m pregnant I won’t be working and I’ll become a full-time mom. Both of our moms did so and are happily married to our dads and I have always wanted that life!

At the moment we’re all about investing our money, saving up so that we can still live our current (if not even better) lifestyle. Just working our butts off really πŸ™‚

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Blushing bee

I am 26 years old. I will be married when I am 27 and my Fiance will be 28 years old.

Our plan:

2015: Engagement (check and Fiance graduation (31th of July)

2016: Wedding and Fiance finding a workplace he likes.

2017: Both feeling sercure and happy with our workplaces. I need to get a drivers licence

2018: Buying a home or, starting family

2019: Family

2020: Family

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Blushing bee
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I’m 24 right now and I made a 5 year plan on 10/1/14. It’s actually written like this:

Within 1 year- Reach savings goal, buy a house. (I’m 2k away from my house saving goal of 15k and my Fiance has 20k saved up.. we’ll be looking for a home by the end of 2015)

Within 2 years- lose 30lbs, get married. (I’m down 17lbs right now and counting! I get married on 7/16/16)

Within 3 years- Look into buying a new car.

Within 4 years- Pay off student loans, start trying for a baby.

Within 5 years- Reach baby savings goal to support us through my maternity leave. :]

They’re standard goals but I’m so excited to reach all of them!

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Bee Keeper
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I turned 23 in April and today is FI’s 23rd bday. We graduated in May. He’s been working at Nike for 4 years now and hopes to keep on moving up. I’m in the process of applying to full time jobs in my field right now. We are getting married next May. We’ve always traveled a lot so that won’t change, but I hope to get him back to Africa within this time and we are going to Bora Bora for our 5 year anniversary and his sabbatical! We will probably move this time next year, hopefully out of state and near the beach and who knows where we will end up because of FI’s job. We plan on starting to have kids when we’re around 28 and plan on me being a Stay-At-Home Mom. I also want to start my own wedding planning business in the next couple of years. I also plan on fixing up a house I own and renting it out (I’ve been putting this off until after graduation.) Thankfully I’m well ahead of most finanically so once I get a full time job we plan on saving all of that for our future children. And although this is way more than 5 years away, our ultimate goal is to retire early to Hawaii so we have to keep working toward that! 

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Helper bee

So interesting to read about everyone’s plans! Exciting times!!

ksn1219:  Our ultimate goal is to retire in Hawaii, too. 

Our plan:

2015: Engagement and wedding

2016: I continue my consulting career and Darling Husband (by then hehe) continues medical school

2017: Darling Husband graduates medical school! We find out where he matches for residency and, if it’s not where we currenty live (fingers crossed this is the case…), we sell our house (which has already appreciated $100K whoo!) and buy a new one. I figure out my career path and what works best for us.

2018: We have our first child (!!!)

2019: Darling Husband continues residency, I continue whatever career path I’ve chosen, and together we continue raising our baby

2020: Darling Husband is done with residency! Or, depending on his specialty, he has one year left. Perhaps baby two is on the way…? 

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Bee Keeper
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missxmelon:  We can be neighbors hahaha!

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Buzzing bee
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I’m 23. I’ve been married to Darling Husband for almost 2 years now. When I was 20 the plan was to be engaged by 21, married at 22, kids at 23, buy a house, have my degree and in the job I wanted by 25. I was engaged at 20, married at 21, no kids at 23, and I’m nowhere near close to getting a degree (I’m not even studying) or buying a house in time for 25.

Current plan is kids by 26 (I’m hoping, nothing is set in stone as of yet), house by 28. Happiness in between. It’s good to work towards things but I still don’t know what I want out of life yet, or what I’d like to do for a living. All I know is I want to be happy. Tick a few items off of my ever-growing bucket list. Build a great life with my husband. Eventually I’ll go and study, but as of right now I’m good working where I am, saving money where possible and focusing on my marriage. πŸ™‚

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Busy bee
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Im 26 and my Fiance is 25. Our 5 yr plan is pretty boring, as of now:

2015: School, engagement and wedding 

2016: Travel to Iceland. Finish med school prereqs, take MCATs and apply to med school. My Fiance will apply for transfer to nearby university, if I’m accepted. 

2017: Begin med school (possible move) or apply again. if last cycle was unsuccessful, continue to take upper-level science classes. Possibly work full time to pay down student loans. My Fiance will be full time student and work part-time.

2018: School

2019: My Fiance should be graduating with her bachelor’s degree. I’ll still be in med school.

2020: More school for me. My Fiance getting a full-time job and pursing her Masters

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Worker bee
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cece_get_married:  Your plan sounds great – I would say if you don’t have committments tying you down (pets, house, family) then capitalising properly on the travel element is worth seriously considering before you do have other responsibilities, if travel is something which is important to you. 

I’m mid-20’s (26) and have a loose 5 year plan. Last year I started my own business as a consultant  and bought a home with my Fiance so 2015 has mostly been about career, nesting and lots of holidays to gleam some experiences travelling (travel is hugely important to me, however we have amazing pets so are tied down and can’t simply take a few months out to travel the world). Later this year I’m attending the One Young World global leadership summit in Thailand, which is a huge part of my 5 year plan and I think will inspire what comes next thereafter. Future plans include our wedding next summer, a few adventures (snowboarding, arctic circle (northern lights), climbing Mt Killimonjaro) and starting a 2 year MBA: I guess my 2 year plan is very travel/career orientated. We’ve talked about when we’d like to TTC (we’ll have been together 9 years by the time we’re married so we’re comfortable we’ve had enough time just us) and we think we’d like to TTC in the next year or two. There may be some overlap with pregnancy/newborn and the MBA however as it’s flexible learning I think it will work out well. I figure once we get to the TTC stage that will take focus and priorties over the next few years will change – ultimately I guess that will be the 5 year plan, babies! 

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Worker bee
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aubreyanne:  We have the same wedding date! Had to comment! Xxx

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Helper bee
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I am 23, and my SO is 25 in a couple of months.

Like many people have already mentioned here, travelling is a huge importance in both of our lives.

Our 5-year plan is quite loose (because that is life, anything happens!) but so long as we always remind ourselves of the key things that are important to us (being happy together, seeing the world, giving back) then the plan will just sort itself out.

In the next year, I will be finishing my masters and my medical degree. After that we’ll hopefully get engaged in the next year and then get married in the year after that. Then by the fourth-year we should be looking to work abroad and do some long-term travelling in between – we are especially banking on NZ, Fiji, South east asia, and South Ameria. After that, who knows πŸ™‚ 

We are both not interested in having children but at the same time both aware that we could change our minds once we are in our 30s and have done lots of travelling already. So we both agreed to revisit this topic until then. 

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Worker bee
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I’m 26. My fiancé proposed this past Saturday after dating for 3 years. My five year plan is:

2015-16: taking prerequisites and GREs to apply to grad school

2016-17: apply to grad school in fall of ’16, get married spring of ’17

2017-20: attend *fingers crossed* and complete grad school

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Busy bee
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cece_get_married:  Im 25 (will turn 26 next month) and my five year plan involves finishing my education (I’m studying law), getting married in 3 years from now and probably buying a house or a bigger apartment than the one we live in now.

I did things a little backwards – I started working right after highschool, and got a job in a big insurance company with a lot of opportunities to work my way up, which I kind of have already. My job allowed me to buy my own apartment when I was 21, but I guess I always knew it wasn’t really “me” – I wanted something different and I knew I wanted to go to university, but at the same time I wanted to see how far I could go career wise.

I probably could go further than where I am right now, but it’s not what I want. So last year I decided to start studying law part time, next to my full time job to see if that was the road to take. And it is! πŸ˜€ I know I want to become a lawyer so next year I will hopefully start studying full time which also means quitting my job to work part time instead, but I think it’ll be great πŸ™‚ My education is definitely my #1 priority right now, but aside from that Fiance and I would really like to buy a house/condo and start a family somewhere down the line πŸ™‚

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